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October is National Stamp Collecting Month and…..

October is National Stamp Collecting Month and…..

Oct 2, 2013








and here are the winners from this blog and the Central contest thread:

Mad Hatter (was pointdanz07)
Duncan Stormthief
Rogan Redriver

Thank you all for posting such wonderful entries!!

The Marleybone Postal service is in need of inspiration, so in honour of National Stamp Collecting Month, we want you to create a set of stamps to be used in the Postal Service around the Spiral.

Floyd Kincaid
The stamps can be of any denomination (and may even have powers of their own).
You will need to include how to obtain them in your description. Please note we are looking for a set of stamps – so 2+

Please note that there can only be one entry per person!

Each entry after the first one will be ignored. If you are the sibling of (or living in the same home as) someone else who has already entered, please let us know in the comments why we are seeing multiple entries from the same address. If we do not see a reason for seeing multiple entries from the same address, your entry will be passed over.

If you have any questions, please ask during the contest as all entries will be taken as final when the contest ends.

There will be 10 winners, each will receive codes which expire on November 15th 2013 for

A permanent mount

· Nightmare

· Night Wyvern

· Nightrunner

· Bat Wings

· Mechanical Wings

· Panther

· Shadowsteed

· Swiftshadow Wings

· Renaissance Wings

A pet

· Nightmare Pet

· Vampire Pet

· Death Scarab Pet

· Gob-O-Lantern Pet

· Deer Knight

· Night Hawk

· Nightwalker

· Skeletal Night

· Midnight Sprite

· Boar Knight

· Hollow Knight

· Death Leprechaun

· Dark Crow

A Nightmare pack

all correct entries will get a fog staff

Please post your entries on this blog. AND add your Central name please as the prizes will be sent out via Central

The contest will close at 11:59 pm Central time on 9th October 2013

Good luck to everyone and a big thank you to KI for providing the prizes 

  • ^^

    My idea for stamps is to make a collection featuring all the great teachers at Ravenwood. To get them the Postmaster in Marlybone gives our wizard a camera and we simple take the desired photos and then convert them into stamps! I would gladly have an Ambrose one just for myself. :)

    • Ryan Shield

      I like that idea!!! KI should add stamps. :)

  • Ryan Shield

    Each of my stamps would have a different world of the spiral. In the image, there would be a part of the world that could be identified easily, but is also artsy in the same way.

    To receive one of these legendary stamps, your Wizard101 character would get a quest from Harold Argleston, the Wizard City library manager. He would explain to you that Marleybone’s Package delivery system was in peril, because the locals weren’t using the company as much as they used to. Harold would then ask you if you could go talk to Gamma because he recently told Harold an idea that could possibly save the MBPD (Marleybone Package Delivery). Once you speak to Gamma, he will tell you of these stamps that were almost magical, he also says that the Hoarder stole them all. Defeat the Hoarder, and claim the stamps, then go straight to MB and hand them over. Explain to the company how hard it was to get those stamps, and they will reward you with a copy of each stamp.

    These stamps can be taken to a seamstress and enlarged, then they can be hung up on a wall in a character’s house.

    • Ryan Shield

      My Wizard101Central name is Superman7268

  • Steven C

    My idea of a stamp is to make one for the major areas in each world. Such as for Wizard City you can take a picture of Bartleby or the Bazaar while for Krokotopia you can make a stamp with Royal Hall or the Sphinx.

  • Steven C

    My idea for a stamp is to make them have feature the great sights in the spiral. For wizard city it can be of Bartleby or Bazaar and Krokotopia can be of Royal Hall or the Sphinx. The Garden of Hesperides can have a picture of the dragon and Mooshu can have pictures of the beautiful Asian scenery such as the mountains or the statues.

  • Robert Dragonbreath

    My idea for stamps is to make a pack of stamps showing each of the animals in each world (ex. krok,mander). To get them, you would have to enter a dungeon and use each stamp. The character will pop to life and you would have to duel him.

    • Robert Dragonbreath

      And my central name is Liwen.

  • Blaze Hawk Talon

    My idea is to feature all of the sites in wizard 101 such as Bartleby and Bazaar in Wizard City or like the Sphinx or the pyramids in Krokotopia, and even beautiful scenery like in Mooshu

    • Blaze Hawk Talon

      My wizard central name is Incendus

  • Brandon Breeze

    My idea for stamps would be stamps with pictures of the fan sites, like this one on them. To obtain these stamps you would join contest like this one and have a shot at one of these exclusive stamps. They would be one of a kind because not everyone is lucky enough to win these awesome contests. My other stamps are gift card/ Bundle cards stamps. They would be stamps with different pictures of various things from pets to spells to many other wizard 101 fantastic items. To get these ones you have to buy the special stamp gift cards/ bundle cards. My central name is Brandon Winter

    I suggest stamps that are just like pets. There are so many wonderful pets in wizard101. To obtain these very special stamps you must fight the final bosses in every world. Be patient, and try to get one of these pet stamps. You train your pet stamps, and hatch them with other pet stamps and make cool hybrid stamps. You can buy some of these from the post office but the rarest ones are made by your own hard work! My other set of stamps are called Plamps. To get your wands on these special stamps you have to be a gardener. You can plant seeds And get plamp seeds as a very rare harvest! Once you get one of these you must take very good care of them, because they die easily and need lost of care. But the rewards are worth it! By putting these plamps on your mail you are politely sending one to whoever you send your mail to. Then maybe they will be as lucky as you were. Plamps are one of the rarest stamps in the post office. They just love to see people using plamps! To get more information just hop on your brooms And fly to the post office!

  • Fiona Dreamer

    My idea for a new stamp collection is, a special world stamp from each world in the Spiral. So when they go through the post, they know where it’s from. And for the other set of stamps, I think school stamps for the teachers would be helpful for when they’re letters go through the post.

    • Fiona Dreamer

      My central name is Fionadreamer

  • Kaleb Kunkel

    My idea for stamps are pictures of wizards and you get to customize the way you want the wizard to look. For instance if you have a liking for pvp there would be a option to make the wizard on your custom stamp wear pvp gear. Or you can base this off of world’s so if you were in Aztecs you could customize your wizard to look like he or she is from Aztecs. You could go very far with this. Another idea is doing some random things such as jump 100 times you can earn a secret customization for the look of the wizard on the stamp. If this sounds confusing I’m basically saying I think it would be a good idea to have a wizard on the stamp and you can customize the look of him / her. Thanks I hope you understand.

  • Jennifer Iceflame

    my idea for stamps to make every pets in every world (ex. rain beetle, vampire, etc). To get them, you have to battle every secret boss from every world to get your pet stamp as you enable it.

  • Emma Emma

    My idea for stamps is to make like for each thing. Each school stamps (with school symbols and teachers on them) , Each world stamps (with some symbol from each world maybe think some special symbol for each world) , special stamps for ambrose after all he is the most important person who givin all messages (like stamp with him on it). I think it would be really cool and i think it could be cool if we could make our own stamps? Or make like there is badge but, now we could collect stamps buy doing some quest from each world, teacher and collect them.

  • ThatPromethean

    My idea for stamps would be to get your own custom house stamp, Rare hidden bosses in worlds like Azteca & Aquila (Cronus) would drop their own drops with a chance of getting a custom house stamp. With these ultra-rare stamps you could use them to create your own custom castle or a small hut or a small house and the outer-decorations like a garden or a jungle.. All your choice.. Colors,How do they look. There would be a limit though!

    My second suggestion would be a stamp for your own custom look, You could create your own hat, make it look like a human, animal, witch or a simple wizard, robes like a complete hard armor or a shirt and pant/jeans or either shoes like high heels or simple sandals or shoes. It’s all your choice. This would also include editing your wand, make it look like a staff or a short wand or a sword! Look like a wizard, magician, princess or either a soldier!

  • Amber Wendy Park Puckett

    My ideal is called Gamma Mail. Have gamma the owl deliver the mail to each teacher etc. On the stamps should be a moving live photo of the person or area the mail is going toward. Use pet snacks to receive or open mail from Gamma the owl.

    • Amber Wendy Park Puckett

      Amber SummerGem

    • Amber Wendy Park Puckett

      Would rather enjoy the use of my mail box at home lol. Would be exciting to port home and know ya didn’t miss out 😀

  • Justin Ironside

    My stamps would be prizes from ranked pet races and rare boss drops from bosses around the spiral so everyone has a chance at getting them. There are a total of 7 stamps. 6 of the stamps are for all 6 pet stats, they would boost that stat like a pet snack only it is +50 for all of them on their individual stat. The 7th stamp is the hardest and rarest stamp to get. It is only obtainable through the waterworks, tower of the helephant, xibalba, and the underworld place. It will raise your pets level by one. For example, if your pet was a teen, when you feed it the 7th stamp, it is now an adult.

  • Menagha Mayyalgan

    I include the each places’ main trademarks, like if you see unicorn statue, you definitely know it is unicorn way in wizard city. You can obtain these stamps at post offices at regents’s square at marleybone, and also at bazaar at olde town wizardcity. You can buy them with gold, as written on each stamps.

  • Nathan Nathan

    My idea for stamps would have each school on each of the stamps an each stamp would be wit different teachers an they all give different quests for each one, an each stamp would be a different level of difficulty for lower or higher level wizards. An when you get the quest for the legendary stamps it would be little quest that would all lead up to a boss. An when you defeat that boss you go to the teacher an they give you a certain badge on how well you did on the certain quest they had given you.

  • Incedus

    Sorry for the repeats. I posted the Steven C and Blaze Hawk Talon posts on the bottom of this page. My wizard central username is Incendus

  • Katherine DragonStone

    The white storm stamp can be obtain in Triton Avenue by Blad Raveneye. The death stamp can also be bought in Triton avenue; however its in Haunted Cave.

    • Katherine DragonStone

      My wizard101 central name is Karen58591

  • ladyarashi

    My idea for stamps is that there are strange, 2D creatures running amok around the Spiral! It is later found out that they came from a freak accident involving a magical Krokotopian beetle jewel, a few undecipherable runic carvings, and a copy of a Mooshu life scroll. The only way to stop them from causing havoc is for brave wizards to battle them. After they are beaten, wizards receive a stamp that looks like the creature they just beat. So if you beat a 2D troll, you get a troll stamp.

  • Galaxy0917

    My Wizard101 Central name is Galaxy0917. I also have a sibling doing this on Wizard101 Central
    My first one is for Zafaria
    Merle Ambrose and his Owl, Gamma, and your wizard are sitting on the grass gazing at the extraordinary sunset.

    My second one is for Wizard City
    Merle Ambrose and your wizard are gazing at the amazing fireworks going off in celebration of you beating Wizard101

  • Alexander101

    Since its Halloween in the spiral why not a death stamp? The first stamp could be one with Malistare with a silly pumpkin bothering him. To aquire this stamp you would get a quest from jack in the commons. The quest would have you head to Rattlebones tower in unicorn way this time his minion would be a Halloween figure, The second stamp would be a photo gallery. You and up to two friends could stand againts a backdrop of your choosing. The out come could be a stamp or you could have it enlarged into a painting to be hung in your castle ,

  • Menagha Mayyalgan

    Sry my post is at below, I forgot to add wizard101 central name. Thx for reminding me. My wizard101 central name is megan moon.

  • Erin Night

    My idea for a set of stamps would be a pet on each, with the background colored by school as in fire=red etc. and to obtain these stamps you’d have to train the pet you want the stamp of to mega, and do this to for alike pets before getting one stamp. And you could have it as a poster, or sewn onto your shirt by Eloise.

  • Alexander101

    Dont remember is i added central AlexanderSP

  • Jacob Mythmancer

    My stamps would be a set of 14 stamps, each with the faces of the leaders of each world on them (3 for Celestia and 2 for Avalon). Namely:

    Wizard City – Merle Ambrose
    Krokotopia – Krokopatra
    Marleybone – Sherlock Bones
    Mooshu – The Emperor
    Dragonspyre – Malistaire
    Celestia – Astraeus, Ptolemos, and Mithraya
    Zafaria – Inyanga Whitestripes
    Avalon – Artorius and Gwendolyn
    Azteca – Pacal Redmask

    My central name is: argon16
    -Thanks for the great contest mercs!

    • Jacob Mythmancer

      Also, how you obtain them would be from Prospector Zeke in each world, once you’ve finished his quest where you find his things.

  • Alexander Dragonrider

    My idea of stamps was to go with alittle spirit of Halloween.
    My Wizard Central name is: drumhall22
    Nothing over the top you know. My idea was just a postcard snapshot of myself located in the wiz city and at home. Everyone can take a pic of each world and etc… and we know its been done before. Halloween should be a time for fun so why make work out of making this too complicated. So… Trick or Treat! give me a fog staff PLZ!!!!
    This is my entry with my character ingame:

  • Nathan Nathan

    My idea for stamps would have each school on each of the stamps an each stamp would be wit different teachers an they all give different quests for each one, an each stamp would be a different level of difficulty for lower or higher level wizards. An when you get the quest for the legendary stamps it would be little quest that would all lead up to a boss. An when you defeat that boss you go to the teacher an they give you a certain badge on how well you did on the certain quest they had given you. My central name is craycray91212

  • Sarah Star

    My idea is stamp for crafting, you use it to instantly craft something and that has a symbol of wand on it, and the other one is stamp that you use to send a letter to friend who is offline and gets the letter later when that player logs in. My wizard101central name is SarahStar.

  • noodlebedinghaus

    Well, my stamps would be random ravenwood teachers. You see, to get one of these, you must do a quest. The quest will be from the Marleybone packaging company. After he tells you that one of Morganthe’s spies took them all. You must go to a hideout. Two bosses ambush you that are called the stamp stealing snakes. After you defeat them, you take the stamps back to Marleybone and the reward is a special stamp crafting station. Them, after he gives you the first stamp, an Ambrose stamp, you can craft the other teachers. To get the ingredients, he gives you more quests from different worlds. The last stamp would be a Morganthe stamp.
    My Wizard101Central name is noodlebedinghaus

  • Edward WillowCoin

    My sister Katherine DragonStone did stamps as well; I wanted to do stamps too, just letting you know because we live in the same house and just in case it shows as a multiple entry. I hope you guys like mine. ENJOY!
    The Life stamp is available in Moolinda’s Wu life school building, if she’s nice enough she’ll give you two of them. The Astral spell stamp is only available in Celestia base camp by Avery Templeton.

    • Edward willowcoin

      My wizard101 central name is darkwizard234960

  • Autumn Fall

    my ideal for the stamps is for each world with the stamp of the monsters that are in that world (ex. the world gh a bear.) But for inside the games we could craft or make are own badge of what ever ideal you want on it so you can wear it on your character or make it into a pet that gives you only the spells of the minions for each world. That’s my great ideal for the stamps C: and my central name is Autumn fall

  • alex sea

    A stamp with a mb dog on it and you need to say “gimme a beast stamp” to get it, then another one is one with a bone on it you need to say “bone stamp” to get that one :)

  • Brittany Brie DeathHunter

    Each of my stamps can be given by your storm teacher Halstrom Balestrom and given by your life teacher Moolinda Wu.

  • Quinn

    How do we get postage stamps? Is there a quest?

    • mercs101

      We want you to create a set of stamps for the Spiral Postal Service. :) So how you get postage stamps is part of the description too. :)

  • ARC1972

    Hello, my W101 name is Fred Silverhunter. My idea would be to purchase a book of 10 stamps at the Marlybone Post Office. Each book of stamps would cost 100 gold coins. Once you click on each stamp, you are allowed to communicate to anyone of your friends in the spiral (In which the messages are not already on the drop-down menus), you can also send a maximum of 5 items (No pets or mounts) and also send up to 10,000 gold coins. The designs of each stamp can be the various NPCs you meet in the spiral during your quests. In order to receive the messages/items you have to purchase a Marlybone mailbox and place it in/around your home/dorm. Thank You for your time.

  • Angel

    My stamps ideas are called ‘Year Round’ you get this stamp after you obtain the monthly stamps. “January Beginnings’, ‘Lovely February’, ‘Happy March’, ‘April Fools’, ‘Mother May’, ‘Father June’, ‘4th of July’, ‘August Wishes’, ‘Remembering September’, ‘Tasty October’, ‘Thankful in November’, ‘Merry December’. You Obtain all the month badges after logging onto wizard101 5 times in the specified month.

    My Wizard101 Central name is HaAnHuFaBr

  • cissa1234

    My idea for stamps is for each world: the persons that send from Wizard City will use a Bartebly stamp, from Krokotopia they will use a stamp with the picture of kroks and manders, Marleybone will be Big Ben, Moo Shu will have trees as a picture for the stamp, Dragonspyre will have a dragon on it, Celestia will be the fish in the Celestia waters, Zafaria will have a elephant, zebra and a lion on it, Avalon will be the knights of the silver rose and Azteca will have lots of dinos on the stamp.

  • Angel

    Ok, So i posted earlier but i cannot find my post to edit it so idk if it got deleted of not so i am retyping it.

    My stamps ideas are called the ‘Year Round Collection’
    there are 13 stamps in this collection. 1 for each month and an additional one for having all the month stamps.
    -January Beginning
    -Lovely February
    -Happy March
    -April Fools
    -Mother May
    -Father June
    -4th of July
    -August Wishes
    -Remembering September
    -Tasty October
    -Thankful in November
    -Merry December
    -Year Round
    You can get all the stamps after logging on 5 times in each specified month, And like i said before you get an extra stamp for having them all.

    My Wizard101 Central name is HaAnHuFaBr

    • Angel

      Central Name is HaAnHuFaBr

  • Shane6913

    My idea of the legendary stamps is, Each stamp would have a different pic of each school on it, an each school would have a different section of quest you could pick from to get a higher level stamp, an the quest would get harder an harder the more stamps you would try to achieve, an when you would finish all the quests you would get a legendary stamp an not just a regular one, but you would have to get the legendary stamp from Gamma. My central name is Shane6913

  • killionare01

    the stamps should be in different worlds or either in one of the schools

  • MilicaBre

    My idea is stamp that you can use instead of crowns which are hard to get in dungeons it would look like a letter with symbol of crowns on it,
    and the other one is stamp for being invisible.
    That would last like a day.

  • Destiny Lifegiver

    My central name is Destiny storm, and my idea of stamps would be a gardening stamp where each seed cast its own spell and revives on its own, and a clothing stamp where you use it to stich it for free or to dye.

  • Annie Annie

    My idea for Wizard101 stamps is that we should have a stamp for every school and for every world in the sprial. (Also add new stamps when new worlds come out) They should have the school symbol and teacher on it. Along with Ambrose, Gamma, and the other important people in Wizard101. It would be also, really cool if we could make our own stamps. We should be able to have stamp collect badges too.(As in have a quest or mini/pet game that has you collect all the stamps) Once you collect them all you would get the stamp collector badge.(You guys could make a cooler name for it this is just an idea). Along with school and important people stamps, we should also have them for pets and pvp. Because a lot of people not only quest but, Pvp and train pets a lot and it would only be fair to let them join in the fun of stamps. My central name is Grafartist.

  • JuliaSparkleFountain

    You can get these stamps from Diego. He will give PvP lessons then after he gives you PvP lessons, if you pass, you can 1v1 Diego. After you defeat Diego in 1v1 3 times in a row. After you defeat Diego 3 times in a row, he will give these 2 stamps, 1 the arena and 2, Unicorn Way.

    Oh yeah, my Central name is SparkleFountain

  • Aaron Smith

    My stamps would be from worlds Wizard City, Krokatopia, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre. You would have to be level 12 for Wizard City, 24 for Krokatopia, 36 for Mooshu, and 48 for Dragonspyre. In order to obtain these stamps, you would have to see Boris Tallstaff. He will tell you to talk to Mr. Lincoln in Golem Court. He will tell you that a boy, one of the East Ende Tariffs, took the stamp and he need it to be collected by you. Each of the worlds explained will have one of the tariffs. You will have to fight each of them. Once you obtain it, you will have to give it to Boris, but he will understand your troubles, so he will make a copy for you to have. You will also obtain a badge for each stamp you collect.
    My Wizard101Central name is aleet

  • Shane6913

    I posted a comment earlier an i edited it but idk if you already sent it to the wrong central account so heres mine, Shane6914

  • Quinn

    Myth; Balance; Life
    My central is quinndawnspear

  • Quinn

    You obtain these stamps by talking to Myrilla Windspar and asking about the various school houses

  • Tyler

    My idea of stamps would be something you can get around the spiral as you adventure, like say when you complete a area. Or when you get to a certain level in your class your teacher would give you a quest and at the end you would get a special school stamp. And so on also for Krokatopia, Marleybone, Mooshu. Pretty much my idea is no matter what level you will have a chance to get a stamp, even if you don’t have a membership.

    Central Name: Thehappytyler

  • Shane6913

    Oka so, i edited my comment an idk if you saw the update an just the older one so imma repost it

    My idea of the legendary stamps is, Each stamp would have a different pic of each school on it, an each school would have a different section of quest you could pick from to get a higher level stamp, an the quest would get harder an harder the more stamps you would try to achieve, an when you would finish all the quests you would get a legendary stamp an not just a regular one, but you would have to get the legendary stamp from Gamma. My central name is Shane6914

  • Angel Dawn

    My collection of stamps would have all the teachers of the spiral on them, including Wysteria teachers. To get this collection of stamps, You must talk to each teacher and they would tell you to speak with their trees (If in Wysteria, you would talk to the headmaster). The tress would then tell you to collect a gem from Meowiarty (yes you would have to do Big Ben again). Once you get the gem, take it to the teacher and they would magically convert it into a stamp. You can either take these stamps to MB, or sell them at the bazaar,

    My Central name is Sk8rguy6

  • Scull5774

    My idea of stamps would be for trading things.For example when you start the game as a lvl 1 you can have 1 stamp and mail small things like treasure cards to friends, 1 stamp per card.As you progress you get 1 stamp every 5 levels and when you reach max level you can mail things such as rings,amulets,and Athames, but no crown gear for that will cause too much begging and will not be balanced.

    Also for the types of stamps you get depends on the world your in for instance,if you do a quest in mooshu for stamps you will get a mooshu stamp (does not affect the items you can mail) if you do finish a world you can always go back for a quest with a reward of stamps.If you want to mail valuable items (rings,amulets,etc.) that depends on your level.Higher level items will require more than 1 stamp

    P.S (Does not require membership)
    Central name is: scull5774

  • Cindy

    Genieve emerald blossom However my stamps would be mystical there would be 3
    of them they look like the moon ice like.
    You can get them by finishing mooshu and all the side quests .After you get them you could go to Merle Ambrose and you could get the mystical stamps.The powers they give are clestial moon and light zoom .Then I transported them to my wizards house they made it lighter and brighter .The stamps can do anything you just have to look for the right central name is cat beard

  • Cindy

    This is not a entry my central name is witchdocto

  • Jasmine LionEyes

    My idea was a set of stamps with different school pets, every teacher in Ravenwood gives a quest for wizards of level 5+ with the stamp of their school as a reward. The quest goal will be to defeat an enemy in Wizard City of the same school as the teacher (in areas which don’t require membership, to make it available for everyone). You will be able to place the stamps in your house on the wall. I’m sorry for my bad Paint skills 😛 My username on Wizard101 Central is 1997isis

  • Jacob Stormsword

    Each of my stamps will have a pet themed game. This image would bring more meaning to our pets and the games we play with them.

  • Shadow

    Each of my stamps would have a color of a gemstone based on your school that you can get from a special school quest and there are stamps for a school specific creature like life talks to a seraph and ice to a frost giant
    my central name is ShadowX0

  • Jan Rovie Castillo


  • brandonwinter

    Stamps that are

  • brandonwinter

    My idea for stamps would be stamps with pictures of the fan sites, like this one on them. To obtain these stamps you would join contest like this one and have a shot at one of these exclusive stamps. They would be one of a kind because not everyone is lucky enough to win these awesome contests. My other stamps are gift card/ Bundle cards stamps. They would be stamps with different pictures of various things from pets to spells to many other wizard 101 fantastic items. To get these ones you have to buy the special stamp gift cards/ bundle cards. My central name is Brandon Winter

  • Jared Spellrider

    The stamps would have to include legendary items on the stamps. All of those items would always be what we as young wizards should strive for. For example rare pets, mounts, wands etc (lvl specific). A quest should be set up also as a farming quest fighting bosses to collect a set of 5. If the complete set is collected a rare chance at a drop from one of the stamp faces you receive. Since its in Marleybone we have to figure out how we get the levels above that to come back to this world. In order to do those darn ramps again we most defiantly need some enticement.

  • Jack Ravenflame

    My idea is to use stamps like elixirs. You can buy them in the post office.

    My user name on wizardcentral is gaamain.

  • Adam Steele

    My idea would be for all players; each will be given a quest (lvl 5+) by Merle Ambrose to deliver a letter addressed to his home world of Avalon. They then will have to take it to the Shopping District to deliver it a marleybonian will be waiting to take it on the corner by the Dye Shop and after giving him the letter he will reward you with a new set of collectors stamps that are of all the wizardcity professors. He then tells you that you must then tell Ambrose that the letter will arrive in Avalon in less then a week and after you go to Ambrose and tell him will you only then receive a special stamp of himself.

    The stamps would only cost you 10 gold and would then be available (after the completed special letter quest) and you can then purchase them from the crowns shop for 10 gold along with others (not included in this preview) for 100 gold that you can send to your friends that they can only open after 24hours and will appear in a new special inbox called the (POST) in your bank at your house.

    my wizard101central name: Adamas

  • sierra silver stone

    hey have question…where can I send in this stamp

    • mercs101

      Answering that can be part of the entry, too. 😉

  • Diana Silverflame

    Housing stamps!! My idea for stamps would be stamps with pictures of some housing items. Every time you decorate your house with more than 150 items you get a free stamp and if your lucky you can even get 15 Ultra-rare decorations from the stamp. The border of the stamps would be green and a picture of any housing decorations.

    P.S: sorry for my english

    • Diana Silverflame

      My w101 central name is Dianasilverflame

  • Duncan StormThief

    I am huge collector of specific gear sets throughout the spiral. So I decided that I can use that for my stamps theme. Every time someone completes one of those gear set, he gets stamp as a reward that is resemblance to that gear set.

    Side note. My girlfriend Katherine NightSong will also post her entry later today from this ip address.

    My central username is Ma1kavian and wizard name is Duncan StormThief, and this is my entry :) Good luck everyone :)

  • brandonwinter

    I made my central: Brandon winter for this contest because my other central account I made years ago and couldn’t remember the login. I logged on my central account today and it said I cannot use it. So I requested a new password and everything for my old central account. So the central account I will be using for this contest is: badoybreal1 , not brandon winter .

  • sierra silver stone

    I can’t post my stamp here…I won’t let me and I really want to pot it but I can’t because my computer isn’t letting me. so what do I do now and I really wanted to ether the contest too. :(

  • sierra silver stone

    also I meant post not pot in the first sentence

  • Anthony Sky

    my stamp idea would be of pets dropped by bosses in the spirial another idea would be of the school teachers.

  • Katherine NightSong

    Here is my collection of stamps. You can obtain them with special quest “Delivery Request”, where you have to deliver bunch of letters to professors throughout the Spiral.
    My Central username is NightSong89.
    I should mention that my boyfriend already posted his entry from this IP address. His wizard name is Duncan StormThief.

    Katherine NightSong

  • Mason skullmask

    Mason skullmask
    My stamp idea would be making the drops not to much rare cause sometime its frustrated.

    Mason skullmask

  • Frederick Santana

    I would love gardening plant stamps. These will be random drops when you harvest a plant at elder. These stamps can be placed in your house like wall hangings and/or be placed in a stamp album. If you place 10 different stamps in your album, you will get a rare new seed.

  • Steven OwlRider

    My idea for a brand new series of stamps is certainly quite magical. First, a wizard would take a blank stamp, lick it, and them smoothly place it onto an envelope. After tapping the blank stamp with either one’s finger or wand, and uttering their recipient’s name, the stamp will burst abruptly with vibrant colors depicting their recipient’s left eye. The message will then magically fly directly to the recipient avoiding all obstacles, including outstretched hands trying to snag the letter and any spells aimed at it to attempt to intercept it. To receive this new option of messaging, the wizard must be level 15, and complete a new quest called, “The Write Way,” in which they would create a message for Headmaster Ambrose, complimenting him on the marvelous things he has accomplished for the safety of ourselves and the entire Spiral.

  • Rogan Redriver

    Thanks to Marleybone Post your no good pets and pet snacks can now be made useful. Pets are now being recruited to ferry items between worlds which will then be sorted and delivered locally.

    Since older pets travel faster than younger ones in the spiral a mega pet will be compensated for 5 postage points, or Pp, and a baby only 1. Mileage will cost another 1-9 Pp and is divided equally between the pet and the postal services. Additional stamps may be required depending on the weight of the package and multiple items may be combined.

    Postage is to be paid in pet snacks and 14 rank 1 snacks is worth the same Pp as 2 rank 7 snacks. MB Post in partnership with Dr. Purreau now recycles lower rank snacks for reprocessing into megas. Pp earned by pets can be redeemed for snacks of equal value at any post office.

  • AutumnAngle

    My central name is “AutumnAngle”.

    Since every intelligent creature in the spiral uses stamps to send magical letters to each other or even pay the electric bill in their Massive Fantasy Palace they’d need to be something that every magical creature could relate to! It would be a set of landmark stamps that you would get anytime you reached a landmark in your wizarding life. Some examples would be your first battle, your first spell, or your first wand. The images would contain a snapshot of that exact moment in your life for example a picture of you holding your first wand triumphantly in the air giving your best smile. All of which look great in a collectors album or on the letter you sent to your grandma.

  • sierra silver stone

    What I just found a way to send a pic to u guys :D… And here’s my contest stamp. Also my wizard101 screen name is Sierra silver stone… Here my stamp! Also sorry that the pic isn’t that great but it’s the only way that I can send it

  • sierra silver stone

    Also u could do it for other types of wizards like, storm,life,myth, ect but I only did one as an example.

  • sierra silver stone

    Also wizard central scene name is fidosc

  • Guest

    my stamps death house

  • Jan Rovie Castillo

    my stamp death school

  • Steven OwlRider

    Just in case you did not notice below, my Central name is denver1111, thanks.

  • owlhand2000

    I’m so sorry! It’s 12:05, I uploaded two at 11:59, but here are the rest..I’m so sorry this is so late, I’ve worked so hard on these because I really want the fog staff. I was having trouble uploading the images. This only counts as one entry. This one and the one underneath. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me still count, I’ve worked really hard on these. :/