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Tourney Journey

Tourney Journey

May 6, 2015

Kingsisle’s fourth member benefit has come to live realm, and it is….



Now through May 10th, subscribing members of Wizard101 can participate in tournaments for free!

Tournaments usually cost 499 Crowns apiece, so the more you participate, the more benefit you get from this. There’s a good reason they normally cost Crowns… tournaments come with some ENORMOUS benefits that are hard to gain access to elsewhere in the game. Namely, bucketloads of arena tickets that can be used to purchase ticket-only rewards.

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What Do I Need to Know About Tournaments?

  • Tournaments do NOT affect your PvP rank. You can participate in tournaments without worrying about losing any rank. Conversely, if you do well in tournaments, your rank will not increase in any way. Tournament wins have their own value on your wizard’s PvP ratings screen, separate from regular PvP.
  • Tournaments are BY FAR the fastest way to accumulate tickets in the game. If you don’t normally PvP, you may wonder why you should even care about tickets, but tickets aren’t just useful for PvP gear. You can use them to buy mounts (Battle Unicorns! Gorillas! No minimum PvP rank needed to purchase!), pets, and even put those tickets towards DERBY rewards (which are always useful if you want a little extra pet energy).
  • Different tournaments have different rules. Be sure you read the rules carefully before you join. You can check if your tournament has any special rules by looking under the “Info” tab at the Tournaments plinth.
    Clicking this icon will allow you to see any special rules or restrictions that are in place for this particular tournament. Here is one example of rules that you may find in a particular tournament.
    Make sure you fully check out each tournament’s rules before competing, and set up your deck and gear accordingly!
  • You can check out a tournament’s rewards ahead of time to see what you’ll win depending on how well you do. Just click on the “Prizes” icon.
    From there, you can hover over each icon to see what prizes are up for grabs.
    As you can see, tournaments offer a BIG payout. At minimum, everyone participating in a tournament will win 250 tickets, which is more than most players can feasibly earn in a night of undefeated PvP anyway.
  • Unlike regular PvP, tournament matches have time limits. If one player has not won by the end of the time limit, Diego will determine the match’s winner. A dial on your screen will keep track of who Diego is favouring throughout the match, so keep a close eye on what he thinks of your performance!
  • Different tournaments last for different lengths of time. Check the main tournament page to see how long they are scheduled for and make sure you can commit to the full time frame. In general, the more players per match, the longer it will last. Ie, a 4v4 tournament will last longer than a 1v1 tournament.
  • Each tournament lasts for 4 matches. You will earn points at the end of each match depending on your performance. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points win.
    • A win by defeating your opponent = 100 points
    • A win by Diego’s decision = 90 points
    • A loss by Diego’s decision = 30 points
    • A loss by defeat = 10 points.


Sometimes, the competitiveness of the arena can bring out some nasty behaviour. Above all else, remember; you’ve taken part in this to have fun and enjoy yourself. Feel free to turn off your chat bubbles, close your chat box, and just enjoy the game for what it is. Now that you know the basics, get out there, jump into some tournaments, earn yourself some tickets, and have fun! With this free member benefit, you’ve got nothing to lose! Give it a shot and you may just find a whole new part of the game to love.