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Policy Changes

Policy Changes

Jan 16, 2014

Over the past few weeks, the team has been looking over our calendar and the board’s posts to try to come up with ways that we can better serve the community. We’re not going to lie; we know that a LOT of requests have gone unanswered lately, and we’re as troubled by that as the posters are. We’ve been trying to figure out what the issue is and how we can best deal with it. We tried out farming limitation and request restrictions, but that doesn’t seem to have been the right answer for helping the team cover requests better, nor has it been fair to those of you that like to speed quest. We’re ready to try something new.

When looking over our requests, the issue that seems to be causing us problems over and over again is… Tartarus. While there are some enticing drops, it’s a time-consuming dungeon in a lot of cases (especially with people who are new to it), respawning can be a headache, the drop rate is depressingly low… and because the drop rate is so low, gear sets are slow to be collected and the requests never really slow down. However, Tartarus is often a 2-mercenary job, and given that we need to make sure that we schedule a lot of time for the run in case something goes wrong, it can be very difficult for us to have 2 mercenaries set aside that much time for a (most likely fruitless) farming run when there are other requests coming in. In trying to keep a mercenary available for these requests, we sometimes miss other requests that they might have taken. Then if another merc with a spare 60-90 minutes available doesn’t sign in, it was in vain anyway. In short: Tartarus farming is chewing up and spitting out our schedules, lol.

Policy changes

With that in mind, here’s what we’d like to try next in order to help all of you better.
1. We are lifting the existing restrictions on questing requests. With more back-to-back bosses (or bosses separated by only a short questline) in Azteca and Khrysalis, the once a day request limit wasn’t in your best interests. If you need help with a few bosses in a short time, that’s fine with us. Request away.
2. We are changing our farming request limit from twice per week to once per day. We’re happy to help with Waterworks, AQ ring/athame farming, etc, on a more frequent basis.
3. Requests for longer side quest cheat dungeons, such as TotH, Briskbreeze, Waterworks, Warehouse, etc, are limited to once per day whether it be for questing OR farming.

With these first three new rules in place, we ask that you be considerate of our resources and look at the rules as a whole. Please don’t ask us for a Warehouse for quest completion, then a Cronus farm, then a string of bosses in Azteca. If in doubt, go with the general rule of thumb that we can help each requester for about an hour a day.

And finally….
4. We will no longer be accepting requests for Tartarus farms. In lieu of openly offering help with Tartarus whenever desired, we will be doing the following:

  • Offering Tartarus farming events once per month on the weekends. We’ll post the events well ahead of time and ask you register at least a day ahead of time so we can ensure we have enough mercs to meet the interest.
  • Mercenaries who have plans to run Tartarus at any given time may post an open call on the board saying that they are planning to run and have X amount of spots available if anyone would like to join. We will try to give at least an hour’s notice at minimum.

There have been a number of posters who love to farm Tartarus on a regular basis. If you meet up with another F2M101 in game or on a merc run, we highly recommend that you friend up and keep in contact; many of you know this dungeon inside and out and could make excellent farming partners for each other.

We know that we’ve been unable to keep up with requests of late, as the team as a whole would like to do everything we can to rectify that. Although none of us like putting new restrictions like #4 in place, we’re hopeful that it will allow us to offer more reliable help in every other area of the game. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to post or PM them to me. Thanks, everyone!

  • Alvin

    Hey there. Is there also any other way to request a run besides Central? I was banned from there, but I do not think that should make me unable to work with you guys. I know DoaW shut down, so yeah. Any other way? Ty

    • mercs101

      For now, Central is the only way to request a run. If DoaW become active again we may start requests there, but for now unfortunately we aren’t able to take requests on another sites.