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Release the Kraken

Release the Kraken

Aug 4, 2013

After you have finished Mount Olympus and Atlantea, Vesper asks you for a favor. What could she possibly want? Apparently two travelers have been taken captive by the mighty Sand Squid and guess who was offered the task of going to help them out… Yup that’s right you are!

To find the Sand Squid you must first venture forth into the depths of Atlantea, which is  a dungeon off the Garden of Hesperides.


After you have spoken to Hermes and he unlocks the gate make your way towards the right hand side of the of the central area and hug the wall (watch out the mobs can be a little grabby in here ).


You will then go into the entrance of the sunken ship known as Poseidon’s Adventure.

Some first timers get confused here - Poseidon is at the end of Atlantea, not here on Poseidon's Adventure.

Some first timers get confused here – Poseidon is at the end of Atlantea, not here on Poseidon’s Adventure.


Once you make your way inside, you find the travellers…. but they are trapped behind a giant squid with a few arms the definitely do NOT look happy to see you.


The Travelers warn you about the Sand Squid and this is where the battle begins!

The Battle

In this battle you will be facing Sand Squid Tentacles. Their stats are as follows:

Two Big Tentacles; Myth Rank 13 Boss 28,000 HP, start with Max Pips

Two Small Tentacles; Myth Rank 12 Elite 4,200 HP, start with Max Pips



Known Cheats

The first known cheat of this boss is that whenever you use any heal, each tentaclewill use earthquake. (Note that pet heals do not activate this cheat.)

  • Side note for this cheat: The number of earthquakes used is dependent upon how many tentacles you have up. Each tentacle remaining casts an earthquake, so if some tendrils are down at the point you will face fewer quakes.

The Second known cheat for this boss is that if you manage to defeat one of the smaller tentacles without killing the big ones they will respawn after 2 turns and the boss will say the following:



The most optimal strategy for beating this boss is to kill all the tentacles in one hit. It is recommended that you have a full team of four before you attempt to do this boss as it can be really tiresome. For either strategy, you should note that these bosses love to use medusa and basilisk, so either stun block or conviction are highly recommended – put a liberal amount in your deck so that everyone ie likely to find them early. If you find yourself having trouble with this fight, it would be to your advantage to invest in gear that resists myth damage.

1st Strategy – What you want to do is trap the big Tentacles as soon as possible. Doing this allows you get those traps up and leaves them to burn pips in the process. You want to try and get at least 2 stack-able feints on both of the big Tentacles, preferrably three each. Get those traps up before you bother to blade, and once you have them up, take advantage of the opportunity (only if necessary!) to have your life wizard do a large group heal to get everyone back to health. (You’ll earn four earthquakes for this, so life wizards, make sure the heal is a good one! Use mend, guiding light, primordial, and high heal boost gear!) After you have those traps up they should have burned up their pips, this leaves you open to blade your hitter with as many blades as possible, Stack as many blades on as you a can within a round or two. Storm is particularly effective in this fight, given that all the enemies naturally boost to it. Doing that should be enough to kill the Sand Squid!
2nd Strategy – The second strategy is to take out the two big Tentacles one by one. When you kill a big tentacle, the spot stays open and no smaller ones will show up and take its place. Simply take them out the same we outlines above (by first trapping, then blading), but focus on them one at a time. Then finish off the smaller ones with a well placed hit-all spell and you should be good.

Once you finish this quest and turn it in to Vesper you are given the Wave Tamer Badge!

The Sand Squid drops some fantastic reagents as well as the Harpy Pet and the Deck of Immortal Night!



Mercenaries for Hire is now open for questing and farming requests, so if you’d like a hand with this bosses or another content, feel free to give us a shout! All requests for Aquila should go on our Difficult Instances thread.