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Spoiler Alert [Contest CLOSED!]

Spoiler Alert [Contest CLOSED!]

Apr 2, 2013

Rotten Eggs: M101 Surprise Belated Easter Egg Hunt!

Eww! We mercs are trying to get rid of this awful smell!
Please help us find all of the rotten eggs to make M101 smell nice!

What you have to do is simple. We have hidden a few eggs like the one below hidden on post on our sites, mercs for hire and mercs for charter. Your job is to find all three of them and send me the links to the pages you found each on to me via the contest email:
Please send ALL the links in ONE email.

The first eight people to send all of the correct links will get a flying mount code

Each code can be redeemed at for one random permanent mount from the following list:
Blood Raven, Hawk, Malorian Dragon, Phoenix, Raven, Swift Gryphon
In addition first place will receive 15k crowns
Second place-10k
Third through fifth- 5k each.

If all the prizes have not been claimed then hints for each egg’s location will be posted here 30 minutes after the start.



Hit ‘em fast, hit ‘em hard, hit ‘em with lightning

We get by with a little help from our friends 😀


*NOTICE* Sorry I forgot to add this but please include your wizard name in the email.  We will still send codes to winners who do not but we can’t announce that you won without a wizard name.  Ty :)

Winners (in order) are:
Elizabeth GoldenThistle
Sophia EmeraldBlossom
Blaze Firebreath
Malvin LifeDreamer
Duncan StormThief
Nathan Ashthistle
Michelle Mooncatcher

Thanks to all who came out to play ^_^, hope you had as much fun as we did.


  • James


  • Nesogra

    One clarification: The eggs are only hidden on this site, wizard.merc… and mercs for charter, pirate.merc…

  • Nesogra

    One tip, use a bit of lateral thinking. Some of the hints are more descriptive than others. For example: For the CHICKEN OF SHAME FOR YOU! hint, think about any post that doesn’t mention chickens directly but the use of chickens is a main stay of what it is describing.

  • Destiny

    Nice job.

  • Sophia EmeraldBlossom

    Woot, I won! 😀 😀 Thanks so much! 😀 (Enough to buy the rest of the game that I still need, too!)

  • Blaze Firebreath

    Thanks dude your the best