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Rolling Over in his Grave

Rolling Over in his Grave

Nov 27, 2014

DISCLAIMER FOR SPEED RUN TIPS: These are not tips for a safe, carefree battle. These strategies are fast and furious and leave no time for you or your teammates to protect yourselves. Lots of things can go wrong… but then again, lots of times things go smoothly. All in all, when farming I’ve found it faster to take 2 or 3 attempts at doing a speed run and being done in 3 or 4 rounds, then to have one battle that stretches on for 10+ rounds where you’re scrambling to heal defeated players and gain back lost ground. If you want to give them a shot, feel free, but don’t be surprised if it turns out unsuccessfully on occasion.

Unclarified Malistaire cheats: There’s still a lot of info to be found out there about cheats in the Malistaire battle. Specifically, I would love to nail down the triggers for all the minion’s cheats, how often the dragon attacks, when blades and traps are removed, etc. Information on any cheats, especially those ones, is greatly appreciated. If you’ve heard a rumour about a cheat that you’d like us to check out, feel free to post that as well!

After you fighting your way through the Upper Halls of Castle Darkmoor, Tatyana (as you now know the Spirit of Darkmoor) had helped you find your way to Malistaire’s new lair: Darkmoor’s Graveyard.

In the graveyard you are first confronted by the Drake family’s old friend…

Yevgeny NightCreeper

Yevgeny will serve the Drake family until the day he dies. And apparently even beyond that.

Picture 2014-11-05 12-13-58

(click for full size image)

  • Yevgeny has inate 40% pierce.
  • Like Sir Blackwater and the Spirit of Darkmoor, Yevgeny has 3 school-based cheats in a 5-round cycle.
    • First cycle, Rounds 1-5: ICE
    • Yevgeny will interrupt at the start of every round to place an absorb shield on one member of his team. These can absorb several thousand damage each, but do not stack with each other. I Wrap Myself in Armor
    • At the beginning of round 5 (after he plays his ice armor), Yevgeny will interrupt to cast an ice bubble, ice blade, 35% AoE ice traps, and new ice shadow attack on one player. Be warned, this attack will leave him with a 75% tower shield. Let The Cold Wind Destroy You
    • Second Cycle, Rounds 6-10: Myth
    • Yevgeny will interrupt at the start of every round to place a 40% balance blade on one member of his team. I Empower You
    • At the beginning of round 10 (after he plays his balance blade), Yevgeny will interrupt to cast a myth bubble, myth blade, myth spear, and new myth shadow spell. Crush My Enemies
    • Third Cycle, Rounds 11-15: Death
    • Yevgeny will interrupt at the start of every round to place an item feint (75%/20%) on one player. I Decimate You
    • At the start of round 10 (after he plays his feint), Yevgent will interrupt to cast a death damage bubble, death blade, death spear, and new death shadow spell. Klaa… something, this one’s hard to read, lol
  • Yevgeny responds to blades and attack bubbles by casting a stun on the player who cast it (not the recipient). Non-attack bubbles such as power play and sanctuary will not garner a stun. I Counter Your Blade
  • At the end of every 3rd round, morphs into a creature and attacks a random player.
    • Cycle 1 morph (round 3): werewolf. Fear the Howl of the Moon
    • Cycle 2 morph (round 6): Draconian. Fear the Bite of Dragonspyre
    • Cycle 3 morph (round 9): Sir Blackwater. Fear the Blackwater
    • Yevgeny will repeat these morphs (in this order) at the start of every 3rd round for the duration of the battle.
  • shields trigger a pierce by the boss, then the minions will each steal a shield until either all minions have stolen one or all shields are gone, whicenever comes first. Rebirth/legion shield trigger pierce on caster but other can keep their shields.
  • Playing a weakness on Yevgeny will lead him to cast a bad juju on the caster (which will eat up any universal traps you have on him at the time). This is not the case for other debuffs such as plague, smokescreen, or dispels.
  • The mobs will often interrupt to steal shields from any players. The trigger for this appears to be ward-related (it often happens when the enemies play a trap on a player) but hasn’t been narrowed down specifically yet. Leave This Place

Don’t bother with shields as they’ll just be lost. They may even be stolen and affect your own attack later on.

Set up a hammer for a one hit kill on all enemies. Ignore the absorbs as in the grand scheme of your attack, they are not that much to overcome. However, this boss also loves to tower shield, the minions love to legion shield, and his ice cheat attack comes with a 70% tower. For those reasons, it’s wise to have one player shatter the boss (or earthquake) directly before your hammer attacks.

Your buffers should pack stun blocks or conviction for themselves so that they are not consitently being stunned while blading the hammer. Bubbles would also be handy, particular when the boss interrupts and puts up the ice field that increases the mob’s attacks.

Round One: Have all players play conviction. TC conviction is best as you only have a 1 in 20 chance of being stunned (trained conviction has a 1 in 10 chance).

Rounds Two and Three: blade your hammer. Take the time before the battle begins to find out who can play which blades so that you don’t duplicate any and they will all stack. On roudn three, your hammer can also aura instead of blade.

Round 4: Player 1 should earthquake to remove all shields. Players 2 and 3 play stacking feints on the boss, and player 4 hits.

Possible complications: if you are stunned on round 1 (or a stun goes through conviction), or anyone has a deck fail, your battle may go any extra round, in which case one player will be hit with the ice shadow spell, which can be powerful enough to kill. Barring this, it’s usually fairly effective.

  • Conviction
  • blades for your hammer if your trained spells and gear do not provide enough
  • earthquake

Yevgeny Speed Strategy Video



After defeating Yevgeny, he points you towards the Mausoleum, where he is sure that you will finally get your comeuppance for challenging him and his master.  When you enter the mausoleum you find not Malistaire Drake, but…. Sylvia? He has used his powers to summon her spirit back to him! Shane von Shane thinks that this may be a wise idea for him to try out as well… if only he could get you to stop meddling in his affairs.


Shane von Shane v2.0

Shane is now styling in a lovely suit of the finest steel. Not only has he upped his fashion game, but he’s learned some new tricks since you last saw him, so brace yourselves. An early note on this fight; warn your team mates to BE CAREFUL when walking into and through the mausoleum. You speak with Sylvia on the far side of the mausoleum, and after speaking with her, Shane von Shane appears in the middle area, which you have just crossed over. Many times, please will be in the process of walking across the room themselves, only to find themselves pulled in to a fight with a boss who was not there half a second ago. Warn your teammates to stick right up against the walls in the center area if they don’t want to find themselves underprepared for an unexpected cheat battle.


(click for full size image)

The mobs in this fight may be any combination of Darkmoor Serfs and Darkmoor Gargoyles.

  • Shane von Shane has 40% inate pierce.
  • If you play a feint on Shane, he will interrupt to pact it off (all other traps and prisms are ok). I Can See Through You
  • If Shane takes any damage (including from that pact), he will interrupt to heal himself with healing current. This includes damage from the tick of a DoT, which means spells like fire dragon will cause him to heal FOUR TIMES. Bah, You Are Nothing
  • When any player heals (or their pet heals), the person who cast the heal will be hit with a vampire of base damage 1050. More Life For Me
  • At the start of round 2, Shane will interrupt to cast a vampire on a random player. At the start of round 3, Shane will interrupt to cast a Dr Von’s monster on a random player. It’s a Graveyeard Smash Starting on round 4, Shane will interrupt at the start of every round to cast an attack with beguile on 1 random player. We Feast Tonight. Shane will stop casting this beguile attack if there is only 1 player left standing. Notes on how this beguile works: If the player cast a trap, blade, heal, dispel, etc, that round it will go through on the players for whom it was intended. Group attacks will hit the other players if the hammer was beguiled. Group heals cast by a beguiled player will heal the enemy. Beguiled players will NOT be damaged by AoEs cast by the enemy. As with a normal trained beguile, the beguile will be complete on the following round as soon as the triangle cursor has moved onto the beguiled player. Meaning that immediately following the beguile, if the beguield player attacks they will hit their own team. The following round, however, they would hit the enemies.
  • Every time you hit Shane, he begins his vampire (round 1), Von’s monster (round 2), Shane’s monster/beguile (round 3) cycle again. HISS!
  • At the end of every round, Shane will interrupt to perform a spell. These spells will go in a 4 round cycle. Round 1 he will give himself a storm blade. Prepare for The Thunder. Round 2 he will give himself a storm spear. And The Lightning. Round 3 he will put a storm aura. The Storm Grows. Round 4 he will perform a natural attack (not his beguile attack, a straight up storm attack). And Shatters You! Then he’ll start the cycle over again.
  • Any time anyone on your team blades, he will interrupt and blade himself with a supercharge (for no pips). The value of the supercharge is 12% for every pip he has (24% for power pips). I Revel In My Power


  • Equip pets that do not have any may cast heals. With the exception of POSSIBLY unicorn on a tank with a huge heal boost, there is no pet heal that will offset the damage done by Shane’s double-powered, uber pierced vampire.
  • Starting on round 3, have someone attack Shane every round. This will keep the beguiles, vampires, and Von’s monsters at bay. If you cannot hit, keep some death dispel in your sideboard to play on him.
  • Make use of stacking school traps and prisms. Begin by playing traps that apply to the school opposite the hammer’s, then playing a prism, then playing traps of the hammer’s school. (You could use stacking potent, trained, treasure, item, etc, for any school.)
  • Until you can get a spare death dispel up, avoid feinting. If you want to feint, have someone dispel immediately before the feint is played, especially if anyone in your group has a pet with a may cast heal. The last thing you want it to play a death dispel for a feint, have someone’s pet heal cause a vamp which uses up the dispel, and then you lose both your own feint and any others that you’ve worked hard to place. Bear in mind that this death dispel should be in ADDITION to any death dispel you might be playing to stop the beguile. If you do try to feint, do it the round of the hit, so they are not removed by the regular attacks on Shane each round intended to keep beguile away.
  • Pack death shields for your healer. Those vampires will add up if you’re not careful, and you may need those heals more badly than you know.
  • Storm resist gear is a great idea for everyone who doesn’t need to worry about attack power, even if there are several myth minions and even with his high pierce. Those highly-pierced, uber-bladed attacks of his are PAINFUL. Do what you can to stay alive.
  • Disarm, steal charm, and enfeeble are your friends, particularly when it comes to Shane’s supercharge. If you’re using a storm hammer, steal charm can be a valuable treasure card. Have someone blade your storm, which will cause Shane to supercharge himself, then have your storm steal the blade with a TC. Even if you don’t have a storm hammer, steal charm and disarm are pip-friendly ways of dealing with his blade-stacking. (They cost only 1 pip, while a dissipate to stop his cheat entirely costs 2.) If you have a storm wizard on board, or someone with enfeeble treasure cards, they can also be extremely useful and get rid of ALL his powered-up blades at once. Enfeeble is best played after your team has placed a LOT of blades on your hammer.
Speed Run Strategy with a storm hammer

This one is a lot of fun… and a lot safer. It mimics the “stun run” strategies used in Tartarus, so you will require two players with blinding light and/or choke, and either the ability to use power pips for myth and/or fire spells OR decks that come with an additional starting pip. The storm player should also have 90%+ damage boost. While the gear requirements are hefty, this strategy is great as it prevents the minions from acting at all, and does not leave a supercharge on Shane until he’s already dead. Round One: stun, stun, myth trap on Shane or blade to hammer, single prism on Shane Round Two: stun, blade to hammer or storm trap, blade to hammer (or dissipate to prevent blade less), steal Shane’s blade Round Three: stacking blade, stacking blade, stacking blade, hit (colossal tempest or glowbug)

Alternatives: If there are several storm mobs in the battle you can have another player mass prism the mobs, or someone else storm prism Shane on round one while your hammer uses infallible to cut through the resist on the other mobs.

Dealing with Going Second in a Storm Speed Strategy, or Using Other School Hammers:

If you’re going for a speed kill and go second in this fight, or if you are using a school other than storm, I recommend: Round One: stun, stun, blade to hammer, steal charm (if storm hammer) or sharp school blade (if non-storm hammer).

Round two: stun, stun, myth trap (if storm hammer) or school trap or blade to hammer, prism on Shane (if storm hammer) or regular school blade.

Round three: stun, AoE buff (blade to hammer, windstorm, or attack bubble), wand (or 1 pip attack) on Shane, aura (TC infallible or shrike if there are storm mobs with a storm hammer)

Round Four: AoE buff, AoE buff, AoE buff, AoE attack Unfortunately not only does the 4 round kill prolong the battle by a round, but you’re spending even more time during round 1 watching all the enemies cast their spells which inevitably takes FOREVER, lol. However, since so many unexpected things can happen when going second and not every group will have a good storm hammer, this method is more reliable.

  • Strangle/death dispel if you can’t hit to stop those beguiles
  • Steal charm, disarm, and/or enfeeble
  • For storm hammers who can’t find a steal charm tc, consider buying this steal charm amulet.



Shane Von Shane Speed Strategy Video

Upon defeating Shane Von Shane, you finally can access Malistaire’s inner sanctum. He’s not impressed that you’ve come this far, but he does not intend to let you stand between him and his reunion with Sylvia.


Malistaire The Undying and Haunted Malistaire

Malistaire the Undying has 50,000 health. Haunted Malistaire the Undying has 100,000 health naturally, though you can affect how much health he returns with.


(click for full size image)

The draconian mobs in this fight can be any combination of all seven schools, but will always have the same health.

  • When you kill Malistair the Undying, he will immediately reappear as Haunted Malistaire.
  • Both versions of Malistaire have approximately 40% pierce.
  • Malistaire the Undying resists storm, life, and death. Haunted Malistaire has approximate 60% universal resist.
  • Malistaire will interrupt at the start of round 1 to cast taunt. I have NO idea what this is supposed to accomplish, rofl.
  • Approximately every 4 rounds beginning at the start of round 5, Malistaire’s bone dragon will swoop down from the ceiling and remove all your blades.
  • Malistaire’s dragon will do an AoE death DoT spell at the beginning of approximately every 5th round.
  • Once you defeat Undead Malistaire and face Haunted Undead Malistaire, the dragon will occasionally play a 100% hex on him.
  • Malistaire the Undying also does interrupt cheat spells at the END of turns, and repeats the cycle every 5 rounds. At the end of round 3, Malistaire will morph into an Avalon-style dragon and attack one player, which also removes any auras currently on them. Fear the Bite of DragonSpyre       At the round 4, Malistaire will hit one player with death minotaur. A Gift From Tartarus     At the end of round 5, Malistaire will cast virulence on himself.
  • Haunted Malistaire (not Undead Malistaire) will play a shadow spell at the end of every round. He will play (in order) a shadow blade, shadow spear, AoE shadow trap, and shadow attack.
  • If you single shield, Malistaire will steal it from you.
  • If you use a balance blade, dragonblade, bladestorm, or pact, Malistaire will steal it.
  • All dispels will be immediately cleansed.
  • Universal traps on Malistaire will be cleansed. (Interesting note: If you are beguiled by a Shane’s monster attack from a death mob and are therefore on Mali’s team, you can place a universal trap on him and it will not be cleansed.)
  • If you use a single target attack on Malistaire, he will interrupt to place a black mantle on you. This is not true for group attacks.
  • Malistaire’s minions each have their own cheats as well! These cheats seem to be more like “may casts”; they don’t activate all the time, and some minions seem to use them more often than others.
    • Death draconians will mass infect following some heals.
    • Storm draconians will insane bolt, trigger unknown
    • Fire draconians will detonate on DoT spells
    • Ice draconians will steal heal over time spells.
    • Balance draconians will use supernovas on auras.
    • Life draconians will mass triage DoTs.
    • Myth draconians: will shift DoTs to players.
  • The first battle with Malistaire leads DIRECTLY into the the battle with Haunted Malistaire. There is no break and no opportunity to reset your deck, and cards you have used up with already be gone from your deck. Pack reshuffle.
  • If you have a balance wizard, have them pack supernova; that aura of Malistaire’s packs a punch! Since universal balance blades and traps will be removed, this a great way for a balance to help out during this fight. (Triblades and tri-traps with potent and sharp are also fantastic here.)
  • There is no penalty for healing (unless you have a death minion, which loves to mass infect), so pack plenty of heals in your deck. If you have a pet with pet heals, remember to re-equip them after the Shane battle! If you have any spells that wil allow you to heal others, be sure to include them. He packs a punch and you’ll likely need to heal often, so playing sanctuary as early as possible can be an enormous help. None of the mobs in this fight seem to bubble, so it will stay up for quite a while, though Haunted Malistaire has on occasion put up a doom and gloom of his own (You’ll want to doom and gloom yourself later anyway, as you’ll see in a minute).
  • SO FAR, what’s worked for us is to blade up your hammer for the first few rounds and attack at the end of round 3. This kills the mobs, and usually does so before the dragon takes away your blades at the start of round 5. Getting rid of the mobs away makes this battle SIGNIFICANTLY faster. After that, you’re in for a tedious fight with Malistaire, but it’s much faster. Warning: if you have a death mob in your fight, they LOVE to beguile with Shane’s monster in the first few rounds. If they do, one of your team mates may die in this attack… but frankly, you can heal them back and it’s worth it to get rid of the minions asap.
  • Like Shane, playing stacking school traps around prisms is incredibly helpful here. Elemental and spirit traps are great; pack those, along with potent and treasure versions, etc.
  • When you are about to kill Undying Malistaire (the first version) PLAY DOOM AND GLOOM! If you allow the fight to continue as is, he will return with 100,000 health. If, however, you play doom and gloom before his return, it will directly affect how much health he comes back with. If you’ve played a trained 65% doom, he will return with only 35,000 health. If you can get your hands on an Eye of Bartleby 85% doom, he’ll come back with just 15,000 health. The stronger the doom and gloom, the better. You can change back to an attack bubble or sanctuary as soon as he’s returned.
  • A note on being a defeated player and Malistaire’s drops: there are two chances drops in the Malistaire fight. Both Malistaire the Undying AND Haunted Malistaire drop the top tier gear. Per a KI dev, if your wizard dies in the battle after you have already defeated the first Malistaire, do NOT flee and return to the battle! If at all possible, have a team member heal you. If you stay in the battle and are healed, you will still get drops from the first Malistaire (assuming you were alive in the battle at the time he was killed). If you flee and return to the battle, however, you will lose any drops you would otherwise have gotten from first Malistaire.
  • If you have a fire wizard on your run, try this! Donate power and/or empower can make this strategy quite time-efficient.
    • ice traps
    • prism
    • fire traps
    • backdraft
    • one hit kill
Unfortunately, there’s no reliable method to make this battle short and simple; You’re in for several rounds of trapping, buffing, blading, and healing no matter what you do!
  • doom and gloom
  • sanctuary
  • heals for yourself and others (if you don’t have any trained)
  • school-specific buffs for your hammer


Malistaire Video

After defeating Haunted Malistaire, you will get to see him find some long-awaited peace at last… and if you’re very lucky, he may just leave you some of his amazing gear along the way! Malistaire drops three tiers of gear, so may sure to check your drops and see what’s he’s left you.