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School RULEZ!!!

School RULEZ!!!

Sep 19, 2014

Attention: This contest is now closed.

It’s September, and the magical schools of Ravenwood are back in session! Sadly, it seems our fellow wizards have soaked in too much sun and are in dire of need of some back to school discipline! The mercenaries have just gotten word from Headmaster Ambrose that he is having some trouble coming up with some newly needed school rules!


Your task for this contest:

  • Create up to 3 new school rules that could be enacted here at Ravenwood Magical Arts. Each of your new rules should have a corresponding punishment in case some naughty wizards decide not to follow them.
Feel free to be as creative, imaginative, and funny as you would like! But please remember to keep all entries G-rated and be respectful of all other members and their entries.



  • Fishing Pack 1 (Keeper Aquariaum Set, Large Aquarium Set, Regular Aquarium Set, Tall Aquarium Set, Fishing Luck Elixir, Energy Elixir)
  • Spiral Cup Gauntlet
  • 1 Pet of Choice

2nd and 3rd-
  • Fishing Pack 2 (One Random Aquarium Set, Fishing Luck Elixir, Energy Elixir)
  • Choice of Arcane Castle Background (Midday Estate, Meadows at Dusk, Night Garden)
  • 1 Pet of Choice
4th and 5th-
  • Fishing Pack 3 (One Random Regular Aquarium, Fishing Luck Elixir, Energy Elixir)
  • Mega Snack Pack (Comes with 5 Mega Snack Packs per Code)
  • 1 Pet of Choice
6th and 7th-
  • Fishing Pack 3 (One Random Regular Aquarium, Fishing Luck Elixir, Energy Elixir)
  • Energy Elixir Pack (Comes with 5 Energy Elixirs per Code)
  • 1 Pet of Choice
8th, 9th, and 10th-
  • Fishing Pack 3 (One Random Regular Aquarium, Fishing Luck Elixir, Energy Elixir)
  • 1 Pet of Choice


*NOTE: The top winners will select their pets first. The selection for other winners will be based on availability.*


Pet Options-

  • Trojan Horse
  • Shaolin Monkey
  • Stegosaurus
  • Polar Bear Cub
  • Arcane Helpers
  • Bumble Bee
  • Betta Fish
  • Giraffe
  • Babydactyl
  • Night Hawk
  • Snake in a Basket

Please post your entries in the comments below. This contest will start right now and close on September 26th, at 11:59 PM Central.

If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

Good luck to everyone and a HUGE thank you to KI for the wonderful prizes!



1st-Valdus Wintereyes(Central)
3rd-Twilight Princess(Central)
4th-Pet Spider Love(Central)
5th-Susej (Blog)
6th-Daniel Wraith(Blog)
8th-Spirit Caller(Central)
9th-Krazy Katie(Central)
10th-falling comet(Central)

Thanks for all the participation! Codes have been sent! :)


  • DanielShadowHunter

    No Skipping/Leaving Class here at Ravenwood Magical Arts! Dare to try, you will not receive any spell quest to receive your next spell at the level you are required to get one! THAT IS A PROMISE WIZARD! (Cyrus Drake)

    Young Wizard, you must always be prepared here at Ravenwood Magical Arts :) Meaning being prepared to and in class, be promptly on time, dressed neatly, ready to have such a fun time each day here at Ravenwood Magical Arts :) Misbehave? Disobey? You will not participate in any fun activities. Such as the quest to become a legendary Gardener :( If you take it too far young one, sadly I wont be able to train you newly amazing and helpful spells :( (Moolinda Wu)

    Young Wise Wizard! I the great Bartleby hope your a truly wise and follow the rules here at Ravenwood Magical Arts. That includes leaving Ravenwood Arts without permission! It has happened before to some unwise Wizards who made the wrong choice. Try to be like them? You will be expelled as they were they mad the wrong choice. Be Wise Young Wizard (Bartleby)

    • Sierra Dreamshield

      I know this contest is closed already – saw it too late :( – but I just wanted to ask if there are going to be any contests offering fog staffs as prizes in the near future. Thanks, and sorry for bothering you :).

  • Kaitlyn Miststone

    Rule #1: Must not leave classroom without permission.
    Punishment: Not allowed to leave classroom at all (excluding breaks).
    Rule #2: No spilling potions.
    Punishment: Banned from using potions.
    Rule #3: Listen to your professor.
    Punishment: Wizard detention.

  • DashingWolf

    Rule #1
    Always have your journal and your spells ready.
    Rule#2 Make sure your mana is full for practicing
    Rule#3 No pets

    If you don’t have your journal or spells, you will lose all your gold for a short period of time.
    Punishment#2: If your mana is not full and you’re not prepared for practicing then your spells will be confiscated for a short period of time.
    Punishment#3: If you bring your pet along you will be stripped of your items for a short period of time.

  • Niko

    I’m in England by the way, so if I win, please may I have my prize in England.(there’s no fishing in England :().

    Rule 1: Do not use magic unless told to, storm magic can be dangerous and we don’t want anybody dying!!!(Halston Balestrom)
    Punishment: Detention with the worlds meanest professor, CYRUS DRAKE :O STORMS MOST EVIL ENEMY

    Rule 2: Steal other people’s life and suck it out of there miserable souls MWUHAHAHAHAHA oops, got carried away, DONT DO THAT!!!(malastaire, as said when he was half a good man)
    Punishment: You will be fed to the spiders MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!, not really you will just be in the stocks for a day MWUHAHAHAHA. Oh Ambrose just told me I can’t do that, ughhh, punishment these days are so lame, ill just send you to the headmaster…

    Rule 3: Every young wizard must be good and listen to their elders and teachers, if you want to get better than you must listen to them young wizard, you won’t blossom and shine if you do that, because…..(this is getting boring lets sleep), 1 hour later> listen…(Boring Wu, sorry I meant Moolinda Mu…)
    Punishment: You will have the TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, ABSOLUTELY NASTY PUNISHMENT of not learning a gardening spell!!!UGHH IT SEEMS TOO CRUEL!!!

    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Hey Niko!

      Thank you so much for your effort in creating your new rules and punishments! Unfortunately, the codes that Kingsisle supplies us with do not work on the Gameforge servers (UK Server included). We apologize for any inconvenience!

  • Roslyn Sparklegem

    Rule #1: You must practice your new spells for homework.
    Punishment: you not be able to participate in pvp
    Rule #2: You have to make sure to have your wand with you when coming to class.
    Punishment: you will not be able to go with your class on the field trips to the other worlds.
    Rule #3: Use your spells for what they are intended to be used for.
    Punishment: Cannot use your spells to fight in extracurricular activities.

  • Jay

    Rule #1: “Don’t Be Tardy For Class.” If you are late to recieve a spell up to a a 3 day minimum, you will not be allowed to recieve your spell until you defeat this monster (depends on what level, and a active member or not).

    Rule #2: “NO BACK TALK!” If you do not do what the teacher has asked you to do, then yo will be sent to Merle’s office for 3 hours of detention.

    Rule #3: “Your In Trouble!” If the student doesnt follow certain rules like lets say, he or she cast a dangerous, deadly, world destroying spell without permission or starts a fight in class with another student, then he or she will be forced to eat lunch with a gobbler for 4 weeks. (Gobblers are usually disgusting and sloppy so lol.)

  • Jacob Stormsword

    Rule #1 – Never flee from a battle, if you flee with your friends you will receive twice the punishment and lose part of gold.
    Rule #2 – You must always practice your spells so that you can master them to their most capable damage and their maximum potential as a wizard.
    Rule #3 – Have fun a wizard; being a wizard isn’t always questing or leveling up your pets. It’s about having fun, so make sure you do so.

    • Jacob Stormsword

      Punishment for rule #2 – you can apply the spell that you use on to yourself if you do not practice.
      Punishment for Rule #3 – you can result into expulsion and if not tons of stress if you do not have fun being a wizard

  • Talon Titanbane

    1 Do not join another wizard’s battle without asking! First offense: Warning. Thereafter: An hour of helping young wizards destroy Lost Souls.
    2 Do not call your opponent a noob. You must write Noob is love, noob is life 500 times per name called.
    3 Do not cut class. The teachers will not accept “I was in a dungeon” “My friend asked for help” or “I had to deal with my plants” as valid excuses! Failure to comply shall lead to one week of detention.

  • Marcus Hawkeyes

    Rule: While in class, no “Wispering” to other students Inside or outside class

    Punishment: student is demoted to “menu chatter”

    Rule: Absolutely NO reading books, labelled as “forbidden” for they might cause: dangerous creature summoning, body possession by evil spirits or destruction of the spiral…

    Punishment: Pick up proffesor Drake’s laundry for a month

  • Amber

    Rule number 1: no spamming treasure cards above your level, or else you will not be Able to use treasure cards until next semester.
    Rule number 2: no spamming heals in pvp, or you won’t be able to use any life spells for three weeks.
    Rule number 3: no traveling alone, always bring your pet with you once your able to. Or else your pet will be taken from you.

  • Jacob Pants

    Rule #1: No inappropriate language in class!
    Doing so results in a 2-day mute!

    Rule #2: No running late for a spell!
    Doing so results in the spell you were going to learn costing 2 more pips

    Rule #3: Always use your wizard powers for good!
    If you use your powers for evil you will be Banned from Ravenwood and will be never able to come back!

  • lukey800

    1. no bullying, bullying will result in a mute and a referral for detention.
    2. come to class on time. violating this rule 3 times will result in laundry duty for all teachers and a detention.
    3. all students must not be caught at forbidden areas plotting secrets from their teachers. we will all find out and you will be scrubbing the toilets of the dorms with a toothbrush until all the teachers can see their image sparkle in the bowl.

    – Lucas Dragonslinger

    • lukey800

      Am I allowed to edit my post?

      • lukey800

        after much consideration, Ravenwood school of magical arts has created severe punishments for 2 and 3. if you are late to class once, you will have to wear a big clock around your neck as a necklace. if you are late 2 times, you will have to wear a shirt that says, “I was late to class and have to wear this shirt for a week”. if you bully someone or say harsh language once, you will be asked to stick a bar of soap in your mouth as a reminder to never bully. if you use harsh language twice, you will have to brush your teeth with a bar of soap every day for a week, to make sure it doesnt happen again.

  • Parks

    Hello Young Wizard, We have decided to add new rules to the wizard city spiral! For More Information, Read below

    Rule #1] No skipping class! well… IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE YOU DIE. (jk) If you break this rule You are resulted in a warning. Second time an hour ban and third time.. Well….. lets just say you don’t wanna know.

    Rule #2] Respect your teachers! So that means don’t touch his wands or mess with his spell book. If you break this rule you have to 1v1 the teacher infront of the class. if you disrespect him again. your banned from the school and lose all the spells you trained for that school.

    Rule #3 Keep your wands to yourself! No sorcery in class. don’t use magic while in class without permission. that goes for you guy in the back!

    I hope you enjoyed :) those are my rules for the spiral!

    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Hey Parks,
      Thanks for your entry! However, I think you’re missing a punishment for rule #3.

  • Daniel Wraith

    1) No begging in the commons, girl/boy needs seeking.
    *) Punishment will be cleaning pet stalls in the pavilion, with a toothbrush. Repeat offenders must use their own toothbrush.
    2) No dungeon dropping, fight porting, leaving battles, abandoning.
    *) Punishment will be all porting banned for one day. You will have to walk everywhere. Repeat offenders will lose mount privilege for a week.
    3) All attempts to turn professors into minions is highly forbidden.
    *) Punishment will be to wash all professors undergarments, by hand. Future infractions will include washing Gobbler Kings as well. (nobody wants that, NOBODY.)

    • Daniel Waraith

      My Pet Selections
      1 Arcane Helpers
      2 Polar Bear Cub
      3 Night Hawk
      4 Betta Fish
      5 Bumble Bee

      Thank you for a fun and great contest!
      (Loved reading the submitted ones, lot of humorous wizards)

      • Vanessa Mythdust

        Your code has been sent via email. Congratulations once again! :)

  • Anthony Sky

    Rule #1: Wizards are expected to be in their best behavior, which means no swearing, no bullying, and are expected to be respectful and responsible. If you choose to disobey this rule, you will have to face a 2 hour weekend detention where you will sit quietly with Professor Greyrose. If the offense gets serious, you will then get a 2 week in school suspension, you will have to sit next to Headmaster Ambrose. If it gets more serious, you will be expelled from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts

    Rule #2: You must be prepared wizards. Have your backpack with your spell deck and your wand ready when going to class. You will not be allowed to go back and get whatever you’ve left in your house or dorm.

    Rule #3: Mounts are not allowed in class at ALL TIMES. They will have to wait in your dorm or your house. Disobeying this rule will cost your mount for a whole entire day, you may get it back at Headmaster Ambrose’s office.

  • Susej

    1. No pranks are EVER to be played on your Ravenwood Professors, especially ones that are against their culture, species or ability to survive. Examples (Yes, we’ve been watching you!)—
    •Offering Moolinda Wu a free coupon to Black Angus, or cleverly disguised AstroTurf instead of real grass, or worst yet, to sit in her classroom SLOWLY drinking a glass of milk is just wrong. So sick!

    •Halston Balestrom, will not tolerate another plastic snake in his chair. And for the sadistic wizard who put a REAL ONE there, know that we are hunting you down and you WILL BE EXPELLED.

    •Mr. Lincoln has informed us that if he sees one more pink flamingo in his class room he cannot be responsible for the safety of the student. Once and for all, he is a Stork not a Flamingo, and NO, he will not deliver your darn baby pets to your friends.
    •Lydia Greyrose does not appreciate being called “short stop”, “half pint”, “Professor Smurf”, or “Umpa Lumpa”. Seriously, how could you?!
    •And NO, Professor Dalia Falmea does not appreciate ice-cream cones or Slushies and she just may kill you if you pour kerosene on her chair to give her a “hot seat”.
    •Cyrus Drake . . . . actually, we could use a good laugh on his account . . . just don’t get caught
    PUNISHMENT: You will be shot from the Cannon in the Pet Pavillion to hit the target or plow into the ground repeatedly. Number of times is determined just how heinous the offense.

    2. No breaking wind and then pretending that it is the result of your Dark Wind, Wild Fire, Combustion, or Kataratic Wind spells. No blaming your pets for this behavior (for which you will receive a fat fine on top of your punishment), especially the Gobbler pet who is blamed far more than any other pets, causing these sweets guys to have a massive inferiority complex ( And yes, you will pay their therapist handsomely).
    PUNISHMENT: You will spend 24–hours as a seat pillow to the Gobbler King. Ravenwood’s School of Magical Arts is not responsible for any damage to your clothes, boots, hat or any physical damage to yourself (that includes hallucinations that are incurred during your subjection to any noxious fumes you may inhale). Our motto in Ravenwood is “If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen”.
    Blaming your pet: Add a fine of 50,000 gold
    Therapy for your pet: 20 crowns a session (Yes, that is real, adult money there, wizard).

    3. It is absolutely against the rules for any boy to run through the commons screaming “I need a girl!!!!” (It’s really not okay for girls to do it either but we’re trying to respect the ‘rainbow’ here).
    PUNISHMENT: You will be forced to wear a Princess Gown, a wig of long, blond hair and a rhinestone tiara for 1 week. If you let anyone know you are a boy, another week will be added to your punishment, and the wig and dress color will change to even an even more garish shade. Upon anyone passing by, you will announce in dulcet tones “I am annoying. Have a nice day.” This may seem harsh, but Professor Falmea wanted to set you on fire and this was our compromise. Deal with it!

  • Crystal

    Rule #1: All wizards must not feed the Gobblers on Colossus Blvd, they eat quite enough already. Punishment for this offense will be that who ever disobeys it will not be allowed into Colossus Blvd the rest of the day.

    Rule #2: All wizards may not, if they lose control of their wands, by any means aim at the teacher or any other students. Punishment for this will be confiscation of their wands for the next 3 hours.

    Rule #3: All wizards are responsible for their homework and assignments. If Cyrus tells you to capture a troll, you must comply. Punishment for late or wrongly done work will result in A LOT of make-up assignments.

  • lukey800

    will you guys ever be offering fog staffs again? just curious

    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Definitely! We’re not sure if it will be a contest or a giveaway, but be on the lookout for something! We LOVE to let our fog staffs loose!

      • lukey800

        great thanks! i really need to finish my collection and i’m missing a fog staff. XD

        • lukey800

          do you know when approximately?

          • Vanessa Mythdust

            Nope, I don’t know when for sure, sorry. :(

      • Erica Lightshield

        Yay super psyched for when you do!

  • Edward Anvilshard

    1. No destructive spells are to be cast during any presentations, except for demonstration purposes. Failure to comply will result in a minimum penalty of suspension from all arcane activity for a week.

    2. Failure to complete major assignments may result in having to tend the King Parsley garden. Earplugs will not be provided.

    3. The use of illicit magic to respawn Hades or accelerate time may result in expulsion from Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.

  • Wizardking

    1) No disrespecting the teachers
    *)Punishment: spending a day organizing Merle Ambrose’s house.

    2) No casting spells randomly during class
    *)Punishment: lose your wand/staff/sword for time up to teacher’s discretion

    3) No knocking over spellbooks in Library and schoolhouses
    *)Punishment: organizing the Library shelves

  • Kristen Heart

    ~3 New Rules for RavenWood Magical Arts~ By Kristen Heart.

    1. Do not leave class or skip!!! Learning magic is crucial to you as a wizard and you will not be able to receive any spells or spell quests due to the skipping or not coming to class. ~
    -Punishment includes detention and making up extra classes in order to gain the next spells.

    2. Be polite to the other wizards!! This includes fighting, or verbally/physically hurting someone. c: Do not disrespect nor ridicule any of your fellow peers and classmates because they’re also trying to learn and we wouldn’t want to make this a bad learning environment for our wizards. Knowledge is power. <3
    -Punishment includes but not limited to: Expelled from RavenWood, detention varying between a week or month.

    3. Do not use magic in class! We want this to be a safe learning environment and to prevent any distractions from a Wizards learning. Magic can also be dangerous inside a classroom. We don't want things getting destroyed or ruined.
    -Punishment includes taking away the wand and detention after class.

  • Michael Wildflame

    Rule #1
    No Eating Cookies in Class XD
    Punishment will be All your gold being taken away

    Rule #2
    No Talking while the teacher is talking.
    Punishment you will have to clean gamma bird cage for a week

    Rule #3
    No Stealing other wizards spells
    Punishment you will have to give the person you stole from 100 crowns.

  • http://Wizard101 Michael Titan

    Young Wizard, the Ravenwood School teachers and Headmaster Ambrose have recently implemented new rules that Wizards of all classes are instructed to follow!

    Rule 1. Be on time to class with your spell book and wand, failure to be on time and prepared for class will result in a detention period after class, and a stern reprimand by the Headmaster.

    Rule 2. No mounts in the classroom! Dismount before entering class, failure to do so will result in the doors being locked, and you will miss a very important lesson!

    Rule 3. No summoning or using your spells without the authorization of your respective school teacher. Your wand and spell book will be taken from you until the end of class if you do not abide by this rule!

    Hope you enjoyed and learn from this young wizards! 😀

  • TDAY11

    1. No giving back talk to cyrus -even though his attitude is a little over the edge sometimes- but too all professors of course.
    punishment: must fight hades,zeus,poseidon 9 times in a row SOLO
    2.No going questing when its time to rest up in your dorms.
    punishment: Merle ambrose will use a medusa that will stun you inside the dorm for 10 MOONS -nights-
    3.Finally falling asleep in class
    punishment: Having to fight morganthe solo 10 times with a absolute no amulet drop rate for you. -WE SHALL SEE IF YOU WANT TO DARE FALL ASLEEP AGAIN YOUNG WIZARD.-

  • Jay

    Jay here again, i would really like to get my hanfs on a fog staff please make a contest soon! Also who do i talk to about joining mercenaries, please email me.

    • Jay


    • Vanessa Mythdust

      Hey Jay,
      Keep your eyes peeled for a contest or giveaway for some fog staffs soon!

      As for joining the mercenaries, you can find our recruitment information here: Recruitment

      We don’t accept “applications” for becoming a mercenary. Potential mercs usually come from the F2M4H that we see in action on our central threads.

  • Scarlet RoseThorn

    Rule #1-Of course, always follow simple directions! A young wizard will never be able to know what to do and what not to do by just assuming! Stay in your studies and be the best wizard you can be!

    Rule #2-NEVER EVER give into the dark side!!!! This is a major rule! I assume nobody wants to be chased down like Morganthe and Malistaire, so, it’s best to always look on the “bright” side of things!

    Last, but not least!

    Rule #3-Have fun and try your best! A good wizard will always try to do their best, no matter what! And, come on, who DOESN’T love magic!?

    • Scarlet RoseThorn

      **Forgot about this! I hope my comment still counts a little!**

      Punishment 1-A detention into Nightside, I heard there’s ghosts there!

      Punishment 2-This is the worst, but, you will be forever banished from entering Wizard City!! Nobody wants that, of course!

      Punishment 3-Enchanted into doing so anyways.

  • Blaze shadowheart

    Rule! 1 😀 If you miss more then one week of school and have not so well grades you will have to make up for the missed time during summer break!!!! AND No pvp or quest will be allow to be done until further notice!.

    rule 2 😀 If your late then you must stay after school for 15-40 minutes depending on how late you were! Also if we catch any disturbance to any other FELLOW WIZARDS! you will have to turn in your spell deck and pet for a month!

    rule 3! 😀 If any students are being naughty DO NOT ASSIGN THEM UP FOR NEW SPELLS OR PET QUESTS 😀 and the only way they can learn these new spells or school pets are too farm for the amulet of divine in tartarus and give it too their teacher and not to them self!
    These are what i came up with :) Are you guys gonna be doing fog staff give aways? if so i would like to win a couple if possible to give away to my stream! thanks <3 blaze

  • John

    rule 1# Always do your homework

    rule 2# Always be prepared with your wizards handbook on your desk.

    rule 3# Never leave class without permission from your teacher.

    • John

      punishment 1# half an hour detention.

      punishment 2# you will be sent to the headmaster.

      punishment 3# you will lose your wand for a day.

  • John

    for rule 2 ill add with your wand.

  • Benbolt740

    The magical schools of Ravenwood have come up with new rules that Wizards of all classes are instructed to follow

    Rule No.1 Respect your teachers and fellow classmates/Wizards at all times disrespect or rudeness is not allowed if any of them was to report about any incident about this you’ll be Locked up in your room for a hour.

    Rule No.2 Take care and feed your pets at all times, if you don’t feed your pet within over a week it will be set up for adoption and you will have to pay a fine to get it back.

    Rule No.3 Always train hard and aim to be a powerful wizard lack of training will result in lost of respect from your teachers and you will be weak and easily defeated against battles with evil.

    Follow these rules and i’m sure of it you will be a very powerful wizard! :)

    • benbolt740

      Why isn’t there any winners as yet ??

      • Vanessa Mythdust

        Hey benbolt740,

        We are in the judging process now. Please be patient while we determine the winners.

        • Benbolt740

          ok thanks i’ll be patient hope i’m a winner 😀

        • lukey800

          where and how will the winners be posted and reached?

          • Vanessa Mythdust

            Hey lukey800,

            The winners will be edited into the original contest post on both this blog, and Wizard101 Central. The winners on the blog will be reached by email, the winners on Wizard101 Central will be reached by private message.

  • lukey800

    will you have october halloween contests? some other fansite started gicing away awesome codes that i speculated was for october.


    Rules are simple.
    1st rule- do not get smart with the teacher as you will be banned from your spells.
    2nd rule-make choices wisely there will be consequences for all bad choices during magical projects etc.
    3rd rule-be as creative as possible in your own way!

  • Benbolt740

    Sorry for being so impatient but why isn’t any reward out as yet ?? Contest finished 26th of september and its the 2nd of october now