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The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious

Sep 2, 2012

Mercenaries Dark Inspiration and Cassandra Dragonheart took down Waterworks in 22 minutes, even with a very spritely pet! Here is the vid, double speed. Check out how they do it, and see if there are any techniques that might be useful for you to make use of in your own runs. (Warning – this run was done with precise calculations and some extremely powerful gear and pets – these strategies won’t work in all circumstances.)

Congrats guys!

*Thanks to Ellie Kat for the very appropriate name.

  • Katherine Light

    Sweet run! That is some SERIOUS storm power! Does anybody know offhand what gear and pets they were using?

  • Swordroll

    Whether or not this comment belongs here, I’m not sure, but I’ve got a question.

    I’m a level 80 Death player currently owning Waterworks boots with some other outdated gear. I’m a very casual player, taking down bosses nice and easy, and I’m not quite as interested in maximum efficiency so much as enjoying myself. I sure don’t mind a good, quick strategy, however.

    Having played my first and last day in the Azteca test realm, I noticed a decent jump in health, as well as myself having problems in Avalon. Fortunately, I normally quest with a Storm character.

    In preparing for Azteca, to run things as smoothly (and keep them as easy) as possible, I’m thinking I’ll start the farming/crafting/etc. process to obtain a good set of gear.

    Knowing my play style, and my telling you that I’ve trained Ice through Tower, Life through Satyr (own a Life Mastery), Balance through Weakness with Spirit Trap and Blade, as well as Fortify, Vengenace, Empowerment, Amplify, Strong, and Giant, as well as have 8 available training points, I’m wondering if you can’t give a (possibly rather blind) commentary on where I need to go with him.

    I’m thinking more damage enhancements, and I’m eyeing some of the new Azteca spells. Anyway, what type of spells do I need to be looking at, and more importantly, what gear do I need to focus on obtaining pre-Azteca? “Gear” encompasses all pieces, e.g. athame, amulet, ring.

    Thank you all very much! :)

    • Katherine Light

      Hi Swordroll! If you don’t mind, could a member of the team email you a reply? Would you like an answer asap, or would you prefer for us to get a bit more info on what would work best in Azteca before we give some advice?

      • Swordroll

        Absolutely! Anyone is welcome to email me at swordroll (at) gmail (dot) com.

        I’m certainly in no rush, here, so take as much time as you need in offering advice. On the other hand, don’t do anything too “out of the way” for me!

        Thanks again! :)

  • Apollo

    Just watched the entire video – some AMAZING strategies for Luska and Sylster being presented. I am smitten with the 3-round Sylster kill, what better way to show that feints are a wizard’s best friend.

    Kudos to Cassandra and Jesse for managing two accounts each and completing the Waterworks in record time.