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On Point

On Point

Mar 20, 2015


Figuring out what to do with your training points can be tricky, especially when you have to make the decision all at once (such as when you’re doing a training point buy back). There are a LOT of options available to you, and every spell in the game is useful in SOME way. Which ones should you train and which ones should be left behind?

There are a lot of ideas on which spells are most worth your points, especially when you bring PvP in to the mix. For our purposes, we’re focusing solely on PvE since PvP varies so greatly by school, level, mastery amulet options, etc. We recommend checking out the many ideas in Duelist101’s PvP guides for advice if you’re looking to head in to the arena.


Bread and Butter

For PvE, however, there are a few fundamentally useful spells that nearly everyone should train. These spells are your basic bread and butter as a wizard, as we recommend that if your focus is on PvE, you train these spells first.

  • Level 20: Reshuffle


  • A reshuffle is your safeguard against the unplanned. Keep one in deck at all times. If you’re running short on training points, an alternative is to keep a treasure reshuffle in your sideboard at all times.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Mildred Farseer, Colossus Boulevard
  • Level 25: Tri-blades

elementaltri spirittri

  • Elemental schools should train elemental blades, spirit schools should train spirit blades.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Niles, Krokosphinx Island
  • Level 26: Feint


  • Feint is a useful spell for every single school, though many schools must be careful in their use of it. Fire students may get less use out of feint than other schools, but it is very useful for single attacks in 1 on 1 fights. Storm students should time their feints carefully; make sure the enemies are low on pips, or that you have a shield up before playing it. Myth students can use feint to make a frog pack a punch, but should be aware that it will be mostly wasted if you try to feint a minotaur (or other double-hit spells). In addition to your own attacks, feint is also probably the most useful spell you can use when helping to buff up other players for a boss hit.
    • Total training point cost: 7
    • Location: Dworgyn, Nightside
  • Levels 50 – 64: Strong through Colossal

strong giant monstrous gargantuan colossal

  • These spells enchant your attacks to add significant damage. Every wizard should train these spells; even if you’re primarily a wizard who buffs or heals others, these spells are indispensable in solo battles.
    • Total training point cost: 5
    • Location: Sun Schools Trainers in Celestia Base Camp, Floating Land, and Drum Jungle. (Drum Jungle Trainer must be unlocked via quest.)
  • Level 84: School Offensive Auras

auramyth aurastorm Picture 2015-03-20 16-27-37 auraice auradeath

  • As you reach higher levels, you increasingly encounter spells that steal your blades. When facing enemies that cast these spells (generally myth and storm), your best bet is to spend the early rounds of a battle putting up traps and auras until they are low on pips. A good aura at high levels is a key component for buffing your spells while protecting yourself against blade loss. Exception: Many life wizards find that they do not need a healing aura, since the life aura does not give an attack boost.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Star School Trainer, Three Points (must be unlocked via quest)
  • Level 86: Sharp, Potent, and Primordial

sharp potent lifesun

  • All three of these spells are worth the training point they each cost. Sharp allows you to enchant your trained blades, making them 10% stronger. Potent has the same effect for traps. This not only give you a more powerful buff, it will also stack with your trained spell. There is no way to overstate how incredibly useful these two spells are. Primordial is for healers what colossal is for hammers. Combined with your gear buffs, primordial can make even a small heal extremely powerful. While hammer schools may not find it necessary to spend a training point here, if you do have a spare point, this spell is still well worth it; in solo battles, having a more powerful heal for less pips can be a life-saver.
    • Total training point cost: 2 – 3
    • Location: Sun School Trainer, Three Points (must be unlocked via quest)



On The Side

There are a lot of choices for spending training points that are wise, but not essential. If you have spare points, consider investing in some of these options.

  • Weakness

Picture 2015-03-20 16-44-27

  • If you’re worried about your enemy’s pips, this can help take the sting out of their attack. It’s especially useful against fire and myth enemies, whose attacks are difficult to shield against effectively.
    • Total training point cost: 3
    • Location: Arthur Weathersby, Ravenwood, and Alhazred, Balance school
  • Tower shield


  •  A nice general defensive spell, this helps protect you against any spells that you haven’t already received a shield for. (It’s also a PvP standard.) In a pinch, this can protect your wizard when there is not a more specific defense available. Alternative: tower shield treasure cards are available in the library.
    • Total training point cost: 5
    • Location: Lydia Greyrose, Ravenwood
  • Tri-blades (not your own type)

elementaltri spirittri

  • If you enjoy playing in a group, consider spending an extra training point to buy tri-blades of the type that aren’t useful to your own spells. It can make group play a lot more fun (and fast) if you can help buff your friends.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Niles, Krokosphinx Island
  • Tri-traps 

tritrapele tritrapspir

  • While not as useful as tri-blades since they only buff one target instead of ALL the targets like a triblade, and less powerful to boot, tri-traps can be useful for buffing both your own attacks and others. (At the current time, they are particularly useful for preparing a large attack on Malistaire the Undying.) Considering buying both your own type and off-school tri-traps if you enjoy group play/buffing others.
    • Total training point cost: 1 – 2
    • Location: Niles, Krokosphinx Island
  • Humungofrog


  • This spell is useful in very specific circumstance…. namely for life and death wizards at lower levels. For schools that won’t see a group attack (AoE) for several more worlds, it can save a lot of time (and frustration) to have a low-pip off school attack, especially when that attack can be buffed with the spirit blades you’ve trained for yourself anyway. This is especially useful when coupled with a myth mastery amulet.
    • Total training point cost: 6
    • Location: Cyrus Drake, Ravenwood
  • Satyr


  • This spell is useful for those wizards whose schools don’t give them a heal, and who prefer to buff others and keep the team healthy. It’s a powerful heal, especially when enchanted with primordial, and can be used quite quickly if you have a life mastery amulet.
    • Total training point cost: 6
    • Location: Moolinda Wu, Ravenwood
  • Amplify


  • While not as powerful as the school-specific auras that will become available to you later, amplify is a great aura for boosting at mid-levels, and as a side benefit, it boosts off-school attacks (and does not have the drawback of increasing incoming damage from a particular school). It’s a useful buff when you find yourself running a bit short on power and need an extra round to gain pips.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Star School Trainer, Celestia Base Camp and Stellarium.
  • Shadow Shrike


  • Storm, fire, and myth wizards receive this spell automatically, but for other players of other schools who enjoy attacking, this spell is also quite useful. Not only does it cut through enemy resistance, it gives you a boost to power. As a side benefit, schools who don’t normally learn this spell are also better able to handle the decreased health that is built in to the spell’s effects.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Sofia Darkside, Eclipse Tower (must be unlocked via quest)
  • Mass Prism (not your own school)

massfire massice massstorm massmyth masslife

  • If you tend to play with a group that uses a specific hammer (storm and fire being the most common), it may be wise to invest a point in to training the mass prism for that school. It will save your hammer pips and time when facing enemies of the same school.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Cassie the Ponycorn, The Wild
  • Pierce/Critical Field (not your own school)

bbubble mbubble dbubble ibubble fbubble

  • Like mass prisms, this allows you to buff another player with a trained spell from their own school. These spells are particularly useful against Haunted Malistaire, who has universal resist and is susceptible to critical hits.
    • Total training point cost: 1
    • Location: Amelia Stardust, Radiance Reborn


Don’t Touch That!


While most spells in the game are useful in some capacity, we advise AGAINST training any polymorphs! If you’d like to try out polymorphs, you can purchase treasure cards of almost all of them (or receive them as drops). However, in battle, a polymorph is often flat out dangerous. You sacrifice your character’s own resist and attack stats, and you are trapped in that form for several rounds. Many times people will polymorph to do something specific (eg, polymorph into a treant because someone needs healing), only to find themselves trapped in that form, having now received aggro/enemy attention because of what they’ve done, and are now without resistance or any way to help themselves or their teammates. If you think polymorphs look cool and want to try them out, go for it…. but use a treasure card instead of a valuable training point.

  • ValdusWildheart

    I’d recommend primordial especially for what may be the quintessential hammer school – storm! Slap that on a healing current with a guaranteed critical at exalted and a little heal boost, you’ve got yourself a great heal. I think the lowest heal I get atm is about 600 points, which is decent. And of course there is the potential for a lot more. With a low health level that leaves you in the red zone quickly, a powerful heal is always nice — with primordial a healing current can be reliable as well.

    I’d note on amplify, if you’re a life wizard, it’s your only damage aura if you want one. It’s embarrassing. But I’d consider it more mandatory that optional in that case.

    Great article!

  • TDAY11

    thx, this is helpful for newbies in the game 😀

  • Angel FrostBreeze

    First of all the last part is not correct.Polymorphs are a big part of the game and anyone ignoring it won’t be able to get the full potential of the game.As an Ice school wizard i just took the Treant polymorph so i can heal myself after of course shielding up to a point where i will have no problem(2 strong attacks,3-4 shields).For PvP it’s not worth but for PvE i have soloed everything thanks to it.It actually helps alot in PvE try it out.