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Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds

May 21, 2013

Many players roll their eyes when a Life wizard joins their battle. Some even say something off color (NOT nice!). This tends to give Life wizards a complex that they aren’t valued in the game – and NOTHING could be further from the truth!


The Life and Times of a Life

Life was my first character, when Wizard101 was very young. Dragonspyre was brand new, and it was the PINNACLE of accomplishment to have defeated Malistaire. My, how times have changed…

With the ability to both heal and hit, Life is versatile in team play. They are also probably the most able to solo the game. Some argue that Death is, because they steal health, but they also face enemies that shield against them – sometimes casting many shields. I have YET to see a death enemy cast a life shield, however. Just hasn’t happened.

Life wizards are, for some reasonexpected to heal, since they don’t have an all-enemy attack until MUCH later in the game. This is rubbish. If you jump into a fight with a life wiz, and then expect them to heal you, I hope you are ready for a trip to the commons. My fellow Lifers, do not be afraid to let others know you hit as well as you heal, and you’re more prepared to do the former than the latter when you’re fighting your own battles.

The first impression the game gives you of the life school is one of health, beauty, and growth.

Early Life Suggestions

Of course, keep up with your school spell training. Choose gear that offers general damage, resist (general resist is best if you can get it) and health. Carry a death wand for those pesky death shields.  Life does well with death as a secondary school, up to feint, and until you have to start watching your power pips, those Death spells can come in handy for a little health boost. Train Spirit Blades at a minimum (Spirit Traps are also great if you have a spear training point) from the balance tree in Krokotopia in your 20’s. Reshuffle is, as always, a necessity. Keep an eye on the Bazaar for treasure life spells, blades, traps and heals. You can also use treasure feints, hexes and curses, along with treasure spirit blades and balance blades. Gardeners, Honey Sickles drop blades from all schools. Monstrous and other sun enhancements in your sideboard are always a plus.

Early on, a Life deck should consist of any buffs you have, which can be used to save pips for a harder hit. Pack several each of blades, traps, and hits like nature’s wrath, seraph, or centaur (depending on your level), and set yourself up to take out the enemies one by one. It’s always a good idea to have an extra attack in your deck in case someone else runs into yoru battles. Keep a heal or two handy, but don’t feel that you have to bow to the pressure to jump in every time someone yells out, “I NEED HEALING!”

You are a LIFE wizard. You are needed, valued and you are an independent force to be reckoned with. As you will see later in the game, people will SEEK YOU OUT to quest with them and help them with bosses.  You will be an absolutely necessary part of a team for most dungeons – whether it be hitting or healing. Your time is coming!  In the mean time, try everything at least once on your own. Learn your strengths and use them. Every 5 levels from 10-25, check for new gear to increase your stats. If you’re willing to spend a bit of money (or farm frequently), Crown gear is quite effective up to level 45, when you will want things that are a bit more school-specific.

Sometimes a life wizards just wants to hop on a unicorn and ride off into the sunset.

Duskweaver knows a lot about the early life years, but since she is currently on an hiatus from M101, I can advise on the latter life- Scarlet. :)

 Life in the Middle Ages (45-57) 

Middle Aged Life is not exactly a walk in the park. Everyone else has their wonderful hit all enemies aoe, and you get a rebirth at level 48. Rebirth is a fantastic spell for healing all of your team, if you have a team. In any case, train sun spells as soon as you can (strong, giant, monstrous), and use monstrous tcs in your side deck to take care of enemies quickly. Life blades are wonderful and a great boost.  Concentrate on getting gear with damage boost and middle-aged life should go quickly. :)

You won’t like him when he’s angry.

Life with Chewie (Forest Lord at level 58)

Spend the time to quest for Forest Lord. You will be so glad you did!  Now you too can hit all enemies together, just like everyone else. At this level, bazaar gear should be fine, but you can craft Wintertusk gear as well. The Amulets from Nastrond are useful if you obtain them.

Life in the Waterworks (60+)

Waterworks gear is fantastic for Life.  Good overall resist, good pip chance, great life damage boost, nice critical boost for those critical heals, and a bit of critical block. Getting the gear is a fantastic idea – as you level, the general resist will make an enormous difference to your survivability. It does not have any accuracy boost, so you may want to consider also getting a Sidhe Staff, or if you are playing the healer in a group, training accuracy enchantments for your heals. If you plan to focus on attacking, a Shango’s Lifeblade amulet is also a really nice thing to get.

Oh, how we wish it stayed that simple.

Life after 90+

Getting Life to level 90 is a challenge in Azteca. For the first time, you might have to sacrifice some other stats for critical block. Critical block wands for crowns are one option or you can farm away for a critical block wand from Cipactli (Brutal Ice Arrow Wand) or from the Indigo Giants in Avalon (Wyrd-Oak Staff). We also like the Life-Ice crafted boots in Avalon or Azteca for that extra critical block goodness and a little boost to accuracy. Help from your buddies is always welcome to progress through it. For getting the Life spell, check out our guide here. Hopefully, you saved enough training points for Sharpen blade, Potent Trap, Primordial and the Circle of Life aura.  They rock! If you find yourself the major tank and not hitting as much, you might consider the uber-resist Jade gear from the Keeper’s Lore pack. 

Have any questions? What have been some of your favorite experiences as a life wizard?

  • James Starrunner

    My greatest battles as a life wizard resulted in my sprite Life minion saving me so many times. She has even revived me after getting knocked out. She has also finished off bosses for me with her little imp spell. I owe her a lot. Unfortunately, the level 78 life minion has not been so wonderful. He is casting goat monks in azteca when he should be casting forest lords and rebirths.

  • Valerian Dawncatcher

    First lifer I made I picked fire as secondary. I did as the game suggested and kept with fire to get the bigger/badder spells. When I learned that power pips only apply to your main school, I realized I dumped a lot of training points into spells that I wasn’t using. A better strategy is to focus on an attack style and only have those cards in your deck. At level 33, I decided to start over.

    So, I started a new lifer and just leveled to 19. So far, I picked ice as secondary to get the tower shield, but I’ll now switch to something else. I have yet to decide what to get, maybe death, but I was also looking at balance to start working toward weakness.

    Generally, in battle, I’ll start with a shield (either tower or a specific, depending on enemy). Then, trap one of the enemies, then hit them with nature’s wrath (that’s the biggest damage spell I currently have). I may have to do some clean up with Leprechaun or my default (got an ice staff that does 75). Deck-wise, I typically carry 2-4 shields, 4 traps, 3 Leprechauns, 3 Nature’s Wrath, and 2 heals. TCs at the moment, I try to only put 1 pip damage spells in case I need a little bit more damage than my default to kill off a bad guy.

    Gear-wise, I have been focusing on damage and health. I’d like to get some universal resists, but at this level it is not critical. The percentage resistance on gear at this level doesn’t make up the difference in raw health (i.e. I won’t replace an item with a nice health boost, just to get an item with a 2% resist, since enemies aren’t doing enough damage to make the resist worth it).

    I got really lucky with my pet. I got lucky in that I got a Sprite from Aleric (the fire elf boss) the first time I beat him. Then, I was lucky in that I got life-giver and life-shot on her, so a nice little 3% boost to damage and 4% accuracy from her.