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The Mob Deck Revisited: New Decks for level 86+

The Mob Deck Revisited: New Decks for level 86+

Feb 11, 2013

Our mob strategy works great for levels 60+, but you can train some really nifty spells at level 86: sharpened blade, potent trap, and primordial.

So, our mob deck recommendations are altered just a tiny bit: add one sharpened blade for some extra oomph to your hit and a primordial for a bit more heal. Some decks that we use look like (we also carry reshuffle treasures: one less pip but trained is good too):


Mad Rush

(Blade hit)

Mad Hatter

(Blade blade/aura hit)

Life: Heal
Life: Hit




Mob specific strategies

Fire mobs: Pack a couple Cleanse Charm (TC is ok) to take care of a possible efreet weakness. Treasures are usually cheap and available in the bazaar and from EMPs if you garden.

Ice mobs: A couple treasure pierces are always handy for possible towers. Conviction and stun blocks are your friend in case of frost giant stuns. Empower or sacrifice to get some extra pips might help after a potential Lord of Winter. If you are storm, a mass storm prism might help to get around volcanic shields.

Storm mobs: Be careful! They usually hit hard, so might want to have a quick heal handy. Conviction and stun blocks help against a storm lord.  An extra blade or two and auras might help to recover from the possible sirens hit or enfeeble.

Myth mobs: An extra blade or two might help to recover from the possible quake. Conviction and stun blocks help against a basilisk or medusa. Auras can help as well to avoid the quake. :)

Same school mobs: You can add a couple mass school prisms if you are soloing. However, if you are fighting with others, the same school resist might not be too bad, so hit away!


The Extra Special Case: Balance against balance mobs solo

When fighting Balance mobs as a Balance wiz, no mass school prisms for you! However, if you are fighting in a group, Balance resist is only 40% in Azteca, so use the mob decks above and hit away! Blade (preferably someone else) Colossal Sandstorm or blade blade (someone else) Colossal Ra and smash those mobs.

But if you are fighting your Balance wiz all by your lonesome, we have the deck for you!

Recognize it? It is the same Spectral Blast spam deck you have been using, with a few updated sharps and potents. NOTE: You are only going to get 2 Balance minions, so kill off one, then the other. Heal if needed.

Why are we using just a Spectral Blast? Good question! The Balance mobs in Azteca LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their mana burn and weakness. Using a lower pip spell such as Spectral Blast compared to Chimera or Hydra means you usually have enough pips to hit. Have fun blasting those pesky minions!



  • Kestrel DragonHeart

    I love using the small decks for mobs. This is a great guide for fast and efficient questing! 😀

    • Scarlet

      Thanks! You know me, anything that can be done, can be done faster, lol.

  • Cody DragonRider

    I likes the idea, infact, I been using it all the time, but I add 30% critical amulet with me. With 270 fire critical rating + 30% critical—no mob will block me…except Kronosaur and Grim :I

    • Scarlet

      I agree, critical seems to work in Azteca better than in other worlds, even on bosses; sounds like your build works. :) I like damage boosts and critical block for a reliable hit.

      O yes, those Kronosaurs and Grim Calacas!

  • Friendy Theurgist

    I love these deck setups these seem very helpful to other wizards such as myself 😀

  • http://none Benjamin Trollblood

    I find as a balance that I am of more use using sharpened bladestorm then colossal sandstorm, as I have over 100% pip chance, so I can always get my hit out, and the 30% extra to everyone else does more than my personal 35% extra.

    So for me the 2 strategies are:
    1. Sharpened Bladestorm
    2. Colossal Sandstorm


    1. Sharpened Bladestorm
    2. Normal Bladestorm (maybe try an amulet for the extra 5%?)
    3. Colossal Sandstorm again

    I find that if in a group with 3 or more people, myself included, this adds more to the overall groups damage than just blading myself and ra’ing. Don’t get me wrong though, these deck setups have been incredibly useful to my other wizards and I try to get my friends to use them 😛

    • Scarlet

      I like your idea! Sometimes we do the same: We tend to carry sharpened elemental blades on balance or even myth sometimes if we are teamed with a monster storm, say. :)

      This is a jumping off point, but you modified this to fit your needs. Fantastic!

  • AlphaKira

    As a life player I found myth mobs in particular to be a struggle as I reached higher and higher in the worlds, between their quakes, stuns, and dispels it was always a pain.

    That in mind I set about deriving a no-blades, no critical strategy to minimize the havoc they could reek.

    Now I have a total of 3 life characters at various levels so I always try to have the best gear I can at my level because I know it’s for the others too. With that in mind I carry 5 different hats and boots, 4 robes, 4 wands, 2 athames, 2 mastery amulets, 3 rings, 3 different mega pets, and 5 PVE decks at level 85. (It’s also worth noting that I solo, so adaptability is key for me! I wanted to be able to adjust to any situation.)

    The gear and pet I used for this are specifically designed for fighting myth and death mobs and resulted in the follow total stats:

    4,394 health
    97% life damage,
    81% DEATH resist, 74% MYTH resist
    15 critical
    341 DEATH block, 122 Universal block
    90% power pips
    24% incoming/40% outgoing healing

    The gear came with no accuracy boost but with life’s core accuracy at 90% that wasn’t a concern.

    With this gear I used a deck consisting of:
    1 stun block, 2 colossal, 2 minor blessings, and 2 forest lords with the Berserk Aura in my TC Deck.

    Berserk for 3 reasons:
    1) It offered a higher boost then amplify and I didn’t want to leave anything to chance.
    2) I didn’t plan on staying in the fight long enough for the increased incoming damage to put me at risk.
    3) With my myth resist so high the increased damage was negligible.

    My strategy was simple:

    1. cast stun-block when able if I don’t plan on attacking that turn.
    2. Enchant the wookie (what I call the forest lord)
    3. Lay down the berserk aura at 6 pips.

    If they dispelled me I cast a minor blessing, keeping my pips and removing the dispel.

    I found that with my damage as it was that a colossal wookie with a berserk aura was more then enough to one-hit-kill the enemy mob and even if the match lasted longer then I would have liked, health was never an issue with my resist so high (even with the aura up) so The fact that I didn’t pack heals wasn’t an issue.

    In a worlds like Azteca where myth mobs are continuously thrown in your face I found my strategy to be fast and effective with minimal catches.