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Scary Stories of the Spiral

Scary Stories of the Spiral

Oct 26, 2015

The fourth and final week of the M101 “Month of Treats” has arrived.


Your friendly neighborhood librarian, Harold Argleston, has taken a break from nagging us about the treasure card limit to ask for some help putting together a new anthology:

 Scary Stories of the Spiral


Picture 2015-10-25 22-21-40

Because space is limited, he has asked us to help select the very best – and spookiest – tales. Please comment below with your submission of 100-200 words with one illustration (can be screen shot, digital, or hand-made but must be your own creation).


All entries are due by 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time on 10/31/15.


To help spark creativity and reward your hard work, KingsIsle has generously donated some prizes!

1st – 3rd place: 5,000 crowns
4th – 5th place: Vampire and Mummy Costume Sets
6th – 8th place: 2,500 crowns
9th – 14th place: 1,000 crowns


Note: If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.


Good luck and thanks to all who have participated in our Month of Treats!

  • BenjaminThunderSword

    He was always told, don’t go to Nightside, but he went anyway. That was how Benjamin Thundersword lived. He was always interested in the mysteriousness and silence of the place. When his parents told him he would be home alone that night, he saw the opportunity and went right to Nightside. He found the old Death school always talked about. The door was blocked by some stones, so he had to push them out of the way before creaking open the door. Inside, there was a swirling mass of black air. Benjamin felt himself changing. The air slowly surrounded him, and it wouldn’t let go. He screamed and screamed until finally it stopped. He felt like something heavy was on his back. He looked back and there were wings! Now he would never hide it from his parents!

    Thanks for this contest!

  • mercs101

    Thanks for the entry. You still have time to add a picture if you like.

    • Charles H

      I did submit my entry with the picture! For whatever reason, your site did not take it. But it showed it to me as if it did when I submitted it. Anyways, I’ll resubmit the screenshot now. Thanks for the heads-up. …….. Your site is not allowing me to edit my entry to add a screenshot on my post. However, I see I can add it here in this reply. So here it is. 😛

  • DanielStormBreaker

    Excuse me Daisy, I was just wondering if you had acquired my post from last night? I posted it about 24 hours ago by now and it still says pending. I would just like to be confirmed that my comment was there and hope no one else finds this issue either. Thanks!

    • mercs101

      You should be able to see it now, I’ll generally be logging on once in the evening to approve comments. Sorry for any concern :)

  • Alex Thunderblade

    As I defeated Malistaire in Dragonspyre, ending his ritual and his lies. He acted as though he only missed Sylvia, though I knew otherwise. Ever since that day he swore revenge to the wizard who stopped him from bringing back the one he loved. Journeying through Azteca, I notice this dark servant. I wondered, ”Who could this be?”. At the very end, I am surprised to see, that this servant was my old enemy. His rage was immense, but so was I, I was determined to beat him for good and end his destruction. After stopping his minions, I watched as he got swept away, lost in the Spiral with no chance of resurrection. I truly thought he was gone from existence, and let out a deep sigh, but oh what a fool was I. After getting called by Dworgyn, I shivered in fear as Malistaire challenged me to one last battle. I gathered all my courage and accepted. After beating Yevgeny and Shane, we both stand face to face, with the help of his dragons, he was confident I would be smashed. But I was not going to give up, as we both clashed.

  • Alex

    The last trick-or-treater left my house, feeling happy with his treat.

    I prepare for bed, feeling tired. After doing various things, I finally head to my room. Wait, the light was on in my room.

    Was someone in there? I try to hear behind the door. I hear groaning, moaning sounds of pain. I think about opening the door, but should I? Who, or what, could possibly be in there? I make my choice. I enter.

    There was Spooky Bob sprawled on the floor. He looks at me with pained eyes, and urgently tells me, “Run!”

    I stand paralyzed, watching in horror for the last few seconds of my life. Bob was getting bigger, and taller. He screams. Hair was growing all over him, wait…fur. Paws and nails grow and I realize: Bob is turning into a wolf.

    My incredibly dear friend of mine is a werewolf.

    Bob finishes transforming and gives a long howl. With my senses back, I start to run off. But it was too late. Bob run towards me and knocks me down. The last thing I saw were his yellow eyes and great big teeth descending down to me.

    I jolt awake on my bed.

  • David

    And it started. The
    death day, the ultimate penultimate chapter of life. In the wild, on
    the horror of Halloween night it happens. Death joins together the
    monsters and the night and twists and turns love. Love into life.
    This was the Darkness. This was night. This was the swallowing of
    night. In the doors of worlds, we find it swallowing light.

    It is dead, it rises
    on Halloween night, tricking us into night.

    And we fall.

    And now it rises,
    today, tonight.

    Under the midnight
    moon light.

    The horror will
    follow you, and everywhere it goes.

    To every door, shall
    win every fight.

    There will be no
    morning light.

    Unless you ever win
    the fight.

    Halloween will last
    for ever, unless a war is lost forever.

    And into the night
    light burrows.

    It will win. It
    always does. Under the son.

    But who is the
    light, that shines so bright?

    It is you.

    • mercs101

      Thank you for your entry. You still have time to post a picture to go with it if you like.

      • David

        I don’t think there is any need, mine is more of an abstract, thanks anyway.

  • Michelle

    Thank you for the contest :)

    Here is my entry:

    This is the story of the Drifting Gatekeeper.

    According to legends, many moons ago there lived a boy named Daimon. Daimon was young, spunky, and strong headed. He believed she could do anything and everything. He also loved to help out anyone who needed it around the spiral. One oddly eerie night, while traveling through the spiral, tragedy struck and he was never to be seen again. Nobody knows exactly what happened to him.. Some say he got caught in the door and couldn’t ever make his way back to the spiral. Everyone remained hopeful they would see him again, but as the years past, their hope started to fade.

    Ever since Daimon disappeared, strange occurrences with the spiral door have been reported and some people have even felt a strange presence while passing through the door, some even swear they have felt a hand pulling their arm though the door into the next world. They say its Daimon guiding you through the spiral never to face the same fate as he did.

  • mercs101

    Thank you for all of your entries! We will announce the winners and send out codes by Wednesday. Unfortunately we will not be including the 2 late entries in the judging process, but if you can see your story below, you did make the deadline. Good luck to all and hope you had a great Halloween.

  • mercs101

    Congratulations to all of our winners! Your codes have been sent to the email address provided at the time of your entry.

  • Charles H

    Rules state we need a screenshot or illustrated picture. Only 6 entries did this. Then how do I win only 1,000 crowns? Also, all I see are 9 entries in total here on this site. Then that is to tell me you think my story is so much in your disliking that invalid entries are deemed more worthy than mine! I looked for this contest posted on other websites since its insertion (to see my competition) and nowhere could it be found but here. Also I was the very first person to submit my entry and since then, other entries have somewhat similar storytelling (which makes me think my concept is not so bad but telling me I won the minimum amount? That tells me whoever judged this hated my entry so much that with only 9 entries they think mine is the worst and would rather award invalid entries over mine!). How can I even trust this site for future contests if this is what happens? Perhaps a mistake was made. Please help me restore my confidence in your site and explain how you came to your decision.

    • mercs101

      We regularly post contests simultaneously on this site and Wizard101Central in order to allow more people to enter our contests. Between the 2 sites we had a total of 15 entries. As you noticed, not all followed the criteria set forth, however, there were no entries rewarded above the 1,000 crown level that failed to submit a picture or follow the requested format. The rankings were determined by compiling the votes of the team and then assigning prize levels. As the prize codes have been sent out, the results are final. Your entry was not considered a bad or invalid entry, it just didn’t quite get the votes for a higher prize level.

      Hope this answers your questions.

  • fantboy1


    • mercs101

      Our sincere apologies fantboy1. We are investigating the matter further and have removed your work from our site.

      • fantboy1

        Thank you so much. You won’t believe how many times people have stolen my music and poetry. I am so thankful that something’s being done about this.