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SPELLBOUND! [Event Ended]

SPELLBOUND! [Event Ended]

Feb 2, 2013

Mercenaries for Hire and The Knights Who Say Ni are teaming up to help ALL players of ANY level farm for these fantastic spells!

For the first time, we at M4H are going to help out those who haven’t yet gained access to an area do some farming there. Why? Because mid-level PvP is in trouble and we’ll do what we can to help, even out the arena. But this event isn’t just for mid-level PvPers! You can come join us whether you’re at level 1 or level 90 – if you want to do some farming, get these spells, or even just have some fun with us, feel free to drop in for a spell!


When Are We Farming?

We will be doing three farming sessions per day on both February 9th and 10th. We will be farming all three bosses at all sessions – once you’ve gotten your primary choice of spell, you can head over to the other farming groups and farm for your secondary spell choice. The times for the farming sessions on both Saturday and Sunday are:

Morning sessions
9am – 11am Eastern * 8am – 10am Central * 7am – 9am Mountain * 6am – 8am Pacific

Afternoon sessions
2pm – 4pm Eastern * 1pm -3pm Central * 12pm – 2pm Mountain * 11am – 1pm Pacific

Evening sessions
8pm – 10pm Eastern * 7pm – 9pm Central * 6pm – 8pm Mountain * 5pm – 7pm Pacific

Where Do We Meet?

For those players who already have access to Shirataki Temple and Koto in the Cave of Solitude, please meet us at those sigils onΒ  Scarecrow realm.

For those players who do not yet have access to those areas,please meet in front of Diego on Lincoln realm. We will have a port bus (wizard name will be announced later) waiting there to send you to your desired boss and get you set up with a group. If you are willing/able to gain experience points in battle, please let us know – we will also have a treasure card mule on hand with treasure feints and elemental blades to help you make your group’s farming more efficient.


Will There Be Contests and Prizes?

I’m sorry, have you MET the Knights or M4H before? OF COURSE THERE WILL BE! But what fun would it be if we spoiled the surprises ahead of time? You’re going to have to attend if you want the scoop.

If you have any questions, just ask! We look forward to seeing you there and earning some new spells!

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  • Cwizard

    Hi, this sounds like it will be a LOT of fun. But why was it posted in the cheating bosses section?


    • Katherine Light

      Um…. because I checked the wrong box somewhere along the way. πŸ˜‰ Should be fixed now! Thanks for pointing that out!

  • Wolf DragonSword

    Awesome! This is a really helpful tool for us who are trying to farm for these spells but have our farming wizards ( my storm with 300+ crit ) on the same account as the wiz we want to get the spell :/

    Anyways… I hope I can make it to one of these on my ~45 balance. I really want samoorai :)

  • Lucas Stormglade

    Thanks, Mercenaries! This is so awesome! The contests are great too! πŸ˜€

  • Devoun Cetoute

    Are guys still doing the event I am here and there is no one else at Lincoln realm.

  • melissa frosteyes

    throw me something wizard

  • blake gillman

    Hi guys! Is anyone interested in still farming these guys? I know it’s late, but I took a hiatus for a while, but now I’m back and I’d love to do this with some people. Thanks!