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Tapping into Tapestries!

Tapping into Tapestries!

May 21, 2015

Kingsisle has given each official fansite a new exclusive tapestry to give away! (Wizard101 Central being the exception, they have a code that gives one random tapestry from each of the new ones added.) Our unique tapestry is the Tapestry to Bastion!


We’re eager to start giving these away, so we’ll be holding a raffle to start things off.


How to Enter

  • To enter our raffle, please leave a comment on this blog post with a screenshot of where you would like a new tapestry to go. The location that you provide must not already be accessible by an already existing tapestry.


  • All entries must be posted by May 28th, at 11:59 PM CDT in order to qualify.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. If we find that you are trying to gain multiple entries, you will not be put into the raffle.


  • 20 randomly selected raffle winners will win our exclusive Tapestry to Bastion!


Good luck to everyone and a big thanks to Kingsisle for supplying the tapestries!

  • Erin RosePetal

    I would use a block and float it between the palm trees

  • Marissa

    Tapestry to Nightshade please :)

  • Queen ELuv

    I have tapestries running along all the walls in my botanical house. I would love to add this one right next to the crystal caves tap. Ty for this opportunity.

    • DanielStormBreaker

      What mount is that, I feel like I’ve never seen it before!

      • DanielStormBreaker

        Oh this is the new pack, Feathered Raptor Mount! Cool!

      • Queen ELuv

        Mornin :) Daniel it’s the raptor from the new bundle. The Aztecan Builder’s Bundle from gamestop.

      • Cameron RedGem

        That is a new mount in the new bundle called Aztecan Builder Bundle.

  • ValdusWildheart

    This was a tough one … I’m torn between 2 locations. Alas, the Shadow Palace loses out to The Pet Pavillion!

    Thanks for the raffle!

  • Kiley MS

    A tapestry to Sardonyx.

  • Mark DarkCaller

    Woot woot!!!! Can the tapestry be placed on my donkey mount?! Sign me up then!! LOL

  • Tim Deathwraith

    I have a nice empty corner to start my collection of Tapestries.

  • Christina Ross

    I would put it in the space below on my ice because she will be starting Khrysalis soon and will need to port back and forth to the commons there.

  • Shadowblade

    I would like a Tapestry to the Shadow Palace to exist, because Morganthe is a popular farming spot and there’s no direct teleportation method to the Shadow Palace. Along with Morganthe, Moros and The Galleries are popular farming spots. This is also among the most important and frequently visited locations in the game, yet there isn’t any teleporter in the Silent Market leading to the Shadow Palace and there’s no Tapestry going there, which would be really cool to have.

    ~Matthew Shadowblade, Exalted Diviner

  • Cameron RedGem

    This tapestry would nice right apon my room that need some tapestries needed so I can start collecting for some gold when trying out of bed ๐Ÿ˜›

  • ฯŸDevin StarFlameฯŸ

    I would love a tapestry to Moros, AKA the reagent stash. It would also be a nice link to the Shadow Palace.

  • TheBest1000

    I would like to see a tapestry to pet pavilion.

  • TheBest1000

    Pet pavilion

  • Fred Silverhunter

    Can’t upload image to comments. Can anyone help please?

    • mercs101

      Can you describe what you’re seeing for us? To add photos, you should be able to click a small rectangle in the lower left hand side of the bottom box when writing a comment.

      • Fred Silverhunter

        OK. I’ll try again. Somehow, I try to enter, but my entries still do not appear. My idea would be having a set of tapestries connecting to every market in the Spiral. One example would be the marketplace in Grizzleheim. (Hope this works)

        • mercs101

          It did!

  • Michael Wildflame

    Tapestry to Wintertusk ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Logan Icerunner

    How about Three points ๐Ÿ˜€

  • stormy12

    Baobab Crossroads (Zafaria)

  • Kevin Hawk Fist

    a tapestry to crab alley ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Shadowblade

    Many people have seemed to misunderstand the rules

    They thought you guys meant where would you put your Tapestry once you get it?

    Some rewording might be necessary

  • Brian Biernat

    Zamunda (Zafaria)

  • Cheryl

    Tough… I think I’m going to have to go with a taprestry to darkmoor.

  • Corwin F

    my answer to this contest won’t be original, I wish what most players still await (although I guess it’ll be created ingame soon), a new Teleport Tapestry to the Shadow Palace for the farming of reagents and the 3 main dungeons of Khrysalis ;+D

    also guys, some of you should change their answer, there is a
    misunderstanding : “where you would like a new tapestry to go” meant
    where in the Spiral it should teleport, not where on the walls of your
    house you will hang it ;+)
    also, don’t ask for Hatchery, it has its
    own Teleport Tapestry now as long as 12 other new locations, check the
    fan sites or Wizard101 Ravenwood Bulletin ;+P

  • Ghostieundead

    Bc Why Not

  • Brian Biernat

    Zamunda (Zafaria)

  • Scarlet Dreamer

    Tapestry to the Great Spyre (Dragonspyre)

  • Llewella Blueeyes

    Stormdrain Tower, It’s one of my faves

  • Llewella Blueeyes

    stormdrain tower

  • Umbra_SHunter

    I’d like a Tapestry to the Dragon’s Roost a.k.a. Malistaire’s Lair.

    (I also have a question for you. How will you know where to send the Tapestry codes if one of us wins?)

    • mercs101

      The comment system, Disqus, is connected to your emails. :)

  • Scarlet Dreamer

    Tapestry to the Great Spyre (Dragonspyre)

  • Edward

    Loremaster’s Chamber! (DS) My most visited location in wizard101!

  • Edward

    ignore this I accidentally posted this!

  • Destiny

    Tapestry to Zafaria Library for all the great treasure cards!

  • Fred Silverhunter

    One idea would be to have tapestries connecting to world markets. One example I have is the Sardonyx Marketplace in Khrysalis

  • Travis Ice

    Pet Pavilion

  • Fred Silverhunter

    I tried entering this before, but it doesn’t show up (If it does, please disregard this). Anyway, one idea I have is a set of tapestries to the market places of the spiral worlds. One example I have is the Grizzleheim marketplace.

  • TrisLB

    Itz a pain waking 2 Shadow Palace

  • Patrick

    Shadow Palace

  • Elias Melendez

    Pet Pavilion Please

  • Ryan Brenneise

    My dorm!

  • Charles H

    Dune Run Tapestry. The Dune Run is: Once a day me and whomever tags along goes to my good friend Angel Dune’s house and collect from all the houses which give free stuff. Dune has access to all by way of his Pyramid of the Lost Horizon house and dorm and it is all linked with plenty of teleporters; including fish bowl, treehouse, gauntlets, fishing retreat, etc. Tapestry to his Pyramid house will grant everyone easy access to marvel at his decorations and many houses. As a special bonus, this tapestry unlike any other will give a message to all friends on letting them know a Dune Run is in progress so they may port and join in (with the option to turn this feature off). Thank you for this raffle. :)

  • Charles H

    Hi, I entered this contest yesterday and am not seeing my entry. Cannot find any other way to contact whoever is in charge and got no email confirmation other than Disqus which I was forced to make a login name which I never would do, but only did it for this contest. I don’t want to type this message for the public to read but you have no other way of contacting you. Please respond and make me at ease that my entry has gone through. Thank you.

  • disqus_fpACdTTvwd

    I think a tapestry to the Fairegrounds could be useful as a way to quickly fill up potion bottles, and is one of the few places in wizard city that doesn’t already have a tapestry.

  • Nora Starsong

    How about a tapestry to wintertusk :) so that i could visit grandma crow regularly

  • Steve Ramdeo

    Tapestry to the Wyrd House ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Alex keers

    I would love a tapestry to the arena because I love to pvp on my ice so when I am in the bazaar and I need to hurry back to the arena I could use my lovely tapestry so thanks!

  • Chris Ward

    Marleybone house