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The ValenTimed Trials

The ValenTimed Trials

Feb 12, 2014

Update: All Clues are now posted at the bottom of this post! Please remember that entries must be submitted on Wizard101 Central rather than on this site.


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and while we hate to say it… your wizard could use a little help in the romance department. You’ve got just TWO DAYS LEFT to get your wizard ready for the holiday, and admit it; you don’t even know where the best flower shop in the Spiral is, do you? Never fear, however! The mercenaries have got you covered. We’ve tracked down ALL of the traditional Valentine’s Day goodies. All you need to do is take a trip around the Spiral to collect them and you’re all set! We’ll even provide you with a little extra incentive to get you started. Welcome to…




Challenge Details

Please note that in order to participate in this challenge, you must have an account at Wizard Central. As we expect a number of entries to come in very closer together, we can only accept entries at one site/address. This will enable us accurately judge which entries were received first. For this reason we are limited to accepting entries on one forum/service only, and in this case we have chosen to host the contest via Central.

The Mercenaries101 ValenTimed Trials begin on Thursday, February 13th at 8pm EST / 7pm CST / 6pm MST / 5pm PST. (We expect the entire challenge could take anywhere from half an hour to an hour.) At that time, we will edit this post to include clues that will lead you to various dungeons, bosses, and locations around the Spiral where your Valentine’s goodies can be found. After each clue, we will specify a picture that we need you to take in that location.

Once you have taken all your pictures, you must send them to Katherine_Light in a private message on Wizard101 Central. If you are unsure of how to take a screenshot in game and send it in a private message, please take time before the contest to read Johnny’s thread here outlining the details. Double check that your general picture settings as well as your specific album setting are set to “public” so that I’ll be able to view the pictures. (Note that you cannot send images as attachments in a private message; you must upload them to an album on either Wizard101 Central or imagehostingcentral first and then paste in the BBcode.) Please make sure that you have overhead names on and that your wizard’s name is showing in each picture. Please do not send the pictures one private message at a time; wait until you’ve taken ALL your pictures and send them all together in the same PM.

You are free to work together in a group (this IS the friendship festival, after all!), but your entry must be sent from your own account, with your own wizard’s picture, and you will qualify for prizes as individuals.




The first SIX people to send me a private message with a picture in the correct location will win a prize pack with codes for:

  • a permanent blood raven mount
  • tapestry to the Tomb of Nameless
  • tapestry to Celestia Base Camp, and
  • a fog staff.

The next four correct entries will receive:

  • tapestry to the Tomb of Nameless
  • tapestry to Celestia Base Camp, and
  • a fog staff.

Good luck to everyone!




Please note that you will not actually have to battle in order to take some of these pictures.

Clue #1 – Flowers

This flower garden is one of the most beautiful in the Spiral… but you’ll need the owner’s permission before you can snip a rose or two.


Requirement: Complete the boss or dungeon associated with this location. Take a picture of your wizard in the final room.

Clue #2 – Jewelry & Clothing

Morganthe’s minions stole some jewelry worthy of a queen. In appreciation of such finery, you should return the bracelet, ring, robes, and ornaments to their proper place.


Requirement: Return the stolen jewelry & clothing to the location where they belong. Take a picture showing all four items back in their proper home.


Clue #3 – Delicacies & Fine Dining, Take One

This enemy takes you on, but only because he really has no choice. After all, who WOULDN’T do battle over a rare delicacy like spider eyes? Maybe if you defeat him again, you can snag some of that rare treat to share with your Valentine.

Requirement: Find the boss who’s working for spider eyes and take a picure of him as you defeat him.


Clue #4 – Delicacies & Fine Dining, Take Two

What, the spider eyes didn’t work out for you? Maybe a more advanced boss will have more advanced tastes in fine cuisine. This boss certainly does have some interesting ideas on what would make a delicious meal… considering that when he meets you, he wants nothing more than to lick your ear to see what a wizard tastes like.

Requirement: Take a picture of your wizard standing in the upper lair of this boss’ hideout.


Clue #5 – Delicacies & Fine Dining, Take Three

Ok fine, so we’re having some problems with tracking down a good Valentine’s Day meal. It’s not our fault, all the good food’s gone missing! We did hear there’s one place you can find quite a stockpile of goodies, though…. but you may have to convince the owner to part with some of the more tasty items.


Requirement: Take a picture of your wizard with the rather sizable NPC at the end of this dungeon.

Clue #6 – True Love

This is all a wizard in love really wants for Valentine’s Day; to know that the two of you will be together all your lives…. maybe even longer. Remind your Valentine of what love TRULY means by helping her see it in action. *Warning: Using this particular couple as an example of love may backfire*


Requirement: Take a full screen picture of the moment when this line is said. (Note that this screenshot will not be able to include your wizard’s name in it; in this case, that’s fine.)

Once you have taken all 6 pictures, please upload them to an album on Wizard101 Central or on imagehostingcentral, then send all of them to Katherine_Light in a private message. Good luck!

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    Ty for the contest, it was fun :) Hope I sent correct answers xD Cya :)

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    This is not about the contest, but i wanted t ask a request of you guys. Can you please make a myth leveling guide? I think that might convince other people how great myth can be. Thanks!