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Quest for the Elixir Vitae Badge: Part 1

Quest for the Elixir Vitae Badge: Part 1

Jul 18, 2014

Quest for the Elixir Vitae Badge: Part 1


A little background:

My friend and fellow Merc dime30 and I were in game trying to get our first two wizards each through Khrysalis, her death and storm and my main life CDH 1.0 and my Storm, whom we call the Troll since her name is Cassandra TrollSlinger. I did a very nice heal of a primordial fairy with a 40% and 30% Guiding Light and Cycle of Life up and it got me thinking about one of the newest badges, the one for a One Million Heal, also known as Elixir Vitae. And so the journey begins …


This will be an ongoing journal of the quest for the badge.


I started with the basics — by sorting through all the gear I have stashed in banks, backpacks, shared bank, unredeemed gifts, etc, etc, etc. That’s a LOT of things to sort through! Found I had not yet redeemed my Atlantean Gear since I prefer my Water Works gear and crafted block boots, so there was the start of my outgoing boost clothing choices. I was already using the Cosmic Kris (25%) and Stone of the Other side (33%) so that put my base outgoing heal boost to 128% (KI rounds up and somehow its 129%). During my hunt I had the Wiki up at and was searching there also.

The thing is with this badge is that both the healer AND the one to be healed need heal boost, so Dime was going to need the best incoming heal boost gear she could find. So while she concentrated on incoming I was looking at outgoing. Seems there is a LOT of gear out there with heal boost but a LOT is Crowns items. Now as Mercs we do a LOT of instances so Dime had some good drops, but she was going to need to do some farming too! She found two pieces she could craft to bring her base incoming to 52% –both from a Celestian crafter in the Base Camp – the Dazzling Celestian Ring and the Diplomatic Dagger. I know some players aren’t able to get all the most “powerful” gear – either the gear is in a bundle, a Crowns card pack or something of that nature so I’ll be trying it with just dropped and crafted items also.

One of the other projects will be to get a pet with Medic AND Healer talents and NO May Cast heals! That would be all I need, a pet to waste all the boosts we will be placing! So that project is the next to be started and will be ongoing for a bit.

As I work on boost gear AND the pet I also need to figure out what cards I need and HOW to get them! The best bet for the base heal I thought at first would be a primordial Satyr. Now I hate shin kicking goats so wasn’t too happy with that but I started to think just a BIT harder and remembered Dryad! I don’t normally pack it since I prefer to control HOW much I heal, not overheal and waste all my pips. So a base trained Dryad of 14 pips (7 powerpips) multiplied by 200 is equal to 2800 not bad but I KNOW it could be better. Dryad Treasure cards do a base heal of 225 per pip, so that would be 3150, still not bad but could I find anything better? The answer is yes, yes I could. There is a Flowering Dryad card that does a base 240 heal per pip so that would be 3360 – doesn’t seem like much but the larger the base heal the more the multipliers effect it. So 3360 multiplied by 128% is equal to 7661. Not a bad start at all! And each additional boost I can find will help. I am checking the bazaar everyday to search for cards I don’t have or think will help. And I still need to sort through all the gear in the Wiki to see what is available that MIGHT help.

I’ll be writing more as I continue this journey and let y’all know how it is going. I hope to also post a screen shot and video of the attempt.


Do you have the Elixir Vitae Badge? Let us know!

  • Tday

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU! and i have the badge on my life char but it will take a bunch of help with friends but good luck with getting it!