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Oct 26, 2015

Polaris has come to test realm!

At a special ceremony (hint, hint), you are awarded a great honour… but that honour is quickly overshadowed by Bartleby, who suddenly falls ill at the end of the happy occasion. What could be wrong with him? He is cold, down to his roots, but he doesn’t know WHY. All he can sense is that there is trouble at the edge of the Spiral that must be dealt with, and that’s it’s what causing him to suffer from that unshakeable chill. And with that (and a little research from Ambrose and Cyrus Drake)… off to Polaris you go!

Picture 2015-10-26 12-30-27

Once in Polaris there are all sorts of adventures to be had! There are new spells, new enemies… and some familiar old faces to be dealt with. For full udpate notes, check here.

We will be posting guides to any cheating bosses we encounter in Polaris! In the meantime, Mercenaries101 will remain open for questing help, but will not be accepting farming help requests to allow us more time to test new content. Thanks for understanding, and we’ll see you where the land meets the sky!

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  • Moad Laasry

    yay! the new world come out in test realm-Polaris

  • WizardOverlord

    Yay! Polaris came out!