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To Die For

To Die For

Apr 2, 2015

Once a noble knight on a quest to find the Horn of Glory, Lambent Fire fell and became trapped in the crystal cave that he now resides. Wanting to share his suffering, Lambent Fire declares that you will die with him!

Lambent Fire is the new skeleton key boss in Avalon. His sigils are located in the Crystal Caves. For easy travel, use the Catacombs teleporter in Caliburn (Brown/orange colored teleporter that is first on the left), and then navigate to the Crystal Caves from there. If you plan on farming Lambent Fire, you may find it beneficial to craft the Crystal Caves Tapestry sold by Padraig in Abbey Road.

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Lambent Fire’s sigils appear different than most to signify that it contains a special boss that requires a skeleton key. This particular sigil requires a stone key. Stone keys can be obtained from bosses in both Lower Zigzag and the House of Scales, as well as from various bosses in Avalon. It would be helpful to make sure at least one person has a stone key handy before entering the sigils.

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Once inside the sigils, head straight and you’ll see a stone lock.

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After a key is used to used to open the door, you’ll be face to face with Lambent Fire and his minions. Lambent Fire is a fire boss, and is always helped by 3 fire minions.

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Minion Cheats

At the end of every round, one minion will interrupt to cast their “specialty spell.” Each minion has their own specialty spell, and they will take turns casting them in succession. The specialty spells are as follows:

  • Dagger Minion– Dark Pact (Blade is given to Lambent Fire): “I give you my strength!”


  • Key Minion– Sacrifice (Health is given to Lambent Fire): “I give you my health!”


  • Ruby Minion – Bad Juju (The 90% weakness will go on the person with the highest number of pips): “I give of myself to curse you!”


The battle looks like this:

  • End of Round 1: Dark Pact from the Dagger Minion
  • End of Round 2: Sacrifice from the Key Minion
  • End of Round 3: Bad Juju from the Ruby Minion
  • End of Round 4: Repeat from the first bullet.

This cycle will continue until Lambent Fire dies. If a minion is dead when it is their turn to cast their specialty spell, there will be no interrupt at the end of that round and the cycle will continue with the next minion’s spell the following round.

In addition to the above, the minions will also cast a cheat attack similar to Immolate, I call it the Reverse Immolate. The Reverse Immolate is a fire spell that will hit someone on your team for around 2000 damage, and then hit the minion who cast it for 2050 damage (Killing them.) This attack will occur when any minion reaches 8 pips. When this attack is used, you’ll see the cheat phrase “The fire consumes us!” appear on your screen.



When any minions die, whether from their cheat attack or from a regular spell, they will be resummoned either immediately after, or 1 round after they die. When they are resummoned has been inconsistent, but all instances of a resummon are accompanied by the cheat phrase, “Come to the light!” The minions will keep being resummoned until Lambent Fire dies.



Lambent Fire’s Cheats

  • After every damage attack Lambent Fire casts, he will interrupt with “Fire pierces all!” and place a firespear on himself.
    • This cheat firespear can be stolen with Steal Charm without any consequence.


  • Whenever a fireblade is played, Lambent Fire will interrupt shouting “The fire hungers.” and steal the fireblade for himself.
    • You can steal this blade back with no consequence.
    • If you play Elemental Blade, the fire portion will still be stolen.
    • Pet fireblades will still be stolen.
    • Firespear and other fire charms will NOT be stolen.


  • If any school blade but fire is played, Lambent Fire will interrupt with “The spirits of the past strike you down!” and cast a Brimstone Revenant on the recipient of the blade.
    • Spirit Blade will trigger this cheat.
    • Pet blades will trigger this cheat.
    • Spears and other charms will have no consequence.
    • Because this cheat involves a damage attack, Lambent Fire will also shout “Fire pierces all!” and give himself a firespear afterwards.


  • Whenever a universal blade is played, Lambent Fire will interrupt shouting “Your edge is mine!” and steal the blade for himself.
    • You can steal this blade back with no consequence.
    • If you play bladestorm, the blade will be stolen from the caster.
    • Pet blades will still be stolen.
    • Spears and other charms will NOT be stolen.


  • Whenever a universal trap is placed on Lambent Fire, he will interrupt shouting “Your world shall burn!” and cast an immolate. This will use up the trap that you just placed.
    • Pet feints and traps will still trigger this cheat.
    • School traps and tri traps can be played with no consequence.
    • Prisms can be played with no consequence.



Lambent Fire Strategy

Treasure Cards that would be helpful to have for this fight: Quench, Cleanse Charm

  • Avoid fire hammers. Even though mass fire prism can be played without consequence, all of these enemies LOVE to immolate. Even if you played a prism, there is a chance it would be used up by an enemy attack. In addition, buffing up a fire hammer wouldn’t be that efficient given that Lambent Fire will steal all fireblades.
  • Have your hammer enter the battle one round late. Since the Bad Juju will be placed on the person with the most pips, having your hammer have the least amount of pips is crucial. By missing a round, you can ensure that your hammer will be safe for at least the first cycle of Bad Juju.
  • Ignore the cheat Brimstone Revenant and blade up. In the scope of things, taking a Brimstone Revenant isn’t all that bad. If health is becoming an issue, pass and heal up.
  • Quench and feint. The Immolate cheat that will trigger when you use a universal trap can be dispelled using Quench. Designate someone to be your “Quencher” and someone to be your “Feinter.” Make sure that your Quencher comes before the Feinter in the battle circle. To avoid a Quench being used up by Lambent Fire’s cheat or regular spell, have your Quencher cast Quench and your Feinter cast Feint in the same round. This will ensure that your Quench will dispel the trap cheat, making your feints stick.
  • Pack Cleanse Charm. Things might not always go as planned, so having a backup is always nice. If your hammer happens to be the victim of a Bad Juju, play Cleanse Charm the round they hit.
  • Take out everyone in one hit. Once a few blades are on your hammer and a couple feints are on Lambent Fire, fire away and take out everyone with one shot!


To see some of the merc take on Lambent Fire, check out our video here!

Lambent Fire Battle Rewards

After defeating Lambent Fire, you have the chance of receiving some reagents, jewels, unique gear, stone keys, and even motes! However, one of the more exciting possible drops is the brand new spell- Burning Rampage!


Enjoy your loot, you deserve it!