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Papa May Have

Papa May Have

Aug 4, 2013

Well, your quest in the Immortal Games is finally coming to a close you are ready to take on the final immortal Hades.

However, as you pass by Erytheia she sends word that Athena has proposed another challenge for you in the Cave of Nyx. What could possibly be waiting for you in the underworld? Well Cronus, the father of Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades that’s who! We’d say that he’s not happy with you for what you’ve done to his children, but frankly he thinks you’re not even worth wasting his time thinking about…. so let’s give him a little lesson to remember us by, shall we?

The Cave of Nyx is located in Tartarus, and you will pass by Erytheia on your way there.



After you head into Tartarus you want to go directly left and up a hill to a closed gated doorway. Once you go through that doorway you will be in the Cave of Nyx.



The Battle

In this battle you will be facing the following:

Lost Shade; Rank 13 Elite Fire 3,600 HP Starts with 11-12 Pips

Lost Shade; Rank 13 Elite Life 3,600 HP Starts with 11-12 Pips

Lost Shade; Rank 13 Elite Myth 3,600 HP Starts with 11-12 Pips

Cronus; Rank 13 Sun Boss 30,000 HP Starts with 13-14 Pips



Known Cheats

  • Every round the boss will put a random 40% trap on one person in the battle. This trap could be from any school. 
  • At the beginning of every fourth round,  Cronus will interrupt to use a cheat lord of Night on a random person in the battle and then use his trap cheat right after.
  • His natural attack will cause a 40% random trap to be put on you.
  • He will cast a “Mark” on himself when you put a trap on him. ​This mark looks like a stun shield and means it will be okay to attack.
  • cronusmarked
  • If you do not kill him, he will remove the mark as well as any traps that remain on him. You will need to place another trap on him to get another mark before you attack him again.
  • If you attack him Before he puts a mark on himself he will say:
  • cronuscheat
  • then hit the person that attacked him with this,
  • cronusattack
  • which will deal damage and leave a 40% trap on the person who attacked him. This trap will be of the opposite school of the one with which he was hit.



*for safest practice and fastest farming, we recommend fighting with at least 3 wizard, preferably a full team*

While this boss may seem to have a lot of cheats, they are actually naturally address simply by fighting Cronus as you would any other normal boss, particular one with a myth minion. Simply kill the minions and the boss all at once. Get 2 – 3 Feints on Cronus as soon as possible. He will then be marked right from the beginning. This will give you time to blade quickly and will allow you to take him and the minions out hopefully with minimal damage. You are able to heal normally so make sure that you have a someone that has a steady amount of heals since these minions love to pack hard hits. If you are with a team who is not prepared to hit heavy or is does not seem to be running smoothly, I would also recommend that you have conviction or stun shields ready as the minions tend to get a little feisty with the stuns.

With a 50% damage boost, this boss takes approximately 11 buffs for most schools to kill. With feints counting for two buffs each, this means 3 feints and 5 stacking blades (or an aura and 4 blades) is perfect to finish off both him and his minions.

After you defeat Cronus Make your way back to Erytheia and she will reward you with the “Bearer of the Silver Sickle” badge.

Cronus drop all sort of fantastic reagents like amber (as well as amber dust and merle’s whiskers), turquoise, vine and braided vine, as well as this fantastic new athame!


Mercenaries for Hire is now open for questing and farming requests in Aquila, so if you’d like to request help with defeating or farming this boss, feel free to make a request on our Difficult Instances thread!