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ROCKIN new content!

ROCKIN new content!

May 22, 2013

Woot! Wizard101 is planning more updates and they are in the test realm!

PVP Tourneys! New PvP Tournaments are coming! Wow! Read all about it from our friends at Duelist101 here¬†with the cool gear drops here. Other drops include death unicorn pets with new mc bubble talents and gorilla mounts. Ooh, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the arena next.

Playable Instruments!
Now you can jam with your friends in your house! With a variety of instruments (piano, lead guitar, bass guitar, and drums) you can form a band and enjoy some sweet tunes. We tested it out – check out the results below!

Bundles! A new $29 Atlantis bundle is available from Walmart with a great 2-person whale mount, betta fish pet (with a brand new talent!), a fish tank, and other fabulous gear. A $39 Olympian bundle from Gamestop is also coming with a chariot mount, Trojan horse pet (epic!), a palace and gear. Awesome!

This little guy may look pretty, but I bet there’s a reason they’re called fighting fish.

This is no simple rocking horse – not everything is quite as it seems with this guy.


All of the update news can be found here.

  • kobe grinstead

    can fog staff contest return plz
    ty angel

    • Scarlet

      We are still thinking of ways for people to win FOG staffs. :) Stay tuned!