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Rules for Commenting

Rules for Commenting

Dec 9, 2012

I’ve been noticing that the number of comments is increasing (YAY!) but so has the number of comments I’ve had to reject (not so yay :( ).  I think it is time to lay down some ground rules.  These rules are subject to change with no notice.





In General

This is a G-rated site.  Do not post anything that you would not want a child to see or would not want your child to post.

NO Personal Info: PERIOD

  • Do not post your real life name
  • Do not post your email
  • Do not use a real life picture as an avatar
  • Do not post anything that can be used to identify you in real life

Content of Comments

  • Again do not post anything you would not want a child to see.
  • Make sure your comment references some of the content of the post (i.e. make sure we can tell that you actually read the post).  I know people like to leave compliments like ‘awesome site’ and ‘awesome post’ (and we do appreciate the support :)) but… so does EVERY spam bot.  We need you to mention something in the post or we may not be able to tell the difference between you and the bots.
  • Links to other wizard101/pirate101 fan-sites and the main sites are ok as long as they relate to the content of the post.
  • Positive comments or constructive criticism only.  Comments that bash other, especially third parties, are not allowed.