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Olyphant’s Winning Entry

Olyphant’s Winning Entry

Jan 22, 2013

“It is gone!”

Just another day of adventures in Professor Ambrose’s office. It’s the pre quest for another world – another mystery. One more NPC kidnapped, one more Krokonomican stolen – when will it ever end? But this isn’t any overpowered dungeon.

Quest: Cry, the Beloved Wizard. Ready? You’d better be!

“Journey out of the shadows *clears throat* is an ancient codex spoken into the Spiral by Grandmother Raven herself. But this ancient text has been stolen -brutally ripped out of our hands- by a ruthless band of smugglers. Coming down from their home in the wilderness of Zafaria, the rascals seize upon innocent traders, preying upon the weak and vulnerable. The codex was on its way from the mighty halls of Wintertusk… and bound to our Council of Light. Without the power of that manuscript, we are nothing to Morganthe’s choir!”

What a monologue, Ambrose. What’s the plan?

“Confront the smugglers in their home – but beware… darker forces may be behind this crime!”

Thanks, Professor! That little broken bridge in Zafaria Outskirts isn’t so broken anymore… a sigil stands outside, daring players to enter. As you approach the rhinos on the other bank…

“This is private land, wizard! You think that you can bust in the Spiral door, take anything you want… hmmph. After him/her!”

Minion Fight #1

Crimson Rampager (Rhino, Black Highlights) Rank 14 Fire 5,900 HealthSpells: Tower Shield, Spirit Shield, Elemental Shield, Legion Shield, Fire Blade, Rain of Fire, Efreet, Sun Serpent

Adeymi Loyalist (Rhino, Maroon Highlights) Rank 14 Balance 6,180 Health Spells: Sabertooth, Chimera, Balanceblade, Bladestorm, Lord of Winter, Frost Giant, Tower Shield, Legion Shield [Adeymi Loyalist have Ice Mastery Amulets]

Notes: As you’ve probably noticed, this fight comes with a LOT of shield spamming. If a myth is included in the battle circle, just pop out an earthquake before a few bigger damage spells. If not, just pound these minions with DOTs to keep those pesky shields away. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard fight.

A raised pathway leads up into the forest, and emerges into a lush green clearing – there’s an elevator shaft at the back of the platform, but another fight stands in your way.

Boss Fight #1

“I figured that someone would catch on after a while – but not a little weakling like you! Squish!”

Ambasssador Adeyemi (Old zebra, in formal clothing) Rank 14 Life Boss 24,200 Health Spells: Life Blade, Spirit Blade, Dryad, Rebirth, Mend, Sanctuary, Forest Lord, Gnomes!, Spinysaurus [Will summon an additional minion each time an Astral (or Astral-enhanced) spell is cast.][Will randomly beguile players; stun shields dispel these beguiles.]

Minions: A randomly generated combination of Crimson Rampagers and Adeyemi Loyalists.

Notes: Since the minions carry over from the previous battle, I’d continue using a DOT/earthquake strategy to eliminate the shields. However, the beguile cheat is introduced – death dispels DO NOT work against this; the only solution is to stuff your deck full of stun shields. To avoid the Ambassador summoning more minions, you can A) one-hit kill him with a single attack spell, or B) simply not use Astral spells. If you have a good support wizard (Balance, probably) you can use option A – otherwise, just avoid the Astral spells.

The boss dies to reveal…

Puzzle #1

“The gears on that elevator shaft aren’t quite working – someone needs to hire a mechanic”

A gear lies where the battle circle was, surrounding by seven animal statues; they each represent a different school based on their color. If you look up, you can see that the gear projects a shadow-slideshow on the forest cover above. The projections change between seven pictures… what could it possibly mean?

Solution: Each of the pictures represents a disaster in Zafaria that’s connected with a school (ie an earthquake means myth, a thunderstorm means storm, a plague represents death…). Quite simply select the statues that match the schools of the pictures (there’s a long pause between cycles, so you can tell when it stops and starts).

Click, click, click… it’s working! Hop on up! On the landing platform, you see the leaders of this shadowy smuggling ring – and a shadow weaver too! Something’s fishy… wait! What’s that? The book, just past those fearsome minions!

Minion Fight #2

Unabashed Traitor (Formally dressed elephant) Rank 14 Elite Myth 6,420 Health Spells: Myth Blade, Stun, Basilisk, Earthquake, Celestial Calender

Terrorized Trader (Think Prospector Zeke Ghost) Rank 14 Elite Ice 6,300 Health Spells: Ice Elf, Lord of Winter, Wooly Mammoth, Ice Blade, Stun

Note: Hmmm… another common theme! Block those stuns, quick!

Dear, dear. As suspected, those evil smugglers were cowards and jumped down that rope ladder with our book. After them!

A sandy beach greets you, with a greenish river bubbling in the distance. Quick, defeat those poor past victims of the smugglers! Snap them out of their state before the smugglers leave on the barge…

Minion Fight #3

Ashen Queen (Queen Elissa Ghost) Rank 14 Elite Death 6,440 Health Spells: Dr.Von’s Monster, Poison, Death Blade, Scarecrow, Avenging Fossil

Enchanted Inspector (Sherlock Bones’ ghost) Rank 14 Elite Myth 6,500 Health Spells: Myth Blade, Earthquake, Celestial Calendar, Summon Talos, Summon Enchanted Inspector

Notes: Easy in, easy out. Wait a second… those Inspectors can not only summon Talos, but a copy of themselves! Wonderful. Take the Inspectors out before the Ashen Queen, or use an AOE to defeat the lot.
So close! Our arch enemies got away on their barge. Sooo coincidentally, another is waiting for us at that same shore. But it’s filled with enemies. But they’re easy. But it’s a boss. Oh, just get started already! 😀

Boss Fight #2

Baas, the Dweller of the Shadows (Military-dressed rhino) Rank 15 Death Boss 28,480 Health Spells: Avenging Fossil, Beguile, Feint, Dr.Von’s Monster, Sirens, Storm Owl, Tempest, Death Blade [This boss carries a Storm Amulet]

[When the boss interrupts and says, “My spirit is calmed by your grace!” a wizard must use a taunt within 3 rounds. When the boss interrupts and says, “Your power infuriates me!” a wizard must use a distract/calming spell within three rounds. If these rules are not followed, the battle immediately ends – you MUST start over from the beginning]

Predator (Shadow Weaver) Rank 15 Storm 6,820 Health Spells: Storm Owl, Tempest, Sirens, Leviathan, Force Reshuffle, Healing Current, Storm Blade

Notes: Since most calm/taunt spells are X pips, it is recommended that one wizard will take the cheat out of the equation, then just support the team for the rest of the battle. All this cheat does is basically take out a member of the team, since Baas uses it OFTEN! (2-3 rounds) Notice that the minion has a Force Reshuffle – there’s nothing to protect from it except to pack your deck carefully.

Yay! The boss is gone. But a puzzle remains. Meh.

Puzzle #2

Where the battle circle used to be, a mechanical gear again appears. This time, three tiny floating gears float around the center (completely random speeds and directions). To move on, you must select the gears in the correct order. No clues.

Solution: I’m afraid there’s no clear cut one. There are only nine combinations to try, however, so just pull out pencil and paper (if necessary) to keep track of which you’ve used. The only tricky part is that they move around the central gear, and they look exactly the same – keep concentrated on which is which! This is simply a test to see if you can maintain focus.

The puzzle’s solved! The barge moves once more, and you’re off on the river. When the giant boat stops, you’re in a bed of reeds – just where the enemies’ barge is! But who’s that carrying the book? MORGANTHE?

“I thought we’d meet again, little puppet. Introductions would be polite, yes? This is Ambrose’s puppet. Puppet, meet my dear friends Xela and Buziba. Have a nice conversation while I destroy your precious manuscript! *evil laugh*”

Boss Fight #3

Xela of the Deep (Triton, royal blue accents) Rank 15 Myth Boss 27,000 Health Spells: Celestial Calendar, Tower Shield, Stun, Myth Blade, Time of Legend, Genie (Myth Efreet)

[Xela will hit you with a 0 Pip, 2000 Damage Medusa if you pass]
[Xela loves to spam the stun spell; hers lasts two rounds]
[All of Xela’s spells are sun-enchanted]

Buziba of the Skies (Gorilla, golden accents) Rank 15 Sun Boss 28,100 Health Spells: Efreet, Black Mantle, Fire Blade, Fire Trap, Sun Serpent, Summon Predator, Satyr, Dryad

[In the 3rd round, Buziba lowers the spell selecting time to 25 seconds… then 5 seconds less every 3 rounds until it gets to no more than 5 seconds. Beware triggering Xela’s cheat with this!]
[Buziba can and will interrupt to heal with Satyr or Dryad when you heal – however, this uses his pips]

Notes: Whew… wait for the avalanche. To protect from Xela’s stunphilia, stuff your deck with stun shields; this dungeon sure likes to stun you. Plan EVERY MOVE with your team beforehand; this way, you can select spells quickly and without having to plan in the middle of the battle. When you get down to 5 seconds, there will be almost no time to think – just select and target. I wouldn’t worry about Buziba’s healing, since it takes his pips. Other than that… know that Buziba can summon a Predator minion. Ouch. You should probably take Buziba out first; he both heals and summons minions. Hard fight. Good luck.

“All right… we relent, we relent. Lady Morganthe is taking the book into the Cave of the Waning Moon – you’d better hurry if you want to catch up!”

Off to the trail… The cave is dark, but you can barely see Morganthe speaking with a henchman.

“I’m certain the puppet will be here soon. Take care of him/her, then destroy the book. I have higher callings to address. The Celestial Choir awaits!”
She teleports away, leaving a final boss behind. It’s time to end this, cheats and all.

“Ravenwood… heh heh. I have heard about your beloved home. Perhaps my Lady will permit me to destroy it as well. Welcome to the shadows, wizard.”

FINAL Boss Fight (#4)

Bhekizithana (A shadowy ladybug…Morganthine style) Rank 16 Balance Boss 30,000 Health Spells: Balanceblade, Tower Shield, Stun, Spirit Shield, Elemental Shield, Summon Predator, Summon Grey Omen, Weakness, Black Mantle, Force Reshuffle, Mana Burn, Efreet, Fire Blade, Sun Serpent, Rain of Fire, Storm Blade, Sirens, Storm Owl, Tempest [For the first time ever, a boss with two mastery amulets: Fire and Storm]

[Bhekizithana will resist 90% with her minions alive; tricky, since she can resummon them]
[When Bhek (for short) says “Your noise echoes with light; turn it off!” you cannot talk. No PM, no group chat, no text chat, free chat, or menu chat. Nothing until she says “Sing to me, wizard!”… then at least someone’s got to talk to her. I guess she’s just lonely or something. If you break these rules, she force-flees a wizard. Bad news for soloists.]
[Bhek can’t stand AOEs; use them, and she force-flees a random player.]
[In Bhek’s battle circle, you choose from 5 spells at a time instead of 7. Tough. ]

Grey Omen (Mantis Morganthine creature) Rank 15 Elite Life 7,200 Health Spells: Satyr, Rebirth, Dryad, Tower Shield, Sanctuary, Mend, Forest Lord, Spinysaurus, Life Blade

[Three minions start in the battle circle]

Notes: For Bhek, Glacial Shield is your best friend. Use it! Choose your deck wisely since you have only 5 spots, and take out the minions one by one. Immediately. Then take of Bhek, preferably in one shot. Other than that, don’t break the rules and you’ll be fine!

YAY! The book is yours, and the quest is over! What a ride!