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The Dinos are coming, the Dinos are coming!

The Dinos are coming, the Dinos are coming!

Oct 24, 2012

Woot!, and Massively  just announced that a new world Azteca (briefly mentioned in Pirate101) is coming to the Spiral! 

Looks awesome! Huge! O my,  thirteen, count them, thirteen new areas! Wow! And it is coming to the test servers THIS WEEK! Only 12K crowns to purchase the entire world!


New Level cap and Spells

Level cap increased to 90, new spells (These new spells will apparently be based around the new world, which is a first – can’t wait to see the new ideas springing to life!), new areas, new crafting levels and recipes and DINOSAURS! Wow, dinosaurs?! O my! Morganthe makes a return and with a new old character…. dumdumdum, who can it be?

Halley’s comet is coming and wow it’s going to be fun!

Not only do we have to save this world from Morganthe, we ALSO have to save it from total Destruction by Asteroid!

We looked at the picture… could this be an undead Malistaire? An Angry Krokopatra? Perhaps the Raven Coven is extending it’s talons? What do you think?

Whoever they are, they really should reconsider the sort of people they hang out with.


For those of you who don’t play Pirate101, there are already some Azteca creatures in the game. Check out these Aztecosaur Mummies, looked in various pyramids and tempes throughout the game.

Don’t worry, they’re all bark and no bite. Except for when they shoot lasers out of their eyes.


Come on Wizards! Level up fast and you will need to finish A Great Storm Coming to get to it. Woot! If you’d llike a hand finishing off Avalon and the string of final bosses & dungeons that go with it, feel free to ask us for a hand over at our forum at Wizard101 Central.

  • Scarlet

    Wow! I have to level up some! :)