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Time After Time

Time After Time

Apr 3, 2014

The Chambers of the Mind in Ruined Alcazar are certainly an enlightening experience. They allow you to experience some of Morganthe’s memories of her past, so that you can see how she became the sorceress she is today. In the end, what you learn may change how you think of her… and while you still need to save the Spiral from her machinations, you may realize that it will be a sad loss rather than a glorious victory.

Please note that for ALL of the chambers, Morganthe likes to work alone. This means these are all solo battles – even someone on the same quest cannot join you or port in.

The First Chamber

In the first Chamber of the Mind, you encounter your big brother Sir Malory. He is about to tamper with King Artorious’ armor en ensure his death. He’s taught you that Artorious is a weak leader who won’t stand up for Avalon, and he needs to be gotten rid of. You see another way, though…. the Spriggans have come with the Horned Crown, and using it rather than trying to kill the king could spare a lot of people a lot of pain. Malory doesn’t agree, however, and not only goes ahead with his own plan but forces you to battle the Spriggan who has brought you the crown!


As you can see, reliving Morganthe’s memories means actually battling as Morganthe would have at the time. In this battle you have 1650 health, no universal resist, and access to an Adept death wizard’s spells. These include:

dark sprite
skeletal pirate
death trap
life shield

For ALL fights as Morganthe she has plenty of cards. You can discard the useless ones freely without having to worry greatly about running out.

This isn’t just any normal adept boss fight, however! At the start of every fifth round, Gisela will interrupt the battle to cast a meteor strike for no pips, while shouting


This meteor strike begins at 225 power and increases by 10 each time it is cast. If you are getting low on health, you may wish to give yourself a bit of a pre-emptive heal on the fourth round with a vampire, since you know a large attack is coming.

Once you’ve defeated Gisela Spriggan, you seize the Horned Crown and sense in it a power the Ambrose has never spoken of. Maybe you could learn more about it and in those books he forbade you from reading…. so you should probably go now. This brings us to….


The Second Chamber

WARNING! Your health will NOT be restored after the first battle. If you’re low on health, make sure to grab some wisps from the main hall before entering battle.

In the second chamber, you’re having a chat with Malistaire, and he’s none too pleased about your extra-curricular activities lately. If he and Sylvia hadn’t been around, you would have blown up Ravenwood! But really, no one else around here seems to be testing the limits of magic, and SOMEONE should know what wizards are truly capable of, right? Malistaire just can’t seem to see it from your perspective… but he goes too far when he demands that you hand over your wand. THIS. MEANS. WAR.


In this battle, your health has increased slightly to 2,050. The enemy’s health, on the other hand, has increased SUBSTANTIALLY; Malistaire has a whopping 6,000 health, and as he’s death he resists your regular attacks. Thankfully as you’re a death wizard, you also resist many of his (he does occasional cast elemental attacks as well)… but not for long.

In this battle you have access to the following spells:

skeletal pirate
black widow
death prism
death shield
death ninja pig

Malistaire, however, is up to his old tricks again! At the start of every fourth round, he will interrupt to place a death prism on you, effectively turning all those death attacks into life attacks and getting a BOOST on you! While he does this, he will shout


To counteract this, you’ll want to play a death shield as soon as possible after the prism, preferably the same round. By playing a shield AFTER the prism, the game will apply your shield to his death attack before it changes it to a life attack. (The last-in, first our rule applies here, which basically means the most recent spell played is the first thing the game will “see”. Interestingly enough, you do not actually need to defeat Malistaire at present; you only need to survive 15 rounds and the battle will end on its own.

After the battle ends, Ambrose pops in and has a few harsh words to say about your behaviour, as he (of course) takes your wand and deck from you. His speech doesn’t exactly impress on you the error of your ways; if anything, it just makes you angrier and more determined. You then head to…


The Third Chamber


Reminder again: make sure te be at full health before entering the final chamber!

In the final chamber, you find yourself speaking with Taylor Coleridge. He’s the one that first helped you across the Starfall Sea, though his motives were more about jewels and riches than looking for ancient magic. You’re in no mood for his nonsense right now, as astral magic keeps slipping through your fingers. The Arachnas, however, have no patience for either one of you; clearly you’re BOTH up to no good, and they’re here to put a stop to it.


As in the other battles, your health has gone up (you now have 3,450) and you have access to more powerful spells now, such as

avenging fossil
death scarab
Dr Vons monster
Lord of Night
death trap
deer knight (you read that right, apparently Morganthe is a crafter!)
mass infection

Unfortunately you still have no resist or damage boosts, which makes a 3 on one fight quite difficult, particularly from second. This fight has only one simple cheat; at the start of the second round, the myth enemy will interrupt to play time of legend, the myth damage bubble. Since you don’t have any bubbles in your deck, you’ll just have to live with this one for the duration of the battle.

Tip for surviving this battle:

-they will hit hard and hit fast. If you try to buff up for a one hit kill on all of them, you’ll be dead before you get the pips. A one hit kill is nearly impossible anyway, given that you only have access to one blade.
– use your traps, aura, and deathblade to take the enemies out one at a time
discard your group attacks, unless you happen to get a scarecrow at a time when you’re desperate for a heal. It’s better to kill one and be rid of them than to ALMOST kill.
discard any attacks that aren’t drains. You have no heals in your deck, so your drains will be what keeps you alive.


Following this battle, ANOTHER group of arachnas will show up! However, rather than battling you, they take you into their custody, saying that you may just be the one who was prophesied about… if you can withstand their testing. This does NOT sound good, and your memories fade to black.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this guide helps you on your questing journey!