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Oops, I Did It Again!

Oops, I Did It Again!

Nov 12, 2012

Belloq shows up twice in Azteca. The first battle is a normal boss battle: it seemed as if he forgot his Zafarian cheating ways. But, he’s up to his old tricks again – and some new ones! – in the Wings of the Obsidian Butterfly Shrine. It is located here: 

Belloq Map

He has 23,335 health and ice minions with  6,050 health (1 minion if you have 2 people, 3 minions if you have 3 or more). He has a death mastery amulet and is not afraid to use it. His minions hit really hard with Lord of Winter, Frost Giants, and more.

I thought you were here to hurt me: Belloq is up to his evil tricks with a cheat Ra, which he will interrupt to cast at the beginning of each round. It starts at over 1200 damage and increases each round as the fight goes on.

To stop the cheat: Have at least one player damage Belloq every round. Wands and DoT (damage over time) spells are incredibly helpful to save pips for a large hit on him.

I trained my minions well: Belloq certainly learned his lesson in Zafaria. If you use a damage over time spell (such as fire elf or poison), ALL of his minions may cast triage on Belloq (as an interrupt at the beginning of a round, so it will not count as damge done to him that round). If he has 3 minions, they will take off 3 damage over time marks. This triage is not guaranteed – a DoT may go several rounds without being removed, or none at all. As far as we can tell, Triage happens randomly. They seem to be triggered by heals and determined by the number of players in the battle (the more players and the less healing, the less often you will see triage).

To stop the cheat: You can:

  1. Do not use damage over time spells while the minions are alive.
  2. Cast life dispel on each minion.
  3. Spam many damage over time spells so that the minions cannot remove all of the dots.
  4. Kill all of the minions.

Potion up, mark your location, and buddy up. Between the ice minions and the potential Ra hits, it is a tough solo. For the best success, fight with a group. Make sure you start strong and with friends to help. It will help if you need to flee: you can potion up and port back to the fight.

Stun shields and conviction are your friend. The minions LOVE to use frost giant and stun your whole team, sometimes even chain stunning. As soon as possible, have at least one player put up stun blocks or conviction so that there is at least one player available to damage Belloq.

Always hit Belloq. Make sure that someone is in charge of hitting Belloq each round. Those uber Ras really hurt and will kill you in a just few rounds.

Take out the minions first. The minions hit harder, can remove your pips with Lord of Winter, stun you with a Frost Giant, and triage off your damage over time to Belloq. Kick out the minions and all you have to deal with is the Ra from Belloq.

  1. Have the player who is supposed to kill Belloq in the last spot.
  2. In a full group, have 3 players use school blades, sharpened school blades, and then hit with a colossal school aoe (blade 2 rounds then hit). Decks would look like those in our Mob Strategy guide, with the addition of stun shields and a few buffs for your hammer. If necessary, you can add an additional blade or aura round for an extra punch to kill those nasty ice minions. The other player keeps Belloq occupied. In the first round, have someone put a stun shield on the player responsible for damaging Belloq each round.
  3. After the minions are dead, blade the final player, while someone keeps Belloq occupied. At this time, dot spells are ideal to keep Belloq busy.
  4. When the final player has enough blades to hit and pips to hit with a Rank 9 or 10 single hit spell (usually around 6 to 8 blades),  the first person keeps Belloq busy, while the other 2 players stack feints on him. Dead, dead Belloq. Don’t put feints on Belloq until the final round: they might be used by a dot tick.

Send in the tank. The player with the most resist and health (Hi Ice!) goes in alone for the first round. You should get only one minion and Belloq. In that case, it might be easier with just one uber hitting, triage casting minion than say three.

This is a nasty fight, and surprisingly the minions rather than the boss are the scariest part. If you’d like some help with this piece of work, feel free to ask for help on our Wizard101 Central forum.