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The Untouchable Kroks! – Krokopatra Exalted Duel Guide

The Untouchable Kroks! – Krokopatra Exalted Duel Guide

Jul 6, 2015

Exalted Krokopatra Duel Guide

Crown Shop – Furniture Section- 500 crowns or from various bosses (example: Jade Oni)

exalted Krok

Regardless how many enter into the gauntlet, the battle will consist of 4 enemies.  As you enter, you will be presented with any of the combinations below.

Summary of health points for Master or Exalted Krokopatra Duels

Krok Duel HP summary

Exalted Level

Queen’s Thrall
Storm: 3420 hp
Life:     4630 hp
Death: 4025 hp

We saw all sorts of goodies from the minions and they have the ability to cast according to their respective school; Sirens, Forest lord, Wild bolt, Unicorn, Sacred Charge, Spiny, Guardian Spirit, Darkwind, Skeletal Dragon, Deer Knights, Bad Juju, Curse, Feint, Empower, Dark Pact to boss or to self, and Empowerment.


Anything for my Queen!

  • If death minion is present, battle saying, “Anything for my Queen!” and the Death minion will cast Dark Pact to give a 30% blade to the boss.  This will occur for each death minion present.  Also seems to be trigger whenever Krokopatra casts a blade to herself, death minion will also cast a blade to her.
    Fun tip: If the boss is defeated and death minions remain alive, they will occasionally cast dark pact and provide you with a blade!
  • Death minion will cast Bad Juju to whom has a blade, this will occur even if the boss is defeated. If there are more than one death minions, you could be spammed with another Bad Juju!  (now thats bad Juju!)
  • If you attack with an AOE spell, and there’s a life minion present, battle saying,  “We need our strength for the Queen!” and life minion will cast a unicorn heal before the end of the round.  This occurs even if the boss is defeated.
  • If Life minion present, and you under-hit the boss (hit did not kill); and Krokopatra’s health is under 1000K, the life minion will begin to spam Guardian Spirit to Krokopatra! And if anyone knows how this spell works, the battle go drag on longer than you expected.
  • If you use a spell with a DOT  (such as poison, fire elf, fire dragon, deer knight etc.,) and a life minion is present in battle, he will mass triage to remove the tickers.  The life may even remove life ticks around your wizard!
  • If you hit any of the minions or boss,  and there’s a storm minion present, battle saying,  “Krokopatra needs our strength” and the storm minion will heal who was hit. This will occur for every storm minion present.  If you attack with a single without a storm minion present, this does not trigger such a cheat.
  • If a storm minion is present, they will cleanse off dispels.
  • Minions will respawn if eliminated first – and may spawn to another school.


Krokopatra (storm): 30,000 hp
Resist: Storm
Life: Boost

We observed galvanic field, glowbug, storm dragon, levy, supercharge, cleanse, sirens, storm beetle, insane bolt, beguile, empower, and storm natural attack (hit based on pips) thus far.

Once this boss has a shadow pip and enough pips, she is not shy to use glow bugs!


  • If you place a dispel on the boss (elemental/Spirit defuse/or single,double dispel) and the storm minion not present in battle, the boss will use its storm/death spells and ignore the dispels altogether.
  • Krokopatra has a natural attack whereas, the damage is based on her amount of pips she has and will use.
  • When Krokopatra has no pip remaining at the end of any battle round, she will cast a zero pip empower to self to gain 3 pips.


  • Krokopatra will beguile your wizard when you cast a blade and for every round you have a blade up.  “Why Don’t we redirect all that potential”  We notice this occurs when a death minion is present. 

loose the winds of destruction

crackling with rage

  • Krokopatra will say “Loose the winds of destruction!” and she will cast a 25% storm trap on all; this is based on when she has 4 pips. This cycle will repeat every time she has the pips.
  • I’m Crackling with Rage!” Boss will give to self a 72% storm blade (no cost supercharge) when she has 6 pips.  This cycle will repeat every time she has the pips.


Cast a sanctuary, asap to get bonus on healing, and keep a few extras in hand or in side deck in case it gets changed.  You may take lots of hits in this battle and it’s good to have pets with healing and/or a wizard with a healing plan setup before entering into battle.

Storm resist gear and Shields may be useful here while your hitter pips up.

Safe option:  Dispatch the boss first, by stacking up school Traps (TC, potent, trained and tri traps etc) as soon as you can, then on hit round cast stacking feints and hit with a Single attack.
Next you can work on the minions by casting traps on them and on hit round cast blades to hitter for AOE spell to wipe them out.

Helpful tip:
Balance wizards will find Mana burn very useful in this battle to keep those pips down on the boss, in addition, the mana burn hit won’t trigger a healing current from the minions!   So, if you’re utilizing a mana burn technique, while casting the school traps you can help keep those big hits down from the boss with a nice occasional summer tan / burn :)


Just mentioning a few drops
Ultra Trumpet Vine
Ultra Huckleberries
Ultra Ninja Fig
Mote of Transport


And some of us Mercs having fun:


Master Krokopatra Duel
You can expect to see similar cheats as the exalted level but the health points of minions/boss are less, see table above. The boss will also start off with less power pips than the exalted boss. Plan for similar strategy school traps then feints and blades on hit round to either knock them all out or single the boss.