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So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Dec 6, 2012

The diviner’s battle for the Storm Owl spell is an epic one – the Tempest Eels that you’re required to defeat have no intention of making this easy on you. They break your shields with frostbite, steal your pips with lord of winter, stun you with frost giant, hit incredibly hard (for an ice mob) with frost demon… all in all, they’re just not a pleasant bunch.

Not my usual Disclaimer! – The battle and deck that you’re about to see are NOT in any way ideal. After doing this battle (and surviving with some luck) there are a few definite changes that I would make which I’ll discuss later, but this was a good baseline.


General recommendations

Be prepared for a battle that feels completely different than what you’re used to. You cannot go into this fight with storm’s traditional full-of-power-low-on-defense gear and expect a positive outcome. You will need to transform your wizard into a defensive tank if you want to live long enough to get an attack out.

Use a good pet. By this stage, most wizards have at least one pet with both spell proof and spritely. If you have one, equip it (yes, even if it’s not your most powerful pet). If you don’t have a pet with these talents, choose the best defensive pet you have. They can be the difference between success and failure. Just like you wouldn’t go into a battle without your wand equipped, try not to go without a good pet unless you’re looking for the extra challenge.

Check into your gear. You can get some decent ice resist without completely foresaking power. For the purposes of this guide, I fought with gear that was only available in the bazaar, just to see what was out there for those that don’t have time to farm and craft (please note that the wand IS available in the bazaar, but you may have to keep a sharp eye out for it – it’s not in great supply).  The only exception is my athame; unfortunately there just aren’t any decent athames available in the bazaar. I went with the next most accessible option, the Garnet Beal Claw which is a fairly simple item to craft, available in Vestrilund. I ended up with the following gear and stats.



Overall – a little light on damage and a LOT light on critical block, but the resist should allow me to stay alive long enough to make up the difference.


Deck Set-Up (and How I Would Change It)

From my experiences with this battle in Beta, I kept a few things in mind when setting my deck up for this fight:

1. The eels like to storm shield. Since there are no storm wands out there with decent critical block, our deck needs to include some shield breakers. I like to use Wild Bolt for this purpose. If it hits low, you’ve still cleared the shield, and if it hits high you’ve gain an unexpectedly large attack.

2. Particularly when you are fighting all three eels at once, they LOVE to use Lord of Winter to steal your pips, and the smallest attack spell I’d seen them use was frostbite. For this reason, I included lots of empowerment in my sideboard, to gain me back some pips AND allow me to hit earlier.

3. These guys love to frostbite. Unfortunately, they seemed to particularly like it if you start trying to protect yourself. Shields become next to useless. For the same reason, their love of doing damage over time makes a sprite a much more worthwhile heal than a pixie, as it will continue to heal you while they are still doing damage. However, if you wait too long… sprite won’t be enough. Always play a heal early to stay safe. Heal early, heal often, and keep them coming.

4. Balefrost IS one of their spells, but I rarely saw it used. In many fights against them, I saw it played perhaps twice. Darkwind bubbles are a good idea – even if you have to play it twice, it’s not likely to turn into a continual bubble war.

5. If you get the chance to do an open group attack without shields on at least two of the three enemies, do it! However, with frequent shielding, you can’t count on being able to blade up and just take out all of the eels at once. Be prepared to do both groups attacks when able, and focus fire to take out a single eel if you get the chance.

With those ideas in mind, here is how I set my deck for this fight.


After taking on this fight, however, there are a few MAJOR changes I would make.

1. The minions like to frost giant more than I remember. Stun block is a necessity. In the middle of this fight when I would otherwise have been in a perfect place to keep my health up with a sprite, I missed a LOT of key opportunities due to stuns. The one stun shield you get when you are attacked can be gone and replaced in the same turn if they’re feeling ornery, so bring your own.

2. As the battle progresses, you’ll kill off a minion or two and be faced with less high-pip attacks at once. At the same time, your health will have been chipped away at and you may end up in the danger zone. With critical block this low, that can spell major trouble. Towards the end of the fight, conviction becomes a much more valuable aura than empowerment. You would do well to include a few in your main or sideboard.


The Battle

Bearing in mind that I would make some changes, here is how my battle with the above shown gear and deck played out. It was a bit of a nail biter at the end, but patience, persistent healing, and looking for the right opportunity eventually won out. Enjoy! Standard warning – we mercs have weird taste in music. 😉

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