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Thank you, Gameforge!

Thank you, Gameforge!

Jul 17, 2012

GameForge has been gracious enough to honour Mercenaries For Hire by giving us an official fansite designation for M4H UK! We’re thrilled to have been included in this, and excited in general to be a part of the UK version of the game.

What Does This Mean For Our UK Readers?

Well, it means for of our UK players it means we’ll be easier to find this blog on the forums. It also means that we may occasionally be able to host official contests and give away prizes for our UK players! (woot woot!)

What about our US Server Players?

We’ll still have all the same US content as always. In addition, you’re welcome to enter any contests we may host for the UK players, which would give you the opportunity to try out the content there and get yourself involved in a different version of the game.

What’s The Difference Between the US and UK Servers, Anyway?

In gameplay, there is no difference at all. The storyline, bosses, quests, and challenges are all the same. The difference between the two servers isn’t in gameplay, but in management. In the UK version, GameForge rather than KingsIsle manages how the game is moderated, how access to the game is purchased, how items and sold and for what amount, etc. Here are a few of the more practical ways this difference can be found in the game:

– Items rotate in and out of the Crowns shop frequently. If you want that wand or mastery amulet, you’d best buy it when you see it, because it may not be available in the Crowns Shop next week.

– Hoard Packs are much more expensive. However, the most sought-after items from the hoard packs (mounts, etc) can purchased straight up for crowns, rather than only being availabe through the packs.

– Each player automatically begins the game with open chat. In addition, chat offenses are not taking as seriously. A cuss word here or there isn’t often taken as a serious report unless it is graphic or abusive.

– That being said, in-game moderation is much more prevalent. GameForge has a team of “Game Masters” which are in-game support personnel with the power to instantly dole out consequences for actions. GameForge has also supplied an IRC chat room via it’s forum, which allows all players to chat in real time with the gamemasters and each other. This real-time communication with the players shuts down the more serious issues EXTREMELY quickly.

– The community is much smaller – the active player base is quite close, and the PvP community is even closer. This means that if anyone starts lashing out in the arena or in game, there is very little anonymity to hide behind.

– GameForge occasionally has a FREE WEEKEND of play for everyone. This is usually only once or twice a year, but on that weekend everyone may play all of the areas of the game for free. If you can play fast and hard, you can get through a lot of content very quickly for very little money.

– You cannot buy a subscription directly with your credit card. Everything in the game, including what is known as a “Wizard Club Membership” on the UK servers, is bought with Crowns. You must first purchase Crowns with your credit card, THEN use those Crowns to purchase a Wizard Club membership. Similar to the US, a one month membership is 5000 Crowns, but if you buy a membership that lasts for a longer period of time, the cost per month is cheaper.

In play the two servers are identical, but there is a slightly different feeling to the games. A smaller and more intimate community creates a very different atmosphere. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, check it out! When the next Free Weekend of Play on the UK servers is announced, we’ll be sure to pass it on to our readers (and perhaps keep an eye out for a few more help requests that weekend as well)!