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Spinysaur Life Quest

Spinysaur Life Quest

Nov 28, 2012

To get your 88 Life Spell, you need to defeat Tilizoc Stone Cloud (Ice, 23,450 Health) and his two myth minions (3650 health).  If you think of it like a PvP match, you should do fine. :)

My life is trained death to feint, reshuffle, the new 86 level spells (sharp, potent, and primordial), and others. She has Waterworks gear, a Wyrd-Oak Staff, and a double heal dragonblade pet. Critical block is important:  raising it up is key to staying alive. :) Her deck looked like:



Treasure side deck was:


It took a couple of tries to take out the myth minions first, then the boss. :) Had to use one reshuffle to take out the boss and quite a bit of blade and trap stacking and ran through quite a few satyrs to keep healthy. You might want to throw in some ice shields or tinker with this deck, but it should give you a rough idea of what to put in. Good luck. :)



  • Apollo

    Posted a guide about the questline for Spinysaur over at Wizard101 Central, and was too tired after the battle to provide tips, lol. This one was a toughie, no doubt, and took me a few times to shape my strategy before I prevailed.

    Thanks for the guide – if only you had posted this BEFORE I reached 88.

  • thug99

    Thanks, this really helped me on my Life school ques!

  • Scarlet

    You are welcome! :) I was troubled to see on the main W101 boards someone stuck for a week on this quest. :O I figured if I posted my deck it would help. Congrats on getting through! :)
    Great guide on Central Apollo! :)

    • AluraLegend

      Any advice as to how to handle the multiple stuns they dish out? I have been trying for some time now, and am bombarded by Medusa, Storm Lord and Basilisk, miraculously timed so that they don’t cancel each other out. At least 75% of the time they get to go first, not allowing me to get a stun block TC on. My fights have only last 10 or so minutes because if I’m not doubly stunned taking hit after hit, I’m struggling to regain my health. Like you I wear WW gear, have an Ice Hound with Spritely, Unicorn, pain-giver and pips. Our decks are similar, however, my TCs were stun blocks. Any advice I’d appreciate — Thank you!

      • Scarlet

        I just ignored the stuns, you get a stun block shield after each stun, so it really is more of a delay than anything. Stun blocks basically use up a turn that you can use to heal or lay down traps on the minion then the boss. It basically is a slow build up for a one hit kill on one minion, with using satyrs when necessary. Then repeat on the other minion and then build up to take out the boss.

        • AluraLegend

          Thank you for such a quick response. :) Last night I spent time getting the crafting recipe for Satyr, compiling the necessary ingredients, training death up to feint (I had plenty of training points) and stocking up on the other necessary life TCs. Depending on when I craft the Satyrs I need, I’ll be good to go. Thanks again for the info so I can beat this quest fair and square without the use of henchmen. As a final note, since Reshuffle is now a 1x card, how many do you think I should put in my deck? I have it as a trained spell and of course can stock TCs.

          • Scarlet

            You don’t need to craft Satyrs. You can buy them from the ZF library.You should definitely be able to beat this boss, just takes a bit of time to pressure defeat them. I only used reshuffle once and it was the tc one, just to make it faster, but I kept the other reshuffles in there just in case. I might add another tc reshuffle with the new 1x. You can also add more damage spells with gargantuan. :) This one worked for me, but Katherine Light used a few more damage spells than I did. I just stuck to the colossal.

            Traps first, since they are myth minions. :)

          • lis

            How do you defeat the boss with so little battle spells? i would like some advise they beat me on the first round because there are three of them and its a solo quest which makes it difficult for me. Especially since they have alot of pips on the first round with powerful spells. Can you please give me advise about how i can beat hin and respond please

          • Scarlet

            Well, I did reshuffle back my damage spells. I trap stacked (trained feint, potent feint, tc feint, trained life trap, potent life trap, tc feint) then blade stacked (sharp life blade, trained life blade, pet dragon blade) before I hit with a colossal gnomes. Took a while to keep stacking but keep healthy with timely satyrs. I tried not to let my health drop below 1500 or so. Taking out the minions quickly helps with staying healthy too. Good luck!

  • AluraLegend

    Will do and THANKS!! 😀

  • Nicole

    I’ve been stuck on this for a month! It’s so frustrating. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’d love to chat about it with you (or anyone) if you have time.

  • harrison lewis

    I’ve tried 50 time on spinysaur spell quest I got the boss down to 3000 life and I ran out of cards idk wt to do it so annoying

    • mercs101

      Sounds like you were so close! An extra reshuffle might help!

  • David Goldenflame

    Save space by using Forest Lord instead. With at least 3 blades, I can get it to do up to 3,500< damage.

    • mercs101

      Sounds like a great strategy. It might not be enough to kill the myth minions, but you can wand them to take them down. :)

  • Beth Ferguson

    i am having such a difficult time with this quest. I am very frustrated to the point of wanting to delete my 90 life wiz. suggestions?