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Open for Aquila!

Open for Aquila!

Aug 5, 2013

Mercenaries for Hire is now accepting requests for help in Aquila! We are accepting both questing and farming requests for help in all dungeons. Whether you need to go all the way through Tartarus to defeat Hades or just want to show Gladiator DiMachaerus what a REAL battle is all about (and get his ring and pet in the process), give us a shout; we’d be happy to help! Since all Azteca areas involve some sort of cheat bosses, all requests for help with  Aquila should go in our Difficult Instances thread. Be warned: these dungeons drop a LOT of gear and wands, so before any run, please take the time to make lots of room in your backpack.


For those of you that would prefer to take on these challenges on your own, check out our guides on the new contest so that you’re fully prepared for everything this new zone will throw your way.
Mount Olympus, the level 30+ dungeon

Atlantea, the level 70+ dungeon

Tartarus, the level 90+ dungeon

Gladiator Dimachaerus, the hidden boss in Mount Olympus

The Sand Squid, the hidden boss in Atlantea

Cronus, the hidden boss in Tartarus




At this time, we are also announcing a change to our farming policy. Up until this point we have always guaranteed an hour of farming time with each request. However, we have found that we often have problems scheduling a full hour; we may only have half an hour or 45 minutes between already scheduled requests (or have real life obligations that require us to leave before an hour is up). In those cases, requests have sometimes been passed over entirely, rather than us being able to help for the half-hour or 45 minutes that we DO have available. With this in mind, we are changing our farming policy to the following:

We will assist for you with your farming requests for half an hour to an hour, at our discretion.

Since we are doing this to enable us to help you MORE, not less, we will always do our best to farm with you for an hour if possible, but please be understanding if a mercenary schedules you for slightly less than that (especially in times after a new release when we are likely to be flooded with requests).


Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to helping all of you get through the dungeon and Aquila and get some fantastic new gear for yourselves!

  • Sarah

    I need help with the Atlantea, the level 70+ dungeon and fight the secret boss after the first dungeon is complete

    • Katherine Light

      Hi Sarah!

      Feel free to click the link up there to our difficult instances thread to make a request; that way we can get all the information we need to help you and can set up a time to meet with you to take on Atlantea. :)

  • JoeyDeathBladey

    Hello i am looking for help in the 90+ dungeon tartarus but i have know idea how to contact you sadly if this will work i will meet you in the wu realms outside tartarus noon english time my name is jonathandeathblade thank’s for the help

  • guapo

    Hello i need help in farming how should i contact?

    • mercs101

      Hi guapo,

      We operate our questing and farming help from
      The first link in the article above will take you to our Difficult Instances thread and there are 2 more for different levels of difficulty which you can access from there.