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Socket to Ya!

Socket to Ya!

Mar 31, 2015

KingsIsle has introduce a new feature to the game for this Spring update. Certain rings, athames, amulets, and decks will give wizards the ability to enhance the stats of that particular item by filling the newly introduced sockets with jewels that offer a boost to certain stats. Wizards must be at least level 15 and have completed the crafting quest, “The Razor’s Edge” in order to learn about this new feature. Simply speak with Eloise Merryweather in the Commons in order to be given the quest, “Digging Into a New Challenge.”


Katherine Rockhammer

Katherine Rockhammer will teach you the basics of jewel socketing in her new shop in the Wizard City Shopping District.

Picture 2015-03-30 19-26-14Picture 2015-03-30 19-29-22

In your backpack you will see a new button when looking at items that are capable of receiving jewels. Clicking on this button will take you to the new Jewel Socketing page where you will be shown each jewel you have available, and the item you are currently socketing. There are four types of jewels available in the game: Square, Triangle, Circle, and Tear. Each type of jewel can only be placed in a socket of the same shape. To place a jewel, simply click the jewel you wish to use, click the socket you wish to place it in, and finally click the “Affix” button located in the middle of the screen. It does not cost anything to affix a jewel to an item, or to shatter a jewel you no longer want. The higher level the wizard, the higher level jewel you are capable of using to fill an item’s sockets.

Picture 2015-03-30 22-20-23 Picture 2015-03-30 22-20-42

Removing a jewel works in the same way. Click the jewel you wish to remove from an item and select the “Shatter” button located in the center. This will remove the jewel from the item, however, doing so will destroy the jewel you have removed, so think carefully before doing so.

Picture 2015-03-30 19-41-33 Picture 2015-03-30 19-38-46 Picture 2015-03-30 19-45-52

Not all sockets are immediately available to have a jewel placed within them. Certain items may have their sockets locked which requires you to open them before they can be used. There are two methods available to a wizard in order to do this. The first of which is simply to spend crowns to unlock all the sockets of the selected item. The cost to unlock sockets is dependent upon the level of the item the sockets are located on. The higher level the item, the more expensive it is to unlock them. The number of locked sockets on an item does not affect the price. You cannot unlock specific sockets, you must unlock every socket when using the crowns option. The second option is to use a socket wrench. Socket wrenches are a new item that can be dropped by bosses that unlock sockets depending on the level of the wrench. There are 5 wrenches in total, and their levels are the following: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master and Artisan. Unlike crowns, these require no purchase, but still unlocks every jewel.

How Do Jewels Work?

Jewels have distinct functions depending upon the shape of the jewel, the color/type of gem that the jewel is, and the stat affected. Currently, there are 9 different types of gems that each correspond to a different class of wizard. Although there are only 7 schools of magic, the 8th and 9th gems represent boosts that are universal and boosts that are unique to Shadow.

  • Opal = Universal
  • Amethyst = Storm
  • Ruby = Fire
  • Sapphire = Ice
  • Citrine = Balance
  • Jade = Life
  • Onyx = Death
  • Peridot = Myth
  • Hematite = Shadow
  • 15+ = Cracked
  • 25+ = Chipped
  • 35+ = Flawed
  • 45+ = Blemished
  • 55+ = Dull
  • 65+ = Plain
  • 75+ = Opaque
  • 85+ = Clear
  • 95+ = Polished
  • 105+ = Lustrous

Not only that, the shape a jewel is will also indicate the type of stat boost you can expect to receive.

shadowGem2 (2)

Square jewels affect resist, stun block, critical block, and incoming healing. Resistance and critical block are increased in flat amounts. For example, they can reduce the damage taken from an attack that usually does 200 damage to only do 190. It does not provide 5% resistance, it negates 10 damage instead.

Picture 2015-03-31 13-26-07 (2)

Triangle jewels affect the accuracy, pip chance, and shadow pip chance of a wizard. These are boosted as a percentage. Triangle jewels can also provide spell cards that function just like item spell cards.

Picture 2015-03-30 22-35-31

Circle jewels affect damage, critical chance, outgoing healing, and spell pierce. Offensive stats are increased in flat amounts instead of as a percent, similar to how Square jewels affect resistance. Healing output and spell pierce are still increased as a percent.

Picture 2015-03-30 22-35-22

Tear jewels increase the resource pool of a wizard: health, mana, energy, and fishing luck. Health, mana, and energy are increased in flat amounts while fishing luck is increased as a percent.

By looking at the shape of the sockets that are available on your gear, you will be able to determine if you can increase the stats you want. For example, if you hope to increase the damage given by your storm’s ring but it has only square sockets, you will know that you can only increase it’s DEFENSIVE power, rather than it’s OFFENSIVE power. On the other hand, if you are life wizards looking to increase your outgoing heal boost, you may want to look for gear that has plenty of circle sockets.

Some jewels are dropped, generally by mainline bosses or bosses in cheat dungeons (or who are behind locked doors). Other jewels can be crafted. Stay tuned for our guide on the basics of jewel crafting in the upcoming days!

  • epic

    i got a star shpaed gem any help on what it is?

    • Alex Deathtamer

      Hey! Those star shaped gems are actually newly added pet gems. They can be added to a pets collar to give it new abilities, stat increases, etc.