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Rise of The Phoenix

Rise of The Phoenix

Sep 26, 2012

Today KingsIsle has released their latest hoard pack, the Phoenix Hoard Pack! This pack contains some epic treats, like gear with some fantastic new spells, a cute (or is it creepy… I can’t decide!) pet, a gorgeous mount, new housing items, and even the amber reagent!


The Gear

There are three different variations of gear in this pack.

The gear variates in colour depending on the set, but all of it makes you feel ready to rise from the ashes.

Avenging Gear focuses on power – it comes with either (or both of) high critical chance and high universal attack power, as well as armor piercing.

Retribution Gear is designed for death wizards, with high death-only stats such as death resist (perfect for the sacrifices and dark pacts), death attack, and death accuracy.

Smoldering Vengeance Gear is arguably the best gear of the bunch, with high universal crit, universal attack power, universal accuracy, power pips, armor piercing, and some fantastic attack cards as a bonus.


The Gargoyle Pet

This little guys is bursting onto the scene. He seems to be part stone monster, part adorable puppy. Plus, the new talent he brings to the scene (gives one dark pact card) will fit in perfectly with the idea behind our Mercenary Mascot. Keep your eye out for this little guy, he may surprise you!

Cute puppy with a sweet smile, or legend of stone with an evil smirk? We may never know.


The Mount

This new mount is fantastic. Unlike some of the other two rider mounts, it rides low and doesn’t interfere with your line of vision. It’s fun to ride around, and let’s face it – who doesn’t want to ride around on a fantastic mythical beast every once in a while?

So, that whole “bursting into flames” thing is just a legend… right?

This pack has some great treats waiting – we hope you enjoy what it has in store!

  • Scarlet

    Wow! Looks amazing! :)

  • Katherine Light

    I know, right? I want that Smoldering Vengeance gear – simply amazing stats for PvE.

  • Vigilant Seraph

    Thanks for the scoop!