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The Lyon Sleeps Tonight

The Lyon Sleeps Tonight

Nov 2, 2012

A strategy for the first floor of the Tower of the Helephant can be found here.  The rest of the mob floors will fall to a mad rush combination as shown here. But Lyon Lorestriker, evil storm boss that he is, is another story. If you want to keep track of all of his cheats, you can find it here.

We’ve tried to make this fight as fast and simple as possible.




  • Four players
  • Storm hitter with a minimum 60% damage boost
  • One player (not storm hitter) with pet feint. Pets that have the innate pet feint spell are the onyx shenlong dragon and premier porker. A pet with the feinting spell talent works as well.
  • Treasure cards: Vaporize, Melt, Feint, Elemental Blades (optional), Stun Block (optional)

The Ideal Strategy

Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Storm
Round 1 Vaporize Vaporize Vaporize Stun block/Pass
Round 2 Pet Feint Pass Pass Berzerk
Round 3 Feint* Feint* Melt Storm Prism
Round 4 Blade* Blade* Blade* Hit


Obviously this strategy requires good communication with each other and a solid plan. *Feints and Blades need to be different. It takes some practice to get it down thoroughly, but it is very effective.

General info:

All 3 Vaporizes must be Treasure Cards.

Why: The trained Vaporize spell and the Treasure card Vaporize stack. That means that Lyon would use 2 Vaporizes for ONE trap.

All feints are as late as possible.

Why: Lyon adds additional minions for each trap and mega blizzards when he has 3 minions. Using feints as late as possible delays the mega blizzard, so that you only need one Melt to dispel it away.  He does not recognize the pet feint card as a trap. Have a pierce handy just in case there is a storm shield.

All of what Players 1, 2, and 3 do is interchangeable.

Why: It does not matter who casts the feints or blades. However, each player should have back up feints and Melts. If one of the Myth Lyons casts a Myth Imp, you might have a Death dispel on one of the Players. In that case, the other Players need to cast the feints and that player can cast the Melt.  As long 2 stacking feints and a melt are cast in the third round and 3 blades are cast on the storm player on the fourth, it doesn’t matter who casts which spells. There are lots of combinations.

Your storm player must be in the last position.

Why: The other players need to  blade storm in the final round. This avoids the possible earthquakes that can remove any blades.

How it works in theory by Round:

3 myth dispels on Lyon prevents him from removing the feints and storm prism we will place on him later. He’ll TRY to take it off, but will fizzle. The storm player just saves up pips for the big hit.
Lyon gets one minion. The tank casts a pet feint. Lyon’s minion usually do not cast a Myth Imp in the sun spot, so usually the tank is safe.  Players 2 and 3 both pass. Storm uses berzerk: it makes that player vulnerable, but it is a 0-pip buff that cannot be quaked off. No vaporize is used, since the pet casts the feint, Lyon doesn’t notice it and allows the feint to stay on.
Lyon has 2 minions and will cast his cheat no pip Mega Blizzard next round. Here it gets tricky: if a player received a Myth Imp from the Turn two minion, that player should cast the Melt and the other two players should cast stacking feints (item, trained, or treasure) on Lyon.  Storm Player casts a Storm prism. All 3 Vaporizes are used.
It doesn’t matter who plays which blades this round, so long as three different blades make it on to your storm player. Unlike Ervin, single blades are fine for Lyon. So there are lots of different kinds of blades that a storm player can use. Treasure card elemental blades are useful since they have a higher damage percent (40%), but any type of blade should do. And you are done!

This was close, but not quite ideal. We got a storm lord second round, so took a blizzard round. Lyon seems to like to cast storm lord frequently, but if you just stick to the plan, you will only need an extra round. :)

What happened in the video by Round:

Everything works fine. 3 Vaporizes and a pass from Storm.
1 minion. Lyon uses Storm Lord so we are all stunned.
2 minions. Melt, Pass, Pet Feint, and Berzerk.
3 minions and a mega blizzard fizzled. Pet dragonblade (for added overkill), Treasure card Feint, Item Feint (Amulet), Storm Prism.
Pet darkpact, Treasure elemental blades, trained elemental blades, and a storm lord to kill everything.

Good luck and have fun!