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Storming the Castle

Storming the Castle

Nov 5, 2014

When you reach level 100, Dworgyn summons you to the death school with some, er, “interesting” information. It appears that after Malistaire fell from Xibalba, he landed in Darkmoor, and he is NOT pleased about his defeat. He has issued across the Spiral… to YOU. He challenges you to mortal combat in Castle Darkmoor, where he has taken control of not only the castle but its residents!


Dworgyn will send you on a few quick trips around Ravenwood to chat with himself, Cyrus Drake, and Mortis, at which point a portal to Darkmoor will appear just beyond the graves in Nightside.


Once in Darkmoor, you will speak to Renfeld Flygob, whose motives are questionable at best. He will direct you to Malistaire, who has taken up residence at the top of Castle Darkmoor. You must fight your way through the Castle in order to face him, and those who stand in the way will put up quite a fight!

Thankfully, Castle Darkmoor is actually divided up into three separate dungeons, so you do not have to fight all the enemies together. We have written separate guides for each dungeon, to keep the information easier to find and go through.


The first dungeon is simply called CASTLE DARKMOOR. Its entrance is straight ahead of you when you first enter Darkmoor. For our full guide on the first Castle Darkmoor dungeon, click here.

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  1. Howling Chaney
  2. Sir Blackwater

Key room: no boss

The second Darkmoor instance is the UPPER HALLS. Once you have finished the first part of Castle Darkmoor, you will unlock a teleporter which will grant you access to the Upper Halls sigils without having to re-do the initial dungeon. For our full guide on the Upper Halls, click here.


  1. Darkmoor Gargoyles (skippable fight)
  2. AkhtangWormcrawl
  3. Draconian mobs KEY ROOM: Nosferabbit
  4. Spirit of Darkmoor
  5.  Shane von Shane


The final Darkmoor dungeon is the GRAVEYARD. Once you have defeated Shane von Shane in the Upper Halls, you will unlock a new teleporter which will enable you to travel directly to the Graveyard. For our full guide on the Graveyard, click here [coming soon].

  1. Yevgeny Nightcreeper
  2. Shane von Shane
  3. Undead Malistaire

There are some AMAZING level 100 no-auction drops in these dungeons, particularly from Malistaire. Good luck farming, and we hope to see many of you tackling these fantastic dungeons with us!

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  • mercs101

    Hi there, the purple one is not a Fog Staff, it’s the Amaranthine Staff. We don’t have those to give away.