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Put To The Test

Put To The Test

Mar 27, 2014

KingsIsle has told us that we should expect Khrysalis part 2 in early 2014, which means it’s time to start getting ready! Often we have no idea when new content will arrive on test realm, but when we as players know that we can expect something soon, we want to DO something about it!

Mercenaries101 has been prepping for and testing out new content since before the second arc began, and we’ve learned a few things about what you really should do (and what you don’t have to bother with) before a test realm comes out. Check out our advice for how to get ready for a test realm!




The pet pavillion is always a hot spot on test realm. Free Crowns means free energy elixirs (and even energy gear for some), and an opportunity to find out what you should bother training in live realm… but what’s worth your time and what isn’t?


Hatch like mad! You’ll get some crowns on test realm, and you can use some of them to buy energy elixirs to pet train these hatches like crazy when test comes out. Planning to train on test will also allow you to save any mega snacks you might have for the pets that are actually worth training.

*Disclaimer* the Crowns KI gives you are intended for you to test out new options in game. Don’t use ALL of them for your pets; you’re here to test content first and foremost! Don’t abuse the privilege of test Crowns: if you find yourself headed to the pet pavillion before you’ve even gotten a glimpse of the new world, you might have a problem.

Place the pets you aren’t actively using (or hatching from) in a house somewhere. If you collect rare pets or hatch a lot, your backpack (and bank!) may be filled with pets that never actually come out to play. Give them a new home in a house somewhere; it’ll make it easier to find the pets you DO use frequently, and it’ll make room in your backpack for new drops.
Training your pets to mega. Test is coming up soon – you can do it much faster and more effectively there. By the time you get to mega, your pet will have 6 slots left, and probably only one or two that you actually hope it manifests. You’re far more likely to get a great pet if you do a lot of hatches that you can check out later than if you invest your time and efforts into hoping one particular pet gets that lucky last talent.



Most of us don’t have our quest books entirely empty; there are those unfinished side quests, pet or spell quests, and even those NPCs with glaring yellow exclamation marks that seem to shout at you every time you walk past them. What should you make sure to have done before a new world comes out, and what can be kept on the backburner?

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Get those spell quests and pet quests done, even if you don’t care about the spells or pets themselves.

Why?: Leaving spell or pet quests undone may prevent you from being able to pick up NEW spell or pet quests in the new world. For example, when Avalon was released many wizards had to take the time to get their lower level school pets before they were able to pick up their quests for new spells.

Important note: A LOT of people have left their 75 minion quests incomplete, or even never received the summons to do those quests. This is because you cannot pick up this quest until you have finished Crab Alley. If you haven’t finished Crab Alley, you’ll want to complete that quest line (which you can get from Sohomer Sunblade on Triton Avenue), and then go see Halston Balestrom for your minion quest.

Finish up your mainline quests, if you’re close. Many wizards will stop playing as soon as they hit max level because they want to save the experience points for when they’ll make a difference. This practice doesn’t really help you at all; each new world or addition will ALWAYS have enough xp to get you to max level again, so there’s really no reason to “save” XP points as there’s always more than enough to go around.

If you really want to save SOME experience for an upcoming expansion, finish your last quest/battle/dungeon but don’t hand it in. That way you’ll only have to spend a few extra minutes chatting to NPCs when the new content comes out, but still get a nice XP bump.

Finishing up all those tedious side quests in a mainline area or searching them out. If your goal is to finish ALL the content in the game, by all means, go for it! However, most of the small side quests given by NPCs in a mainline area are just that; optional side content.

*Disclaimer* This doesn’t apply to complete side AREAS or WORLDS, such as Crab Alley, Grizzlheim and Wintertusk, or Wysteria. Often, new content will require you to venture into one of these areas to pick something up or fight a spell boss, etc, so you’ll want to finish up the main content in these areas at least.




Often (though not always!) new worlds mean new crafting quests and even new reagents! How can you get ready for something when you don’t know what to expect? And is this the time to finally craft those boots you’ve been considering for the past few months?


Finish up those old crafting quests! Even if there was no gear that you really loved at the last level of crafting, in the new world the crafted gear may be fantastic. The last thing you want is an old crafting quest tying you up when all you want to do is move forward and get some awesome new gear.
Invest your gold into some basic reagents in the bazaar. Whenever a new crafting quest comes out, there’s a new “it” reagent that used to be commonplace but is suddenly impossible to get your hands on (stone block, anyone?). If you have a decent supply of most regular reagents handy, it can make a huge difference.

Side bonus: this will help with clearing out your bank and backpack by lowering your gold so that you can sell again!

Crafting that gear you’ve been considering, unless you have a surplus of reagents anyway. With the new world there will likely be a whole lot of new gear anyway; in a very short amount of time you may wish you’d held on to those reagents so that you could use them for something you like a lot better.




You’ve been trying for that top level gear for a long time with NO luck. Now that the new world is here, should you try even harder so you get it before test realm opens, or just give up?


If you need gold anyway, keep farming for your gear. You’ll be farming anyway, and the drops you get (even if they’re all no auction) will help pad your virtual bank account nicely.
If you know your current gear is painfully underpowered and there’s a MAJOR difference between your current gear and the dropped gear, you may want to keep on trying for it. If the new expansion is more difficult than current content, it may be difficult to play through with sub-par gear.
If you have enough gold and your current gear is decent but just not the best, cut yourself some slack. There’s a good chance that the new update will have some fantastic gear that’s even better than what you’re farming for right now, so don’t pressure yourself to get gear that may well be outdated in just a few weeks anyway.



Banks and Backpacks!

When test comes out, it’s hard to know what to hold onto and what you can get rid of. How far should you go when you’re trying to make some room for new items?

Mannequins - functional AND stylish! In this case maybe just functional....

Mannequins – functional AND stylish! In this case maybe just functional….

If you’re a crafter, craft some male or female mannequins (recipe available from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone). They’re not easy to craft, but they’re a GREAT way to store those gear drops that you can’t bear to trash (even though they’re taking up ltos of room in your bank). Remember that after you place gear on the mannequin it still counts as one item in your house.

Side bonus: If you’re one of those wizards who’s constantly near max gold, buying the reagents to craft mannequins will help a lot. That way, you have some breathing room within the gold limit to sell more items.

Check your bank and backpack thoroughly for any items that you would never use, or for multiples of items that you already have. Sell them to make room for new drops.

Spring Cleaning Tip: In particular, seeds and music scrolls can often be the hidden problem behind a clogged bank.

Sorting meticulously through your housing item drops to sell what you don’t like. Many wizards have a spare “storage unit” type house where they simply dump housing items that they’re undecided about.

Side bonus: Hanging on to housing items and just keeping them in storage can come in handy if new seeds are released. You never know what housing items a new plant may “like”!


Do you have anything you like to make sure you get done when a test realm is on the horizon? Let us know in the comments!

  • Miranda Austin

    just exactly what you said, make sure all crafting and questing is up to date for characters i want to take through first, that a good all round pet is at mega and gear is what i think is what i need, but also that i have alternative pets and gear ready ( more so for my first wiz to go through than the others). Also making sure i have a really good stock of the basics – things like tc feint, tc cleanse charm and a few heals and i like a very large stock of mega snacks saved for pet drops. For the first wiz through i will also stock up on crowns and make sure she has plenty of gold just in case. I like to start my first wiz on the first day the new world opens – it’s always a great atmosphere and i find that is the time you always meet the best new friends.

  • Jacob StormSword

    Thanks for all the tips