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Simple Simon

Simple Simon

Nov 18, 2015

There’s a new boss in the Spiral, and he expects to get his way! This boss is the product of a Make-a-Wish to KingsIsle for Daniel. Daniel designed this boss’ cheats himself and worked with the team to provide a voice for a new NPC who will join you in the battle! You can read about his trip and the story behind this boss here.


Simon is located at the beginning of Sunken City. Head in to the dungeon and stick to your left. Simon will be just behind Marla Stinger, through the first door on the left. He is a key boss, which means someone in your party will need to have a stone key in order to access him.


Simon the ghostly troll has been terrorizing the inhabitants of Nightside, and Daniel is ready to put a stop to his shenanigans.

simondanielquoteUnsurprisingly, Simon does not want to do what ANYONE else tells him to. He prefers to be in charge and not have to listen to what anyone other than himself says. It seems like the time has come to teach Simon a lesson in manners!


Simon Says CHEAT!

While Simon may be simple, he sure is busy! He has several cheats to keep you and your team busy, and keep his minions in line.

  • Simon tells you when you are allowed to attack him. At the start of round 1, Simon shouts “Simon Says No Attacks!”.
    At the start of round 4, Simon tells you that it is now okay to attack him (“Simons Says You Can Attack Now!”). At the beginning of round 7, he will again shout not to attack him. From this point on, he will go in a 3 round cycle of “Okay to Attack” and “Not Okay to Attack”. If you attack Simon (without killing him) or even one of the mobs during a cycle where he tells you not to, the person who cast the spell will be hit with insane bolt as Simon shouts, “Simon Didn’t Say!” AoEs and multiple-hit attacks such as Hydra will trigger only one Insane Bolt.
  • If the start of every second round beginning on round 2, Simon will summon a minion to fill the battle. “I Have My Friends, Too! See?” This is either a life or fire minion; which one he summons is random. If you kill a mob (or all of them), he will summon a new minion at the start of the round immediately following their defeat, and continue to summon more until the battle is full again.
  • Simon is not a fan of people who cast blades. “Simon Says… None of That!” His cheats do not appear to be consistent, however. Sometimes he will enfeeble the caster, sometimes he will only disarm them. Sometimes he randomly doesn’t remove the blades at all. It is either very buggy at this point, or too complex to nail down. The end result is the same, however; your hammer should never blade themselves or they risk losing all other blades. He responds to bubbles in the same way, so your hammer should also avoid casting a bubble if they have any blades on them. After effects of spells, such as the blade from Savage Paw or the damage bubble from Gaze of Fate, will also trigger this cheat.
  • If someone prisms (mass or single) or shields/absorbs (including rebirth), Simon will say “My Pet Knows Tricks Too!” and his pet will interrupt to cast a feint on the player who cast the spell. At one point when the first was first released, heals seemed to trigger this cheat as well, but despite numerous attempts we have not been able to replicate this cheat. (If you see him reacting to heals in live, please let us know so we can go back and test it further!)
  • At the start of every third round (beginning on round 3), Daniel will interrupt to help you by placing a potent curse on Simon. He says a variety of phrases like “Let’s Do This!” while he casts his spell. Daniel’s spell can change, however. When any players drops below 1,000 health (this trigger point is approximate, feel free to contribute more info in the comments if you see differently), Daniel will stop casting potent curse and will instead cast an AoE heal. This heal is afairy for your team, and also gives your team a Guidance. Interstingly, it also used a Guiding Light that was on Simon at the time.
  • Simon expect you to arrive on time if you’re going to challenge him to battle. “Tardiness Will Not Be Tolerated!” Anyone who joins the battle late will be hit with mana burn as an interrupt spell at the start of their first round.
  • While not a cheat, Simon does not resist storm at the moment, so it is not necessary for storm wizards to prism him.


Simon Says… Plan Your Strategy!

Despite all of his cheats, Simon is actually quite a simple boss to defeat. Choose a hammer from your teammates and set them up to take out the boss. Simon does not react to feints, so you can feint him freely. (Note that if you are planning to use a pet feint, you should play it AFTER you do anything that may trigger his pet to cast feint. If his pet plays feint after yours, you will only get the benefit of the 30% trap.) All the players except the hammer can freely blade up the hammer for a one hit kill, so pack your triblades, universal blades, sharpen blades (if you are high enough level to train that spell), bubbles, etc. Since the hammer cannot blade themselves, they should focus on trapping the boss and using a damage aura. If you one hit kill, you don’t even need to worry if Simon Says it’s okay to attack or not! If you’re unsure of it your attack will be powerful enough to finish the boss in one hit, you may wish to wait until round 4 to attack so as to avoid getting your hammer hit with Insane Bolt. While it is possible for many teams to kill by the end of round 2, you’ll want to wait until round 3; Simon will be summoning a minion during round 2 that will not be affected by any AoE attacks cast until round 3.

So basically, blade up your hammer while they trap and aura, and then one hit kill all the enemies!



Simon drops a wide variety of gear, including some new wands with soem very nice stats for level 75+, mounts, motes, and more! We’re looking forward to getting more complete drop information for you when this fight goes live, but as it is now it’s certainly worth farming if you’re around Avalon/Azteca and want some good drops.

Good luck battling Simon, and let us know if you see anything that has changed in this battle! There do appear to be several issues that may possibly be bugs, so we expect that there may be many small changes to this fight in the coming days.

  • Angel T Engle

    Was in there with friends last night Met Daniel he was very nice . He showed us his houses and visited my death house,:) w did the dungeon together i even learned more about it. It is a fun dungeon.