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Tempting Speed

Tempting Speed

Jul 7, 2012

In a few weeks we’ll be hosting our third anniversary farming event, and some of our session will be devoted to farming for evil magma peas!

Our team’s favorite boss for this particular purpose is Ogre in Caer Lyon – you’ll only ever get one minion in the fight, he doesn’t cheat, doesn’t empower, doesn’t weakness, and in general causes no problems. The only possible issue is if your hammer gets hit by his death minion with a ninja pigs weakness, and this strategy actually provides enough of an added attack boost to overpower that weakness. That being said, although this is our FAVORITE boss to farm with this strategy, this strategy in general is quite effective on almost any boss that comes your way.

The Strategy

The storm player enters the battle last. On the first turn, the storm should blade (if 86+, sharpened stormblade is even better). On the second turn, the storm player should attack with colossal tempest.

The first three players are responsible for buffing the storm player’s hit. This buffing should include at least two different types of feint. (The types of feint are pet, amulet, treasure, and trained. Players level 86+ may also be able to use an enchanted potent feint. In this video, we use trained feint and amulet feint. A jewel of the feint amulet is WELL worth the investment if you plan to farm for a while.) The remaining four buffs can be nearly anything. Here are some of your options:

Treasure or amulet 35% darkwind – treasure darkwinds are available in the bazaar for about 160 gold each. The darkwind amulet, called Katzenstein’s Necklace, sells for about 2000 gold.

Trained elemental blades (for players level 86+, feel free to add sharpen)

Treasure elemental blades – available from the Wizard City & Zafaria libraries

Gear elemental blades – much of the gear crafted in Zafaria & Avalon comes with these cards

Pet blades – there are numerous pet blades you can use here.  Many pets such as the bolt demon, spark beast, desert beast, mythic beast, and ALL of the dragonblade pets, as well as blade talents such as balanceblade and blade flurry, can be used here. In addition, as long as the cards they give are different from each other, they will all stack with each other.

Amulet 25% windstorm – while treasure version of this spell can be hard to come by, the War Oni’s Tempestial Circle and be purchased for only 2400 gold.

Amulet blades – The Shango’s Stormblade amulet is available at the bazaar (and from vendors in Zafaria), but costs a fair amount of gold. The Valkyrie’s Star, Witch Star, and Great Wild Wood Amulets all comes with very useful balance blades cards at no cost – but are no auction and may require some farming time.

Talk with your team and decide who can play which of these buffs. Use a very small deck – ours only had two or three cards each. You want to make sure that you get at least one of the cards you need each turn. Once you’ve taken a minute with your group and divided up the work, get down to business for some super-speed farming fun!

The Video


Check out how effective this strategy is in action. Super fast, simple, and even gives a lot of room for overkill. Remember that you can click on the video title in the upper left hand corner to see a larger version on youtube.

If you’d like to join us for some farming, feel free to post a request, or check back later this week for more details on our third anniversary farming event!

  • Christina IceDreamer