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The Merc Mascot

The Merc Mascot

Aug 25, 2012

We love our merc mascot. Loooove it. And thank that crazy merc compguru1 many times over for spending the many months of daily hatching (with gold farming thrown in), countless snacks, and more dancing than we even want to think about, to develop the mascot.

What is the mascot, you say? Well, here is comp guru’s  mega mascot

To look at, you think:  Hey! Where is the SPUD? But, for a cheating boss, the mascot simply rocks. Why? Cheating bosses just don’t seem to see any spells if they’re cast by your pet. (Shhh! Don’t let them find out.)  Want to trap Luska not from the sun spot? Use a mascot pet trap. Want to use a single blade while fighting Taurus? Use the dragonblade from your mascot. Cheating bosses won’t know what hit’em.

Now, since we like these pets, rely on these pets to help us, we also wanted to share this pet out to others. It helps with our M4H strategy of teaching others tips and tricks of the game, and helping them by being accessible.  Compguru1has the newest hatching thread on Central to help others get a mascot clone. If you like, you can check it out!

Now, it takes a lot of hatches (gold, snacks, pet training) just to get the talents to transfer, so many mercs have partial mascots, which are still quite helpful. :) Best of luck if you want to try!

  • Nesogra

    “(Shhh! Don’t let them find out.)”
    I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing =P

  • Daisy

    One interesting thing about “partial” mascots is that you can still have 1-4 useful cards combined with other potentially useful talents and less clutter in your deck. For example if you know you are going into a short battle with other people who may provide some of the same cards and want to avoid duplication. If I know I definitely want feint but don’t care so much about curse or hex I’ll pull out one of my “fails” and it’s actually more helpful in that case. But, not going to lie, getting the full talent set felt great. Thanks again Compguru1!

  • compguru1

    I have also seen many variations out there on the basic model. such as bolt demon versions, proof or storm blade wielding ones. I designed it to use general blades and traps, which means it can easily be adapted to be more specific to your needs with a few of your own private hatches.

  • Annie Johnson

    Are you guys still doing hatches like this?