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Statue of a Ghoul

Statue of a Ghoul

Nov 16, 2015

Let’s take a stroll through the garden, shall we? Well, maybe this won’t exactly be a “relaxing” stroll….

The Statue Garden is located in Forlorn Tayg, and it has some chilly surprises in store for you. Upon entering the instance, you see what looks to be a harmless area full of motionless snowmen. Don’t let your eyes deceive you though! If you run straight through the area, you’ll be dragged into a battle. This battle can be avoided though.

To avoid a battle in this area, simply stay away from any snowmen wearing RED SCARVES. To do this, I recommend hugging the edge to the left. If you go straight or to the right, you will be pulled into battle.


If you do get pulled, you will be facing some snowmen of the ice school with 4,450 health. You can treat this battle like a normal mob fight.


After you either successfully avoid the battle or defeat the evil snowmen, you meet your true opponent, Baba Yaga.


Baba Yaga is a myth boss with 28,500 health. She starts off alone with no minions, however, that will change soon enough…

Some Notes on Baba Yaga

  • Although not a cheat, Baba Yaga frequently casts a -80% tower shield during normal rounds of play, as well as a -40% version of legion shield.
  • Baba Yaga has a pet egg, and it is not afraid to may cast! Please be aware that her pet frequently casts a stun (which will affect your entire team.)


  • If anyone is late to the battle, Baba Yaga will shout “Tardiness will not be tolerated!” and polymorph any late wizards into an egg!
    • Once an egg, you will only have one spell option – Hatch – which will unpolymorph you.
    • This cheat will still trigger if you flee and recall.



  • At the beginning of the third round, Baba Yaga will shout “Let’s take the bull by the horns!” and summon her Minotaur statue into battle. The statue will then attack a random person with a Deadly Minotaur which will deal about 100 damage the first hit and 890 damage the second hit.
    • The Minotaur officially becomes active on the fourth round of play.
    • This statue is death and has 15,000 health.
    • On the fourth round of play, the Minotaur statue will always cast 3 -85% death shields on itself.


  • At the beginning of the sixth round, Baba Yaga will shout “Fall before my gorgon’s gaze!” and summon her Gorgon statue into battle. The statue will then attack a random person with a storm version of Medusa, leaving the victim stunned for 2 rounds after being dealt about 1718 damage.
    • The Gorgon officially becomes active on the seventh round of play.
    • This statue is storm and has 12,000 health.


  • At the beginning of the tenth round, Baba Yaga will shout “My wyrm will cool things down!” and summon her Wyrm statue into battle. The statue will then attack everyone with an ice version of Catalan, dealing about 1400 damage and leaving a -25% accuracy debuff on everyone.
    • The Wyrm officially becomes active on the eleventh round of play.
    • This statue is ice and has 9,000 health.


This is what the battle looks like with all of the enemies present:


Note: Baba Yaga and all of her minions are stun immune.

  • If you play any universal shield (including an absorb), Baba Yaga will interrupt to shout “Learn that at Ravenwood? How quaint.” and cast shatter on the caster.
    • Baba Yaga will occasionally say the cheat phrase when you cast a stun shield, but she will not remove the stun shield.



  • Count the rounds aloud. Although her cheats used to be dispel-able, that is no longer the case. In order to effectively go for a one hit kill, you’ll need to count the rounds and make sure you’re hitting on a round when a minion is not summoned. Be sure to AVOID hitting on rounds 3,6, and 10. Any other round will work!
  • Have shatter handy. Baba Yaga can cast some nasty -80% shields and other pesky smaller shields. Be prepared to shatter her the hit round.
  • Cleanse charm and conviction wouldn’t hurt. This fight has the possibility of throwing some plagues and other debuffs your way. Have a cleanse charm ready in case your hammer gets hit with one (or a couple). Conviction could also be beneficial here to prevent any stuns from her pet.
  • Blade up your hammer and feint the bosses. Blades and traps don’t have any penalties. Buff up and take them out!

Congrats on taking down the witch! Before you go, don’t forget to collect the Vanilla Ice! It’s on the upper left side of the battle.


  • Mindy GoldenHeart

    Brilliant thinking, I still don’t know how didn’t the dispelling idea come to my mind! Thanks for the amazing tip! :3