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Spellwrits and Duelists and Hairdos, Oh My!

Spellwrits and Duelists and Hairdos, Oh My!

Apr 30, 2013

Wizard101 just added an epic update, with major changes to PvP, as well as the introduction of events, hairstyles, and many other changes!

We are now in the Second Age of PvP! Turn changes, matching system changes (woot!), and other changes made a huge PvP overhaul. Puppet teams have now been grossly diminished, with greater weight in the matching system being given to level instead of rank. Players can now enjoy watching a match with the added benefit of spectator mod, which always you to keep tabs on health, pips, and spells used (but not until after spell selection  is completed for both sides). The player(s) going second will now also receive and extra pip or power pip at the start of the match to help compensate for the issues their position presents.



Events!Wizard101 has also introduced EVENTS to the game! These are new side quests with unique rewards that are only around for a limited time. KingsIsle’s first event is the Lost Pages Event, in which you need to save students who have by enthralled by a powerful magical object…. a book that found it’s way out of the restricted section! If you want a quick guide for it, it is posted here. You’ll get plenty of new badges for completing the string of quests, and the bosses in this event occasionally drop gear from the (newly retired) dragon’s hoard pack, so get out there and get farming while you can – this event won’t be around for long.



Pictured here: The Martlet.

With the new crowns hairstyles, you don’t need to wear a hat! Woot! There are 5 hairstyles to choose from, ranging from 250 to 500 Crowns apiece, and they also drop from bosses, so get your farming on.



The Red Barn Farm ia an epic new house which also is a like for plants! Wahoo! A guide for how to plant in here to maximize this house is coming soon.


For more information on the latest updates, check out the update notes or get in game and get exploring!