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Set Fire to the Rain

Set Fire to the Rain

Jul 3, 2013

The fire school is known for their Damage over Time Spells: Fire dragon, Fire Elf, Scald, Rain of Fire, and Link. The most out of any school! They have the second highest attack damage, behind storm,  but also having one of the lowest base health in the game. Fire wizards can be one of the best schools to quest on with a mixture of high damage spells and good stats all around. As for my fire wizard, in the midst of the land of the dinos, also known as Azteca, he is enjoying it and you can too! Overall, it’s an easy journey if you know what you are doing. Let’s go over what exactly you need to do in order to have an easy journey throughout all of the spiral. 



Having awesome gear is a REAL helpful thing to have in the early, middle, and late levels of the game. First, let us discuss early levels.

Early levels (1 – 40): For this stage in the game, if you are able to, it is AWESOME to have crown gear. For early levels, you are trying to get the most out of your stats as you possibly can, increasing health, damage, and resist boosts.  Some bosses even drop crown gear that you can farm for: Lord Nightshade, Krokopatra, Prince Gobblestone, etc. There are good guides on Central to see exactly where you can get this awesome gear! If you can’t buy it with crowns or don’t feel like farming for crown gear, you can always use dropped gear or gear from the bazaar. Search out gear with decent attack boost and accuracy. Unfortunately at this stage there is no gear you can buy from the bazaar that comes with general resist, which is what makes crowns gear at early levels FAR better.

Once you get to mid level, you can grab yourself some gear that has a VAST improvement to it's stats... and is pretty cool looking, too.

Once you get to mid level, you can grab yourself some gear that has a VAST improvement to it’s stats… and is pretty cool looking, too.


Mid-level (40 – 60): Around the time you get to the latter part of Mooshu, most people hop over to the level 40 school gear. This is where I hopped off too, because Mooshu gear is pretty cool (and pretty :D). So, for fire, your 3 main targets are Death Oni, Jade Oni, and Oyotomi. Dragonspyre will be Malistaire for your robe (with an awesome helephant card!), Viktor for your hat, and Yeva for your boots.

Late-game (60 – 89): Waterworks. Once you hit 60, get yourself into that instance and run and run it until you have all the gear. It is one of the best options for gear in the game, even 30 levels later. Once you get into Avalon, try to get into crafting and get yourself a nice set of critical block boots. It is very important to have a solid block rating by the time you get to Azteca, as the mobs and bosses will critical you. Try to pick up a nice wand with lots of block. There are some great dropped wands out there, as well as hoard packs that drop the wands with the highest critical block in the game. If you;re buying your wand from the bazaar, check it frequently as you level up – you’ll wand to make sure you wand is the best available for your level. Athame and ring are depending on your style of play, but ones with block are usually good, or attack, to kill the enemies faster. A nice PvE amulet to use is Shango’s Fireblade amulet, as it gives a 40% fireblade that will stack with your regular fireblade. In Avalon, you can upgrade that to the farmable Chosen Chief’s Amulet, which gives not only a fireblade but also a conviction card (handy against those myth mobs) and plenty of health. Here is what my fire uses in the middle of Azteca.

Mid-Azteca Fire Gear

Hat – Firestarter’s Hood

Robe – Firestarter’s Cape

Boots – Kin-Bound Sandals – Crafted, recipe from Shane MacGobhann in The Wild.

Wand – Hungry Caiman’s Staff (any general wand with a good amount of block works, such as the Wyrd-Oak staff)

Athame – Cosmic Kris

Amulet – Chosen Chief’s Amulet – dropped by numerous Avalon bosses.

Ring – Ruby Ring of Battle

Pet – Spell-Proof/Spell-Defy/Spritely/Fairy Friend Buddy Dragon

End game (level 90): Once you’ve worked through Azteca, you have a lot of new options for end-game gear, particularly if you’ve kept up with crafting and are willing to farm. (and work on pets). Here is what one of our mercenaries uses at level 90.

End Game Gear

Hat: Firestarter’s Hood (yes, 30 levels after Waterworks)

Robe: Guard of the Sun Fire Armor (crafted, recipe available from Maguey Century Cat)

Boots: Cold House Chac Boots (crafted, recipe available from Popul Vul WhitePaper)

Wand: Brutal Ice Arrow Rod (dropped by Cipactli and Blue Agnes)

Athame: Storm Caiman’s Cruel Fang (dropped by Guaman Skyfall)

Amulet: Chosen Chief’s Amulet (dropped by various Avalon bosses)

Ring: Tears of the Sun Band (dropped by Guaman Skyfall)

Pet: Dragonblade Pet with Spell Proof, Spell Defy, Fairy, Sharp Shot, Pain Giver

Stats granted from this gear:



Deck construction:

Early-game: Until you get meteor strike, deck construction isn’t that big of a deal. Use whatever you have to knock the enemy done. Once you hit 22, and have meteor strike and your fireblade, it is quite easy to get the enemies down. Just pack 3 fireblades, 3 meteors, and if you have some monstrous treasures, those work fantastically as well. For bosses, usually have a meteor or two to help take out the minions, but try to pack a big single hit for the boss. Elemental blades (which you can train from Nigel in Krokotopia at level 25), fire trap, and wyldfire are fantastic for helping you set up for a big hit to finish off the boss, with a fairy and a reshuffle just in case.

Set up with all your buffs for a nice big hit on a bosses, and then take em all out at once!

Set up with all your buffs for a nice big hit on a bosses, and then take em all out at once!


Late-game: Late game has the same idea, but with different cards. With your fireblade amulet you obtain at level 62, you can use that 40% blade, a 35% regular fireblade, and a fire dragon enchanted with gargantuan, or colossal at level 64. For big bosses, especially in Azteca, it is keen to have some extra ways of buffing yourself. Once you hit 86, you get this awesome spell named sharpened blade. It adds 10% to the blade value. You can throw a few of these into your deck for even more stacking attack power. Having treasures feints (and a pet feint if you can) is also a great way to set up for a big hit. If you’re willing to spend training points to get feint as a trained spell from the death school, feel free; be aware, however, that since fire’s strength is damage over time spells, feint will not be as useful to you as it is to other schools. The new fire aura, furnace, is fantastic for some extra power that lasts over a number of rounds.

Nothing too complicated - buff up and take them out. You may want to add extra blades, stun block, or cleanses depending on what school you are facing.

Nothing too complicated – buff up and take them out. You may want to add extra blades, stun block, or cleanses depending on what school you are facing.


Fire bosses/mobs: This is a pain for fire facing fire bosses or mobs. With the amount of DoTs fire has, and getting into later game, prisming can be quite a pain. Fortunately, KingsIsle invented a mass prism in the world of Avalon. Before that, my best suggestion is to just use meteor strike on the mobs, as they start to gain more hp AFTER you get mass prism, which is fantastic. Using a DoT-AoE, such as fire dragon, is a pain to prism, and it is just better to prism and use meteor to save yourself all the extra prisming if you want great damage. Have an ice wand handy, as they like to use ice shield every now and then. Many of the high block wands are ice as well, so WOO! 😛 You can also single prism and use an enhanced efreet for that extra oomph with no damage over time. At higher levels (Avalon and Azteca) make sure to keep plenty of cleanse charms in your sideboard to deal with those efreet weaknesses!

Astral schools: Good for fire? – Absolutely. Sun spells: It is in your best interest to get the sun school damage enchantments. They are amazing, and help you so so much. Moon school spells aren’t particularly useful for fire, and there aren;t any that we can recommend as being beneficial for your gameplay. On the aura side, getting the spell furnace in Azteca at level 84 can give yourself an extra 25% fire boost for 4 turns. Also, if you like to critical, perhaps take up vengeance. If you have a training point to spare you want to consider training amplify for Celestia, Zafaria,d and Waterworks. It is not as useful as other options at higher levels, but for a while the little extra boost it gives can certainly be useful.

Training points – where should I go?
In deciding what spells work best with fire, there are a number of routes you can. You could get feint, for the big hits on the bosses, or go the safer route, and pick up some healing spells so you don’t die. Here is what my fire did (the non-PvP stuff  )

Sun up to Colossal

Ice up to Tower Shield

Life up to Satyr

Sharpened Bkade

Furnace, Vengeance, Amplify

Elemental Blade


There are a number of training points left over, so with this build, it is also possible to train death to feint. (You could also choose to train death to feint instead of ice to tower or life to satyr.) You may want to consider stun block and/or conviction for later worlds where many mobs love to stun.


Fire is one of the coolest schools to play. With a mixture of ways to take the enemy out, and a wide variety of interesting spells, there can be a lot of different fights in the Spiral. Whether it be in Wizard City, Mooshu, or Azteca, this guide will prepare you for the adventures you will have as a fire wizard. Burn up the spiral, and start the journey to promethean! 

  • Cody DragonRider

    LOL, I know it’s a real pain for being fire wizard, which is also cool and at the same time. Like: If you in pvp and using elf, link, super link, dragon, hound, or rain of fire, other player have a spell to remove the damage. And then here come -Detonate- The most USELESS spell in the whole game. Who on spiral would use that spell? It’s even worst then Insane Bolt for storm wizard. Imagine this: You are using full pips heckhound and want to detonate on the next turn before enemy remove, or shield them self up, but it’s cost 4 pips I: Then come the myth spell: Shift, wow now I can’t use DoT spell on myth cause I’m being scare of being hit but my own spell. Comparing to other school in the game, fire wizards are being discriminate because the spell can be remove or the enemy would have high resist, also, I know this is big to says but, if Kingsisle could change Detonate spell to something like steal all blade from enemy, it’s would be awesome. I know it’s a big cheat in pvp, but they can raise the pip for it. Just like storm can remove all your charm or myth can remove all ward. -Well that just my through-

  • Tabitha AshCaster

    I happen to like being a fire wizard. I agree with Cody that it can be a pain sometimes,(against other fire types) but it has a lot of power. I’m only a level 41, but I am looking forward to the higher level spells.

  • lenno

    can you do videos on bosses an dungeons like a play through of then places like sunken city etc and how to lots of gold cheats those will be really handy for me because im lvl 22 so i need things like that and lots of other people do need that to!

  • lenno

    do you play other games to like skyrim minecraft and can you help people like put on the website where we can meet you for help plz it will help lots of people like me?

  • lenno

    can you do a fire play though it will help lots and lots of fire wizards but do one for all the schools to make it easier and not so hard please

  • Blaze FireSword

    So im guessing this was before Aquila came out