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Thank you, KingsIsle!

Thank you, KingsIsle!

Sep 6, 2012

Mercenaries For Hire is thrilled to announced that Wizard101 has given us a place among their official fansites! We would like to thank all of the other fansites, in particular Wizard101 Central, for all of their help and support. :)


So what’s next?

Oh, we’ve got some fun stuff planned! We are going to have contests! Stay tuned for more information for your chance to win a new jaguar mount! We will still be doing our farming events, writing more guides, and helping wizards through the rough patches in the Spiral.

As we said on our Mercenaries for Charter post, this site is not where we intend to take requests. There are some FANTASTIC forums and communities that already exist for the game, and we prefer to support those rather than start another.  Wizard101 Central in particular has been our home for years, why change? We want to use this new merc site to encourage more people to become active in Central and in the community as a whole. If you’re not already involved in Wizard101 Central, we highly recommend checking it out here. We’d like to thank the ENTIRE wizarding community for their support and want to do what we can to support all of them in return.

In the meantime, we hope to continue helping you through the Spiral via our forum, and bringing you information and ideas to help you have a great game experience! Thanks for reading and Happy Wizarding!