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Power up your pet!

Power up your pet!

Aug 31, 2015

The summer 2015 update made pets a little stronger and more versatile.

Pet Jewels

The big news is the addition of jewel collars. All pets aged ancient or higher now have a special star shaped socket. This accepts a new type of jewel. These pet jewels drop from many creatures in combat, come in packs, and can be crafted using new metal reagents. Basic jewels and crafting recipes are available from pet shop boy Lowe Springfield in the pet pavilion. The metals can be obtained as drops and as pet feeding rewards. So far there are no plant sources or transmutes.

Pet jewels offer many regular pet talents, but with a few rules and differences. Most stat-based talents can be found on jewels, but NOT may-cast talents or universal damage boosts/resists. The best way to handle that is to hatch for universal talents and may-casts, then plug in a school damage or resist based on the wizard who will use the pet. If you already have a ‘perfect’ proof/defy/healing pet, plugging in a jewel with a school dealer or giver is a great way to add more damage to your build. If you are supporting, there are also lots of handy cards – feint, hex, school blades and traps, even dark pact.

some pet talents that can be added by star shaped jewels

Jewels add a free pet talent!

Once you add a jewel a pet becomes no-trade, so move the pet and jewel to the desired character then apply the jewel. If you want to move the pet again you’ll have to shatter the jewel. Jewel talents must be different from pets learned talents, so if your pet unlocks a talent you’ve added with a jewel, the jewel becomes inactive. It’s usually best to train first, then add jewels. You can always replace a jewel if you get a better one later.

Do it NOW!

If you have a good basic resist or damage pet already to ancient or higher, you can improve it right now by adding a stat boost. Buy Hardy from Lowe, train up the extra 25 strength, and enjoy more damage and resist. No farming or crafting needed, though you may want to do that in the future to get a stronger boost.

This Wizard101 pet is stronger because of a jewel. Higher strength makes damage and resist talents more effective.

Pet with added damage and resist from a stat boosting jewel.

Some jewels are restricted by wizard level, pet age, or both. Often more powerful boosts can only be applied to mega pets, or the new ultra level.

Ultra level

Ultra is unlocked by training 2000 EXP above mega level. Unlike normal pet training it does not unlock a talent on the pet, but rather it upgrades the socket to accept ultra level jewels. As a bonus you are given an ultra jewel, but considering the low odds of that being one you want to use, I’d train to ultra only if you have a desirable ultra jewel already and know you want to use it.

Besides normal abilities, there are some unique talents on jewels, such as added energy for gardening or fishing, boosts for wisps or gold drops, even a jewel that adds pet EXP from combat.

New Pets

Other pet-centric additions in this update include some new hybrid combinations, and some all new pets. The most exciting perhaps are 7 school specific Enchanted Armaments available only to PvP Warlords, and only for arena tickets. If you have the rank and 2,000 tickets, Diego will sell you the pets. They can also be hatched, but can’t be transferred, so be sure to buy or hatch on the character who is going to use the pet.

These new Armament pets give a Cloak card, and come with a fairly strong talent pool for a first generation pet. They vary a bit by school, but generally feature offensive talents like damage and critical boost. Their unique characteristic is starting attributes: HIGHER than ‘max’ stats.

New Max Stats.

Before this update the highest value for each pet attribute was 250, and no first generation pet had more than 3 attributes that high. To get all 250s required methodical hatching. The new PvP armaments not only start with all stats at “max”, but increase strength to 255, agility and will to 260. We don’t yet know if there will be 260 (or higher) values for other attributes in the future, but this makes getting high stats easier, and will increase the value of damage, resist, critical, health and other stat-based pet talents.

Combining these higher natural stats with stat boosts from “selfish” jewels can make a meaningful difference. Consider the popular double resist / triple damage combinations; Spell Proof, Spell Defy, school Giver, school Dealer, Pain Giver. With 250 stats you get about 15% resist, 21,8% damage. With the new stats and adding a +65 strength jewel your resist goes up to 16.9% and damage up to 24.6% – the same talents, but almost 2% more universal resist and 3% more damage!

Derby pets can get a boost too. Jewels can add abilities, or raise stats to lower cheer cost. There are even new charge and hurry talents! If you are training a derby pet with a stat boost jewel, remember that the added stat will count toward total EXP, so add the jewel before you train to max.

Two pet additions we were wishing for – derby fixes and upgrades, and a pet themed house – have not happened yet, but hope is not lost. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the fall update. For now the new stats and jewels are making pets better than ever.