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Spring Fling

Spring Fling

Mar 25, 2015

KingsIsle is ready for us to test out their Spring 2015 update, and there are a lot of fun new things to try out! Test realm is available to all active game subscribers, and anyone who has purchased 5,000 Crowns or more within the last month. If you’re eligible to check out that test realm, dive in and see what’s in store for the game! You can read KI’s extensive, full list of updates here.


Gear and Activities Content

There’s a lot of exciting new side content in this update, so lets dive right in!

There’s a new way to optimized your gear! Gear items will now have sockets. Sockets are places in your gear to which you can affix jewels. Jewels will have various stats or bonuses that will help you personalize your gear in greater way. Some jewels may add cards to your deck. Some may increase attack power, critical, accuracy, or nearly any other stat. You can now take your existing gear and tweak your stats to match your personal playstyle even more.

At level 15, players can go to the Shopping Distrist and visit Katherine Rockhammer, who will teach you more about Sockets and give you not only your first jewels, but a new Jewel Crafting table!


As you can see, this athame has TWO sockets. This means that two jewels can be placed in it, giving it two bonus stats (or cards). There is one jewel available to be affixed to it.

The jewel has now been affixed to the athame, and you can see that it is now filling in one of the jewel slots on the right.

The jewel has now been affixed to the athame, and you can see that it is now filling in one of the jewel slots on the right.

And the finished product, an athame with bonus accuracy given by the new jewel affixed to the tear-shapred socket.

And the finished product, an athame with bonus accuracy given by the new jewel affixed to the tear-shapred socket.

Katherine Rockhammer is located in the Shopping District, here, so run on over and check it out in test realm!  For now, the socket system is limited to athames, amulets, rings, and decks.blingshoplocation

Some sockets on an item may be locked, You can unlock those sockets by paying Crowns, or by using a Socket Wrench. Socket Wrenches are obtained by defeating bosses throughout the Spiral and come in 5 different types: Novice, Adept, Expert, Master and Artisan. We’re going to assume that higher level gear will require higher level socket wrenches.


Jewels can be obtained in many different ways. They can be purchased, dropped in battle or from boss chests, fished, gardened, or crafted. Various jewel recipe vendors are found throughout the Spiral. Each jewel recipe requires a metal (which are dropped), a gem (which can be dropped or purchased), and a treasure card. There is still an element of luck involved; even with the same recipe, each jewel will yield different results, so try your luck and see what happens!

Fishing Updates

There are new fish in DragonSpyre! That’s right… fish in this magical world are now impervious to lava. 😉 As fish are discovered we’ll be adding their information to our Fishapedia, so keep your eyes open for more information (and feel free to comment either on this post or the Fishapedia if you find information on a new fish that we haven’t yet included)! Visit Lucky Hookline in the Commons to get the quest for these new fish.


There’s also a whole new component to fishing: SENTINELS. Sentinels act as guards to the fish around them, trying to prevent you from catching them.

In addition to Sentinels, there will be several new fishing spells available. Rank 3 lures, Winnow spells that scare away all fish except those of a single school, Reveal spells to find Whoppers and Small Fries, and a spell to help get rid of Sentinels.  These can be learned from Yuri Smokesnare in the Atheneum ard Timor Flamecaster in the Labyrinth. Yuri also has some new aquarium recipes for you!

Gardening Updates

There are now planters in the Crowns Shop which can hold 3 plants each! There will also be a “favorites” tab for gardening spells which will allow you to more easily find the gardening spells you use most often.


New PvE Content

With the introduction of the socket system, there are also new bosses in the Spiral that drop gems, metals, keys, and lots of other goodies. Bosses of all levels and types have rewards for you to increase your gear options.

First up, there are new bosses that you can unlock with skeleton keys! Look for new locked doors in the Cave of Solitude in MooShu, the Crystal Caves in Avalon, and Darkmoor.


Secondly, there are now One Shot Gauntlets available in the Crowns Shop! These gauntlets are available for Crowns but can be played only one time per purchase. There are two options: the Rock Gaunlet, where you help King Thermidor defeat his old singing rivals, Cyn De Lobster and Patt Minotaur, and the Wysteria Gauntlet, where you help Ms Dowager fend off some very punny vines that are attempting to take over Wysteria! Each on these gauntlets will allow you to set the difficulty level at which you wish to play. They will drop unique loot, and every player is guaranteed a housing item when the gauntlet is complete.

Mecenaries101 will be fully testing each boss in this update, so to enable us to have enough time to gather thorough and accurate information for our guides, while this test realm is active we will not be accepting farming requests.


Finally, if you want to try your hand at content before asking us to help, there’s a new way to find a group to play with! The Join A Team kiosk just outside the bazaar in Olde Town will allow you to look up who is currently for a group and join them!

Housekeeping Updates

A “housekeeping” update is a chagne or fix that addresses a minor issue that exists in the current game. There are usually several small housekeeping changes with each update. In this update there are several small fixes, the most noticeable of which are:

  • Treasure cards have been redistributed to vendors throughout the Spiral. This means that the vendors who you are used to visiting for certain spells may have entirely new spells now, so take this chance to check out who now sells your favorite spells and be prepared to run to some new locations!
  • Many quests in lower level worlds have been made faster by reducing the number of “defeat and collects” required.
  • Dulin’s Band in Nastrond will no longer re-appear after being defeated.
  • House owners will now have the option to broadcast a message to everyone in the home. This will make game organization a lot simpler!
  • When clicking on an item in someone else’s home, you can now see not only the name of the item, but information on how to obtain it.
  • There is a new organization system for badges! It will now be easier to find the badges you want (and which ones you’re missing).
  • Henchmen will now play more intelligently.
  • Some new options have been added to menu chat.
  • and many more! For the smaller fixes, please click on the link at the top of this post to read through the full update notes.


So what are you waiting for? Get out there, get testing, and have some fun checking out what’s in store for your wizard!