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Troublesome Trio

Troublesome Trio

Nov 2, 2013

Toward the end of Khrysalis, there are a trio of cheating bosses you will run into. These fights aren’t as complex as others, so that is why we lumped them all into one guide.


The first, Tymen Whitelame, is an Ice boss with 23,000 HP. He is accompanied by 2 Leaf Minions, who have 4,550 HP and are of the Life School.. He will mana burn the highest pip’d player every 3 turns. He will also use a 2 round stun for every heal (excluding pet heals). This can get quite annoying if you are soloing, so pack low pip spells, and expect to hit quite a number of times. In groups, use 7 or 8 pip’d AOEs to efficiently hit. Otherwise, he is just a normal ice boss. NOTE: This boss is not repeatable. This link will take you to a video of Tymen Whiteflame:

Broodmother is a fire boss with 22,950 HP, and  you will fight twice, the first fight being a normal boss fight. Again, let that not fool you as you approach her the second time, because she has been infected by Morganthe’s poison, and also has some cheats up her sleeve. She will summon a balance minion, who has around 5,780 HP and you’ll want to keep your eye on it. It will spawn myth minions, who have 1000 HP.

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You do not need to worry about the myth minions, as they will sacrifice themselves after they have used ONE move, healing Broodmother for 1500. The way to stop this cheat from happening is to simply kill the balance minion, and the myth minions will stop spawning AND Broodmother will stop sacrificing them for HP to herself. NOTE: This boss is also not repeatable.



The third, and most confusing, of these cheating bosses is Belsoto Toebiter. He is an Ice boss with 25,650 HP. He has a storm minion to accompany him, with 3,500 HP. First tip: invest in ice resist. This boss has a nasty natural DoT attack cheat (similiar’s to Kravenly’s), that he will use whenever you blade, and he will also use this on his own. These can quickly stack up, so make sure to have some emergency heals with you. The second cheat is that he will use a 765 base ICE Scarecrow on you whenever you kill his storm minion, or one of your own allies dies.



This scarecrow is actually of the ice school, cool, huh? 😀



  • Tu Puta Madre

    The ice scarecrow also appears when your own teammates die

    • mercs101

      Fantastic, thanks for the info! We’ll add that in.