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Spooky Samhain soulmate

Spooky Samhain soulmate

Oct 26, 2013

Centuries ago, surviving winter was tough. Days grew shorter as the nights crept in. For most who were scared of the dark, it could be a frightening time. People believed that ghosts came back to life on Halloween and that if they left the safety of their homes, they could be at the mercy of these spirits.

Captain Fogg

Imagine you are living in that time. There are no video games, internet, few books etc., in fact no electricity!

Scary Halloween is coming, but you are given a chance to choose a Wizard101 NPC to help you through the evening.

Which one would you choose for Halloween and why?

Please post your entries using up to 150 words and leaving your Central101 name.

Useful link


There will be 10 winners, each will receive codes which expire on November 15th 2013 for

One random permanent mount from this list:

  • Nightmare
  • Night Wyvern
  • Nightrunner
  • Bat Wings
  • Mechanical Wings
  • Panther
  • Shadowsteed
  • Swiftshadow Wings
  • Renaissance Wings

One random pet from this list:

  • Nightmare Pet
  • Vampire Pet
  • Death Scarab Pet
  • Gob-O-Lantern Pet
  • Deer Knight
  • Night Hawk
  • Nightwalker
  • Skeletal Night
  • Midnight Sprite
  • Boar Knight
  • Hollow Knight
  • Death Leprechaun
  • Dark Crow

One Nightmare pack code.

All correct entries will get a fog staff!

Please post your entries on this blog. AND add your Central name please as the prizes will be sent out via Central.

One entry per person. 

The contest will close at 11:59 pm Central time on 31st October 2013.

Good luck to everyone and a big thank you to KI for providing the prizes 


If you have a question about the rules please ask BEFORE the contest deadline. We are human so we do make mistakes but it is better for everyone involved if these issues are pointed out while there is still time to fix it. If it isn’t brought up ahead of time we have to assume everyone understands. We reserve the right to ignore rule challenges that occur after the winners are announced.

And the winners in alphabetical order:

Cameron Dragonbreath

If in my darkest hour
On the darkest night,
I had to pick a companion to hold back frights
I would chose Milos Bookwyrm
For his stories and insights

Milos Bookwyrm and I share an interest
Though I am quite near certain
The amount of books he’s read is greater

All night we could chat
Compare tales of this or that
I would tell him of my late night prowls
And he could tell me of his travels

Undoubtedly, for the scholar that is he
Milos Bookwyrm has read many recipes
And if I am a lucky lass
Milos will be capable of using them
So that our small party will have a feast!

And he need not sleep
The old ghost can keep watch
While I have a cot to myself
When after hours of pleasant chat
I steal some sleep
Under the eyes
Of the watchful bookkeeper
Jack Deathbringer

I kind of made mine into a poem, hope that’s alright.

On this dark night, you need someone to bring light to your surroundings, for the dark is the devil. Lydia Greyrose is who I would choose, for there is no way for her to lose. On the Council of Light, always shining bright, always right, she would choose the right path, protecting me from the ghost’s wrath. Never failing, always tailing these ghosts on this dark, dark, night. She has caught a ghost, and said, “You will become toast!” This is Greyrose’s way, serving the ghosties up on a tray.

Jamil Tavares
Madeline Deathflower
Miranda LightSpear
Mischief Magic
Scarlet Stormfinder

If I could have an NPC to protect me on Halloween I would undoubtedly go with Diego Santiago Quariquez. He’s dashing and experienced in the ways of combat, er pvp. He’s the best of the best in battle and that’s what I want to make sure I am not annihilated by monsters of the dark. The way he handles his flashing sword I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing that night. And he would let me wear his totally awesome coat to ward off the chill of the night. Plus he’s master of the arena so I could hide in there and watch some nice duels while he stands guard outside. He’s so courteous and eloquent with all the bowing and sword play he does. In return for his protection of my life I would help him better his skills at picking winners in tournaments.

I’d hang out with Bernie, the Fire Tree – first of all, he’s basically a giant torch so that takes care of the lights and the heat I would need (as well as any cooking I might want to do so I don’t starve). Since I’m a fire wizard as well, I could occupy my time crafting treasure cards with his recipes so I wouldn’t be bored. Besides, he’s a giant flaming tree that talks and I don’t think you could have a bad night if you’re hanging out with that!
Vanessa Mythdust

I chose to do a song! It’s a little abstract, but, I think you’ll get it! 

Good luck to all and thanks for hosting!

To the tune of “Rockin Around the Christmas Tree”-Brenda Lee


Rockin around this Halloween night,
Suddenly I heard a pop!

Ghosts slung on every tree,
Can it all please stop?

Rockin around this Halloween night,
Oh, who can I bring?

Not only one who can be a spy,
But could do some battling,

Ghosts will get a feeling when they hear:
We be chanting: oh my golly!
They’ll end up like mali!

Rockin around this Halloween night,
Me and the black knight,

I’d be sitting wearily,
While she blends in for her prey,

*Sax solo!*

Ghosts will get a feeling when they hear:
We be chanting: oh my golly!
They’ll end up like mali!

Rockin around this Halloween night,
My comrade has no fear,

I’d be sitting wearily,
But she’ll be there to stay!


Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for some very interesting ideas!!

  • Anna Do

    I would choose Edrik Scatterglow (from Dragonspyre) to come along with me, because one, he’s a scientist (who can help me with many useful things), and two, he’s also an inventor! Maybe I could use his Time Portal to skip the spookiness of Halloween?

    Central Username: Cassellschool
    (Thank you for hosting this contest! :D)

  • Merciless Matthew

    I would choose Kol Shadowsong from Grizzleheim. He looks so creepy! If someone walks up to me, trying to steal my candy, he could just stare at him and walk towards them slowly. I know that I would be scared of that. Yikes!

    Central name: Matt1

  • Harvey

    I would take Morganthe because she’s got the power of dark magic on her side so she could probably just control Halloween. Also, if not, she’s got a freaky looking, Lady-Gaga like costume that would scare most. I get the feeling we’d get along like a house on fire because she is probably really nice and friendly to anyone who takes the time to listen to her. We could go on a night out ‘on the town’ together and it’d be great fun.

    You can find me at MarkOfTheGamer on Central and on Twitter. Good luck to all entrants! :)

  • LucasBloodyDust

    I would choose Cyrus Drake, he is like his brother Malistaire, strong and powerful, but cyrus is on the good side! I think he would help me toughen up and would be very helpful :)

    Central name: LucasLifeDust

  • Genieve emerald blossom

    I would choose Silva drake because she can help me with my fears of the night and she can protect me..It would help me with my third schoool life too .
    My wizard 101 central name is witchdocto

  • Damien Charles

    I would probably go with Merle Ambrose. He’s the headmaster and he didn’t get that achievement for nothing. He’s protected wizard city from malistaire countless times, and he’s skilled in most, if not all, types of magic. He wouldn’t have a problem helping me get through the night.

    Central name: CapnRoxy
    ~Good luck guys!(:

  • dp

    I would definitely choose Cyrus Drake because he is an awesome professor!

    Central name: MythMage

  • Melissa Emeraldleaf

    I would probably choose Morganthe’s Dark Servant because he is so mysterious. I think it would be a good idea to have him around.

    Wizard101central Name: Melissa Emeraldleaf

  • PeterNguyen

    If I was in this situation, I would choose Malistaire, because of course it is Halloween and halloween is all about the dead and other spooky things. Malistaire is very spooky in my opinion, and he could very well help me survive through the scary night.
    Central Name: PeterNguyen

  • Hunter Wildheart

    I would choose Dworgyn since who knows better about all things relating to death? He would be able to help someone stand clear of the meanies on Halloween Night. He also looks scary enough to chase them off.

    Wizard101central Name: gaamain

  • King1010

    Medusa why we’ll she could turn every one to stone (and only the undead she would to stone )

  • King1010

    My is central name is king1010

  • Cassandra Darkheart

    central name is cassandra darkheart. :-)

  • TatianaDragonWhisper

    My central name is TatianaDragonWhisper. I’d choose Ambrose for his knowledge of the past. He would seem to know best what to do if there was no electricity, or videogames, etc. because of his current age (never speak of his age o-o). Also for someone of his stature, he has protected all of wizard city for such a long time. He would know best what to do on such a frightening night. He has known all of the professors and probably taught them as well. Knowing Malistaire “the master of Death.” He still defends us from the evil swarming around us, and as Halloween nears, the evil reigns down upon us. I would look toward Ambrose for his guidance and knowledge and protection.

  • Amber Starhunter

    My central name is Amber Starhunter. I would pick Falmea, shes my teacher my mentor, Who else would I trust my life with when she taught me all I know.

  • Jessy Hart Ramirez

    My central name is Jessy Titan id pick zeke, he knows every little spot of the spiral and parrtically knows everyone so I would never be lost, id never have to worry about meeting most of the strangers and most of all I had have the perfect navigator

  • quinn

    I would definitely choose Diego, he could defeat any monster in our way.
    Central: quinndawnspear

  • Iridian

    My central name is xxIridianxx. I’d choose Blad Raveneye to help me out because no one else ever wants to hang out with Blad, he’s just misunderstood. Thanks for the contest :)

  • Chris DrakeFlame

    I don’t have a Central, but my Twitter is @TheDrakeFlame.
    I would choose Dworgyn, because of the lantern he holds. On the evening of Halloween, creatures of the dark could be hiding at every turn, and lurking in dark spots, waiting to ambush you. Dworgyn’s latern will light up every path, so I can be prepared to face the evil spirits awaiting me.
    Thank you. xo

  • Elijah Lightthief

    I would choose Prospector Zeke, because he could tell me stories so i could not pay attention to Halloween. My central username is esherr

  • Ryan Shield

    I would choose Diego because he can fend off the ghosts while I sleep.
    My central name is superman7268

  • Erin NightCaller

    I would choose jack hollow because he could entertain me with spooky stories and quest to do and my central name is malay01 thanks for the contest!!

  • Mischief Magic

    My name is Mischief Magic

    I would chose “The Professor” (Doctor Who), because we know that he has an awesome “Red Box” (Time Machine) and if things don’t turn out well; we can always go back and try it again! At least in theory, not that it always works like that.
    Also he is awesome and there is never a dull moment while you are with
    him and he brings his own sort of light with him where ever he goes. So
    you never have to fear you will be in the dark, and things are not as
    scary having him with you. You will always have fun and a good laugh in
    the end.

  • dylan

    i would chose malistair the undying because he is the original death instructor and I am death, people would think he had the best “costume” and they’d ask who he was and i’d say malistair and they would be scared

  • wolf

    I would have to choose Professor Dworgyn. He has to be the most knowlegable professor about death and he always has his lantern. We all know that spooky creatures don’t like the light. Besides death creatures don’t bother death professor’s.

  • Kitsune Eveningwane

    honestly I would chose ambrose the head master would better protect you then anyone, one of the strongest wizards he is wise everyone goes to him, who better to protect you from the nightmares of Halloween. Good Luck everyone!
    kitsune eveningwane

  • Robert Slaughter

    I would choose Ambrose. He could handle his own in battle. Plus He could share stories about some of his adventures. Central name: Robert Ironshard.

  • Tycho

    I’d have to chose Amberose. The fact that he’s been through many a crisis, and survived and would know exactly what to do through any situation.

    Central Name: TychoAlpha
    Good luck everyone, and thank you guys for hosting this contest!

  • cody

    i would chose Amberose. he is one of the most powerful wizards in the whole spiral. also he has ben around about as long as any one.

  • Jesse

    i would have to say malistair. he was the first real bad guy of wizard101. also he was the hardest boss to beat at one point and who looks super cool.

  • kyle

    i would have to say diego. he is the pvp teacher of wizard city. also i think he can handle himself in a good fight. and he looks pretty sweet.

  • Jacob

    i would have to choose Cyrus drake. he is my favorite teacher and his brother was the first death teacher. he also can also have you back in a fight.

  • Emma

    My name’s CandyGirl120 on central c:
    If on a spooky night, when there’s fog in the air and that low whistling noise is at it again, there’s only one person I want by my side, someone to light the way. That, my friends, would be Professor Falmea. From the start, when I was just a young level one, she took me in and taught me all about magic, almost all of it what I know now. She taught me to fight, to light my own way and not let monsters take me down. So, if I needed not only a protector but also a friend on a chilly Halloween night, Falmea, my dear professor, would be the one I’d turn to.

  • Isaiah Rivera

    Central Name: thesilentg23
    Out of all the teachers i would probably pick Falmea, she was my first teacher and taught me everything i knew up to this point. Shes always been there for me so when its a cold autumn night she could keep warm with her fiery hair lol sorry gave the wrong central name

  • Roman

    Wizard101 Central Name : Hunter IceMask

    I without a doubt would chose, Dalia Falmea. The Coolest Teacher in my opinion. (even though her magic is flaming hot) I think if I were challenge to a duel on a scary Halloween evening, It would be great to have Dalia and her powerful fire magic on my side.

  • Amber Smith

    Central Name: magicsword101
    I would have to choose Falmea, she radiates light well fire so ghost and ghouls would be scared of her. I would trust her with my life

  • Amber Smith

    oops i wrong central name
    and again i would choose Falmea.

  • Robert Slaughter

    Correction My central name is Alphaape06, and once again my choice would be Ambrose, becaue he could handle his own in a fight, as well as tell great stories about his adventures in the down time.

  • cody

    my central name is codyshadow

    i would choose Amberose. he is one of the strongest wizards in the whole spiral and he could easily protect me from ghost and anything els. he is also very wise and would know what to do in any situation.

  • kyle

    my central name is kyle2345

    i would choose malistair. he is one of the most power full wizards in the spiral and he is a expert on death magic. i think i would fell most safe from ghosts with the master of death him self.

  • Jacob

    my central name is jacob9876

    i would choose diego. he is the pvp teacher and can handle him self well in a fight. also i would feel safe from the ghost and ghouls knowing that a have a pvp master on my side.

  • jesse

    my central name is wizkid34521

    i would choose Cyrus drake. he is the master off myth an has always ben one of my favorite teachers. also he could cast some myth spell and take care of any ghosts, and when were just hanging he could tell story’s about him and his evil brother.

  • Justin DragonRider

    My central name is onish1234

    I will like to choose Diego the DuelMaster since my passion is PvP!

    I will like doing some pvp with him. Challenging him the master! XD

    Thanks for the contest

  • Alex LionThief

    My Central name is Kaeloo12345

    I would not need any people to comfort me. I am a death student, and Halloween is the time where we are at out strongest. Beware wizards! My ghostly minions are coming after you! Muahahahaha!

  • Alex LionThief

    BTW, thanks for the competition! Congrats to the people that win it!

  • Rhin0

    Central name is kaeloo101

    I would hang out with Gamma in his tower. That place is always comforting, and the 3D Spiral map would be a good clue as to where the ghosts are going.

    P.S. Kaeloo12345 is my brother so that’s why are names are alike.

  • Isabella

    Wizard101 Central Name : LittleBelle
    I would definitely choose The Storm Professor, Halston Balestrom. Since Storm Magic is very powerful, it will be useful in the case of a Halloween Ambush (If one were to occur.)

  • Cameron Dragonbreath

    Central name is inferno12816
    I would choose the gobbler king. Sure he’s fat, and kind of stinky, but he’d probably have the best Halloween candy, and the most. We’d stay at his castle, which probably has some pretty cool stuff or treasure in it. And if the ghosts attack, the king will probably fall down and squash them, or think there food and eat them.

  • Eric Payne

    Hello, My Wizard101 Central name is: ThatPromethean

    I would choose Merle Ambrose with me, He would use his magic, and destroy the ghosts easily, he would be knowing many of the creatures in the spiral and we would be safe, he could even tell us about his life and how he became the headmaster of Ravenwood!

    Infact, I’d make a good impression and I could be his favorite student!

  • Brandon OwlSword

    Central Name: ~Brandon~
    I’d pick Malistaire Drake because he was once the death school teacher and could easily tell the ghosts to flee away as they are most likely under his control. :)

  • Kyle SeaFlower

    Hello! My central name is: darksasuke123456,
    I would have to pick Ms. Wu, the life teacher, because she teaches life she would be able to help keep away the ghosts, since deaths natural enemy is life. :)

  • Annie Jordan

    i would choose lady oriel because as the ruler of fairies and sprites, she would have the power of light on her side. she appears fearless and brave, and i believe her amazing life magic would guide me through the evening
    central: inactive account, i apologise

  • Daniel Darkflame

    Hey my central name is Daniel Darkflame and i woudl pick Ambrose so he can teach me the art of all magic and history of magic and stories

  • Devan

    My Central Name is Madeline DeathHeart. I would stand on my own if I had to, but
    would love to have Dworgyn, the Death Professor, on my side! After all, he is the death teacher … and I
    bet he loves his job! He is the one who
    teaches the spells to take on dark magic in Wizard City. As
    the spookiest Death Wizard, he could tell the ghosts to leave Wizard City alone
    and to go to rest. Dworgyn has lead me
    from level one for the past three years all the way to level 90. I wouldn’t choose anyone else to help me defend
    myself from dark magic … He’s the best

  • Jamil Tavares

    My Central name is Emerald101
    During the haunted night of Halloween I’d travel the barren roads of Caer Lyon with Lady Oriel in search of treats for my bag-o-treats. We’d have a grand ole time defending our bags from the famished ghouls and ghosts that seek out the candy. And being a Theurgist I’d be able to cooperate easier with her than most wizards probably would. We would work in union, each being a third eye for one another. Her seraph blade illuminating the dark roads and my woodwork staff summoning the monsters of life to send the dead back to the earth (graves). And once the sun rose we’d head back to Wizard City to count out our treats and exchange the candy we don’t like with one another. After that I’d head home to the apex of my tree house and feast on my treats and share some with my pets. And to keep record of this night I’d mark it on my calendar and then write in my journal, counting down day by day for the next spooktacular Halloween.
    ~Sincerely, Nightshade…

  • Marcus

    Wizard101 Central Name: Marcus GhostRider

    I would chose King
    Artorius. He is king of Avalon, I would love to here some of his stories
    as king, maybe even a tour of his castle! He is my favorite character,
    If any ghosts were to bother us, well I would feel bad for the ghosts.

  • Nat

    Central name: NatShadow
    I would chose Diego the DuelMaster, if we run into any monsters, he’d take em out easy. Maybe he would let me borrow his sword, that would be fun.

  • Madeline DeathFlower

    My name on Central is MadelineDF

    Out of all the NPC’s, I’d have to choose the ghost of Sylvia Drake. Not a lot of focus on her, which I find strange, but I really think she’s the only one who’d have the full potential to ward the evil spirits that Halloween brings from the world below. She’s an NPC who has stayed true to her character, kind and supporting, even after death. She has the potential to provide consolation and keep me high-spirited when the hours pass by and unearthly fear begins to swell. There’s no other NPC that I’d want for aide more than Sylvia Drake’s ghost herself.

  • Ashley StormWraith

    My Central name is AShyGhost
    The teacher I would choose is Lydia GreyRose. She taught me all I know, and prepared me to be a very powerful Ice Student.

  • jenna sky

    my name on central is jenna sky
    i would pick ambrose because he is a master mind.

  • Miranda LightSpear

    Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
    (After a huge day of questing)
    Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore,
    (Wizard101 Central forums)
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
    (Napping while standing, that’s just how it’s done in the Spiral)
    As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my castle door.
    (Hmm, castle viewing isn’t open yet…)
    `’Tis some NPC,’ I muttered, `tapping at my castle door –
    Only this, and nothing more.’

    I rose to cautiously answer the door and imagine my surprise as I found Grandmother Raven there! Of course it would be her on a night like tonight; she’s been with me since the start. (Even though I didn’t know that was her voice on all those quests.) She protectively wrapped her wings around me and told me stories of old until it was dawn.

  • kevinyeung10

    My Wizard101 Central Name is: kevinyeung10
    The Professor I choose is Cyrus Drake. He is a very strong Myth School teacher. I personally love his Mythic Creatures as our summon minions, they are very useful to me and very fun to use, Cyrus Drake is the reason why I love the Myth School and why I did well on it. If without his teachings I would have suffered against monsters from all over the spiral. Thank You Cyrus Drake for making me into a POWERFUL WIZARD!