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The House of Scales level 60

The House of Scales level 60

Nov 23, 2014

After rescuing the manders in Lower Zigzag you find yourself faced with a new set of problems. Will you fall pray to the demon devourer of the dead or will you prove yourself and become free to wander where you will?

 Ammit 2 Upper ZZ


You start off with 2 mob fights.

Mob fight

Condemned Soldiers, Death 1,970 – do not resist death spells.

Mob fight

Condemned Manders, Myth 1,805

There is a room of mana and health wisps before next boss fight. These wisps do not replenish once used. There is also a locked door in here

Locked door (optional)

This skull door requires a stone key. Behind this door you will find a certain someone’s cousin. He is reported to drop the Mander Palanquin Mount from the Pharaoh’s Hoard pack (thanks to Daniel StormBreaker).

Bellosh Upper ZZ

Boss fight


Izft 1st boss fight in Upper Zigzag

Izft, Myth 7,875 + 3 Condemned Manders Myth 1,805


If you cast a single-hit DOT spell on him, Izft will shout, ‘YOU CAN HAVE THIS ONE!’ and use shift to move it onto a wizard but not necessarily onto the player who cast the spell.

Strategy: Traps first (as they are myth after all), then blade your hammer and smash!

Mob fight

Pit Vipers, Balance 2,735

Boss fight

Apep The Snaky One

Apep 2nd boss fight Upper ZZ

This fight is a tricky one if you don’t kill in one hit.

Apep The Snaky One, Balance 8,650, + Pit Vipers, Balance 2,735


Apep casts a Balance damage aura on round 1

If any of the Pit Vipers are killed before the boss, Apep will summon minions to replace them in a cycle of Myth, Storm, Fire then Ice, all with 865 health. If the Ice are killed, the the cycle starts over.

He will use the relevant sacrifice minion spell (Siphon Health, Sap Power, Take Power and Draw Health) on each if you do not kill them in 4 turns

Pit Vipers do not reappear – not even you use dungeon recall to re-start the fight.

The new set of minions arrives the turn or two after the sacrifice but they don’t join the fight until a turn or two later. The exception to this is the Charged Echo of Apep (storm minions) who arrive and join the fight the turn following the sacrifice.

Strategy: Boost your hammer, cast traps and take them all out in one hit. If this isn’t possible, since Apep doesn’t return if you kill him before the minions, boost a hammer and cast traps on Apep to take him out in one hit then deal with the minions at your leisure.

Now you get to head into a wondrous cavern to find the final boss of this instance

Boss fight


Ammit Last Boss fight in Upper Zigzag

Ammit, Death 10,101 + 3 Pit Vipers 2,735

Ammit has balance and fire masteries. She is resistant to death.


She will steal health from minions every now and then. She doesn’t steal much (gains 300 each time) but it is enough to become a problem unless you hit hard.

She casts a 0-pip Judgement every second turn. The strength of the hit is dependent on how many pips she has even though it does not use the pips.

She will cast a sacrifice on herself every now and then which means that it is difficult to use feints unless you use them on the hit round.

Strategy: Make sure you have heals available as the cheat Judgements can hurt. Cast blades on your hammer and then on hit turn cast a couple of different feints before the attack.

Congratulations! You have now finished Zigzag. You may now return to The House of Scales without going through Lower Zigzag. 

  • Josue5154

    how do I get the quest?

    • mercs101

      You have to complete Lower Zigzag, speak to Aleema and then The House of Scales automatically becomes available. Cross the bridge and you will see the sigils.

  • DanielStormBreaker

    Bellosh drops the Mander Palanquin Mount from Pharaohs Hoard Pack :)