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Team Up And Dungeon Recall

Team Up And Dungeon Recall

Mar 10, 2014

As of March 2014, Team Up! and Dungeon Recall are features available in Wizard101! What does this mean for you?

Team Up! is a new feature in Wizard101 that has been made available for most sigil lit areas of the Spiral. The point of the feature is to pair players up with each other, even if they are in different realms, to tackle a dungeon or quest. At Mercenaries101, we encourage working together, so we think this feature is pretty cool! However, if you still can’t get finish a quest by using this feature, feel free to request assistance over at our forum on Wizard101 Central.

The other awesome feature KingsIsle introduced in this update is Dungeon Recall. Dungeon Recall becomes available when you exit  a dungeon – either accidentally or purposefully – to teleport back to the dungeon and start where you left off, sort of like marking your spot, except Dungeon Recall doesn’t require any voluntary actions or mana. At Mercenaries101, we have several requests each day for longer instances and we’re excited about this feature and the fact that even if someone ports out accidentally, they will have the ability to return to the dungeon in a timely manner.

Have you used these features yet? How have they worked for you? Let us know in the comments!

  • Valdus

    I really like both features … a lot. I know a lot of people have commented favorably on both, not much down-side. The only problem I have run into is while you can often get into dungeons with a team (faster or even at all), there are quite often menu chat players included. Often others in the team will flee at that point. Or, maybe worse, start the dungeon and flee later when the menu chatter makes a mistake. So there’s a lot more of that now.

    I’d be curious (I bet you guys could make an awesome!! post) any strategies you guys could share on making dungeon runs better with menu chat as I’m sure you must be pros at compensating for players who don’t understand what not to do from many many menu chat runs. Some may be dungeon specific (i.e., specific cheat dispels in TC such as balance for Sylster, go first and blade/trap player if needed), but maybe there are some general rules?

    I’d love to be able to support our younger players better.