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Outside Interviews

Outside Interviews

Jan 12, 2014

Some of our mercenaries have done interviews with other fansites and organizations, or even with groups related to other games. You can learn a lot about some of our members by giving those interviews a quick glance.


Here’s a list of interviews done by some of our team members, and links so you can check out what they have to say.



Spiral Newspaper, May 2013


Mr. Suitcase, series of podcasts related to Magic the Gathering, December 2008 – March 2012
Spiral Radio, November 2013

Katherine Light

Duelist101, Part 1 and Part 2, August 2012
Spiral’s Geographic Society, September 2013
Wiz Magazine, January 2013


Wiz Magazine, April 2013


Wiz Magazine, February 2013

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