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Poison Hivey

Poison Hivey

Apr 8, 2014

Once you reach the far side of the Hive with Old Cob, things rapidly begin to get more interesting. Suddenly the cheat bosses start coming out of the woodwork, and they’re not about to make your task an easy one! We’ve tested these three cheaters out and can help you better prepared yourself for the challenges you’re about to face.

Lord Ombra

Lord Ombra is found in the Night Orb Chamber in Khrysalis, protecting the night orb (shadow magic in a physical form!) for Morganthe. The Night Orb Chamber is in the Palace of Fangs on the lower right hand side.


Lord Ombra, however, is not the ONLY one protecting the night orb. When you first enter the nhamber, you’ll come face to face with his cohort, Archera DeathsHead.


Unlike Lord Ombra, Archera DeathsHead is a normal fire boss, which means that while you should pack some cleanse charm is your sideboard, you won’t be facing anything overly unusual. DeathsHead will be joined by one death minion if your group has one or two wizards, and three death minions if your group has 3 wizards or more.

Once you’ve defeated DeathsHead, Lord Ombra will appear in the same place. Please note: if you plan to change your decks between the two fights, back away quickly to avoid getting pulled into the fight early!


Ombra will be joined by three death minions even if you are soloing. At first, this fight starts off like any other boss fight, but at the start of turn 4 he’ll have a nasty surprise in store for you.


At the beginning of every 4th round, Lord Ombra will interrupt to steal 3 pips from whichever player has the most pips at the moment. Note that I did not say he gets rif of their pips… he steals them FOR HIMSELF, and your loss is his gain. (Note the number of white pips in the picture above.) It will also damage the opponent the person he is stealing from, similar to a manu burn but with even more benefit for Lodr Ombra and Morganthe’s shadow forces!

Unfortuantely since he is a balance boss, it is difficult to dispel this cheat. You’re going to have to find a way to work around it.

Recommended Strategy

To take on Lord Ombra effectively, we recommend the following:

  • Use an attack with a set number of pips, such as storm lord rather than tempest. That way, even if he still your pips on the round you try to hit, your attack will still go through at full power.
  • Keep track of the rounds and save up your pips to have your hammer attack a round or two BEFORE an incoming pip theft.


Tamulus can be found in the upper right side of the Palace of Fangs, inĀ  one of the Palace of Fangs Chambers.


Tamulus is a storm boss who also loves his death spells (and has a mastery amulet!) and is accompanied by a balance minion (several, if you enter with more than two players).


This battle begins in a straightforward manner; many groups of players may even finish the battle before you see any of the cheats! The first cheat you may notice happens at the end of round 4 when Tamulus shouts


During the course of his regular turn on this round, Tamulus will place three death traps one on player, like the death equivalent of fuel. On the following round, he will follow through on this threat when he says


which is promptly followed by a natural attack on one player as an interrupt at the start of round 5. Surprisingly this is a death attack rather than a storm attack, which explains the death traps played in the previous round. Note, however, that the interrupt attack will not necessarily be targeted at the same player that he put the traps on.

This cycle will repeat every four rounds from this point on (eg, traps on round 8 and 12, an interrupt natural attack on rounds 9 and 13, etc).

Recommended strategy

For this boss we recommend the following:

  • Fight him as you would a normal boss, trying to take him and his minion(s) out in one hit with a big attack.
  • Death dispel is not effective to stop his cheat attack as he does occasionally cast other death spells as well (including the death trap spell directly before the natural attack).
  • Everyone should packs heals in their sideboard in case the DoTs in combination with his storm power become too overwhelming.

Archmagus Lorcan

The Chamber of the OrbWeavers is located in the House of the Magi, near the entrance to the Shadow Palace.


This instance seems to start out innocently enough. When you enter the battle area, there is one lonely boss standing on his own; Archmagus Lorcan.


However, he only STARTS alone. At the end of the first round you will hear him shout,


at which point two additional fire enemies will appear in the battle. They stand inactive for 1 round and become active in the battle during round 3. (Warning: They begin with at least 4 power pips and aren’t afraid to efreet.)



These minions don’t stick around forever, though! Their master called them for a purpose, and they are nothing if not expendable.


At the end of the fourth round, each minion will sacrifice their own health (doing 7520 damage) to heal the boss for 1500.

This will repeat itself on a four round cycle, where at the end of the first round of the cycle the boss will summon minions, and at the end of the 4th round they will sacrifice themselves to heal him. This leaves the minions with 2 rounds to be active in the battle, casting things like meteor, efreet, phoenix, etc.


Recommended strategy

To take on this boss effectively, we recommend coming prepared with the following:

  • have cleanse charm in your sideboard in case your hammer gets hit with efreet
  • Count out the rounds as you go, so that you know when you can expect the minions to appear in (and disappear from) the battle.
  • Set up your hammer for a one hit kill, and time your hit appropriately. You want to make sure that you don’t hit when the minions have been summoned but aren’t active yet – then, the hit won’t kill them and they’ll be active in the battle the following round. You can effectively defeat the boss with either a single target attack on the first round of each cycle (before he summons the minions), or with a group attack on rounds 3 or 4 (when the minions are actively in the battle).

After you’ve completed these bosses, you’re almost to the Shadow Palace and the final battle with Morganthe! Congrats on making it through the Hive… let’s hope you stay strong through the final battles as well!

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    Thanks for the great guide! Helped me through the end of KR pt2 on TR!